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10 Best mobile Apps Development Ideas for Small Businesses

The growing digital transformation of businesses and industries has led to the growing use of mobile apps for a decade. 

Subsequently, mobile apps have become part and parcel of our lives, with app development emerging as a lucrative industry.

Experienced app developers in Dallas and different other parts of the world are prioritizing developing applications that are functionally powerful and have a purpose of serving. 

On the other hand, investors and entrepreneurs are in search of new ideas to automate business performances and provide credible services. 

This article offers some amazing money-making app ideas for small business owners. 

 So, let’s get started.

  • A Grocery Mobile Apps with Voice Command

Grocery app development is already one of the lucrative app development ideas. 

However, with the growing user percentage for the app, offering a modern and powerful solution is substantial.

Subsequently, investing in a grocery app with in-app voice features can be a brilliant startup idea. 

The food and grocery industry, as per research, has been one of the industries witnessing a sudden shift towards mobile apps during the Covid-19 times. 

Meanwhile, people are restricted to staying home; a grocery app that offers voice-command-based search features can offer convenient solutions to the industry. 

  • Blockchain-Based Game App Development

Blockchain technology in mobile app development has evolved as an emerging and profitable integration. 

Enabling a secure, immutable, and fast application ecosystem, blockchain is all about revolutionizing industries. 

Subsequently, the game development industry has proved to be the most value-driven blockchain integration. 

So, investing in blockchain game development that offers a unique user experience and gameplay with substantial means to earn cryptocurrencies can be a good business idea. 

However, since developing a blockchain game app can be a difficult task, you must hire game developers that are experienced to offer much-needed help.  

  • An Mobile Apps to Find Flexible Jobs

The 2020 pandemic has altered the way people used to work, the nature of jobs, and shift management. 

While a substantial number of people went jobless during the covid-19, many were expected to work from home. 

This has ultimately led to frustration and job havoc among people. 

Subsequently, developing an app that can help people find flexible jobs can be a good market-oriented idea. 

Not only would this help people find flexible job roles to meet their monetary needs, but it would also help businesses find the right talent on optimal wages.

Collaborating with an experienced app development company, you can develop a powerful solution to aid both job finders and businesses. 

  • AI-Powered Table Booking Mobile Apps  

Artificial intelligence is the next major technological integration in the mobile app development industry. 

AI has already been crawling into different industries, business sectors, and industrial markets to offer automation and performance resilience. 

Similarly, the restaurant management industry is also joining the bandwagon. 

That’s why investing in restaurant app development powered with AI that helps in online table booking can be a good idea. 

AI can not only help to book your table at a restaurant before being there, but it can also allow you to choose the time, slot, and even placement. 

In this way, an AI-powered restaurant app can save you from the hassle of waiting long hours. 

  • Video Conferencing App

Another app idea for small businesses in the wake of Covid is to develop a video conferencing app. 

Since everyone is restricted to staying indoors to avoid unlikely situations, businesses and education sectors need a video chat app to stay connected. 

So, investing in a video conferencing app to help people stay connected and continue with daily tasks virtually is important. 

However, when developing a video conferencing app, make sure it consists of all the essential features like image sharing, file uploading, record calls, encryption, screen sharing, and more. 

This can help you provide a lucrative solution with the right development approach.  

  • Car Parking Slot Finder App

There are more than 185 million registered vehicles running on the streets, often looking for perfect parking spots. 

However, when you are living in densely-populated and busy cities like Chicago or Washington DC, finding the right parking spot can be troublesome. 

Henceforth investing in developing a car parking slot finder app can explicitly help you not only find a spot but also book it virtually. 

This can help car owners to find suitable car parking, book it prior, and travel around the city without having to worry about anything.  

  • Health Scanning App

With healthcare becoming a growing concern globally, the industry has been experiencing substantial technological integration to offer lucrative solutions. 

And, app development is just one of these tech inventions. 

Subsequently, if you are a healthcare investor, investing in developing a health scanning app can be a profitable solution. 

From assisting with regular checkups and checking vital signs to booking and scheduling online appointments, a healthcare app does it all. 

Although there are several types of healthcare apps offering a different set of features and related solutions, a health scan app can be of many advantages to provide remote care. 

This can significantly help in tracking fitness levels, uploading health records, checking vital signs, and more. 

With the right feature and functionality set, a health scan app can be a substantial market-winning app idea. 

  • Tax Calculation App with Blockchain

Another idea based on the integration of blockchain technology in app development is to develop a blockchain-based tax calculation app.

Irrespective of how skilled you are when it comes to mathematics, some calculations are difficult to manage. And, even the slightest mistake of a sign or a decimal can lead you in jeopardy. 

Such as when calculating your annual tax. 

However, with solutions like the calculation app developed in blockchain technology, managing all these lengthy calculations becomes simpler and convenient. 

Apart from tax calculation, this blockchain-powered calculator can be used to carry out other difficult calculations such as;

  • monthly invoices
  • sales percentages, and more. 

So, investing in a tax calculation app leveraging blockchain networks can be a market-ready app idea in 2022. 

  • Fitness App

Another app development idea from the healthcare industry is fitness app development. Amid the covid times, when people are restricted to staying at home, fitness apps have emerged as a prospective solution.

A significant number of people are focused on staying fit and healthy.

Subsequently, fitness apps have provided the much-needed solution from the comfort of home.

From diet and nutrition plans to exercise regimes and important fitness tips, a well-versed fitness app offers everything.

If you are wondering how to develop a fitness app, an experienced app development company can help you make the right decision conveniently.

  • Productivity Apps

Next up in the list of app ideas is a productivity app to keep track of your day, manage your daily tasks, and ensure productivity.

People all around the world are always on the run to keep things aligned to complete their daily tasks promptly.

In the midst of all this, forgetting or juggling up important tasks is inevitable.

However, not only is this a troublesome thing; it can also lead to some serious disadvantages.

So, to help with that, a productivity app can be a lucrative solution for providing you with essential features, as mentioned above.

From creating your detailed to-do list and keeping track of task progress to help you stay synchronized and organized, productivity apps do it all. 

Wrapping Up 

Mobile app development has turned into a lucrative – market-winning industry, gaining a sweet spot in automating the markets and businesses. 

And, numerous investors are interested in investing in developing and launching a lucrative app to market. 

Subsequently, this article has summed eight best app development ideas to help such investors make the right choice. 

If you are one of those entrepreneurs willing to capitalize on mobile app development, this article can be your guide.  

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