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10 Best Resorts for luxury stays in Coorg

Coorg is Karnataka, one of India’s most popular southern tourist destinations. Coorg enjoys the highest rainfall across the country, nestled between high mountains, with a constantly misty landscape. It draws visitors from all over the world with its spectacular mountains, tranquil lakes, and waterfalls. If you want to discover this beautiful destination to the fullest, you need a quintessential Coorg tour package.


You can make or stop your journey from the place you rest. In order to remember that, a list of the best resorts in Coorg can be found here where you can linger in the memory: –


  1. Coorg Cliffs Resort


Coorg Cliffs Resort is situated at the edge of a hilltop in Ammathi and is renowned to give guests excellent service. The Coorg Cliffs Resort is the place to relax with great architecture, outstanding facilities, and unparalleled luxury.  You’re sure your stay here would be great!


  1. Porcupine Castle


Castle Porcupine is an uncommon mixture of the traditional Kodava culture and warm entertainment on Coorg Hills’ coffee plant. Porcupine Castle, one of the best resorts of Coorg, is a perfect location for day-long visits to Coorg sights. Get best luxury their on your trip.


  1. Coorg Wilderness Resort


Luxury is paired with the highest quality facilities amongst Coorg’s top luxury resorts. Coorg Wilderness Resort lists a few kilometers from the main town of Madikeri amid dense woods and excellent greenery.


  1. The IBNII Resort


One of the region’s best resorts to enjoy nature is the IBNII resort, which brings harmony to far-off stages. The IBNII is said to be the highest resort in the luxury market, spread over 120 acres of majestic coffee land. The IBNII Resort aims to meet the best of expectations: ten wooden cottages, luxury suites, private homes, 22 private pool villas. 


  1. Orange County Resort


Orange County Resorts & Hotels Ltd. is one of Coorg’s luxury resorts, promising a great stay for those who are able to relax and rejuvenate in nature’s wilderness. Located on 300 acres of coffee and spice plantations, surrounded on the one hand by the river Cauvery and Dubare Reserve Forest, on the other. The resort features Heritage Pool Villas, a Kodava-styled resort, and luxury villas, which are spread throughout the coffee plantation and a spice plantation, adding wonderful views and a calm atmosphere in the hotel.


  1. Ayatana Coorg Resort


Ayatana Resort is regarded as Coorg’s finest luxury resort, offering guests world-class amenities and a level of hospitality. The apartment is located in the center of town. The Ayatana Coorg Resort provides a variety of activities for your enjoyment to ensure a memorable stay.


  1. Kadkani River Resort


 Kakani River Resort is one of the most comfortable and pleasant resorts for couples in Coorg. Moreover, in this resort, various kinds of adventure events are planned to make your stay enjoyable and memorable. Boat rafting, crossing the river, air firearms, plantation trekking, and indoor games are all part of this.


  1. Windflower Resort


Windflower Resort is one of Coorg’s top 4-star hotels, spread across 25 acres of a pristine coffee farm. The resort offers many accommodation options including Studio, Suite, Premium Studio, and the Villa. 


  1. Paddington Resorts & Spa


Paddington Resorts & Spa, a luxurious resort in Madikeri-Coorg, is ideal for a holiday with your family. In the middle of a dense forest, the resort features all needed to make your stay a fun, unforgettable one. There are many different rooms available at Paddington Resorts & Spa including the Honeycomb, Rukum, Calista, Paradise, Euphoria, Mellow Glory, and Honeycomb. Relaxing and soothing spas, ayurvedic therapies, and massages. Take advantage. Paddington Resorts & Spa offers spacious suites, elegant dining, and all the latest facilities to give you the perfect atmosphere for relaxing.


  1. Parampara Resort


This luxury and traditional hospitality resort is a listed top resort in Coorg, 15 minutes away from Kushalnagar City.  These include barbeque, fireplace, multi-kitchen restaurants, pool, etc. The resort also gives guests a great stop to enjoy fine delicacies cooked by internationally renowned chefs.


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