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10 Best Travel Destinations To Visit In Costa Rica

Each year thousands of tourists from all around the world visit Costa Rica to encounter some of their most gorgeous parks, beaches, and natural wonders on the planet. For this tiny country, Costa Rica has been blessed with more than its fair share of natural beauty and is dott with sublime beaches and tropical national parks; it is suitable for people, still selecting an itinerary could be challenging. Josh Linnes, an American ex-pat living in Costa Rica, sets the best areas to see in Costa Rica…

  1. Playa Uvita

Just southwest of the Marino Ballena National Park, which has routine whale sightings, is the magnificent sandbar call the Whale’s Tail at Playa Uvita. When the tide is reduce, a sandbar appears that goes out to the sea like a tail-shaped whale peninsula. The city has many pubs and restaurants and is an excellent location for whale watching during the breeding season.

  1. Arenal Volcano

For travelers who wish to see a real volcano having the minimal prospect of poisonous geothermic action, Arenal Volcano is where to go. This highly active volcano stopped its continual eruptions in 2010. Arenal Volcano was understand among the very active volcano encounters in Costa Rica, bringing visitors for constant explosions since 1968.

Even though nearly all action has stopped, it might start at any time in a matter of months. Aside from the volcano, the place is surround by hills, lakes, and rivers to explore adventure-seeking tourists.

  1. Territorio De Zaguates

This superb location in Costa Rica has reached legendary status, particularly among kind-hearted traffic! Regrettably, Costa Rica’s stray dog problem is relatively acute, and this location was put up to aid a fantastic handful of those. This superb dog sanctuary is call “The Land of a Thousand Strays.”

It’s the biggest no-kill center in Costa Rica and is currently home to an estimated 1300 dogs. If you’re an avid dog lover or searching for another puppy for your furry friend compadre to play with, the center makes it possible for visitors to come back to play with the dogs, then go for lively hikes, and also bring their dogs together for playdates!

  1. Manuel Antonio National Park

Manuel Antonio is always listed as Costa Rica’s most remarkable jungle shore. The undeveloped, jungle-surrounded beaches are magnificent with white sand and blue-green water. Wildlife spotting is simple here, the reptiles and lizards frequently cover the coast, and throughout the mating period, you’ll be able to observe whales and dolphins offshore.

A trip to Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio shouldn’t be missed. This playground is open Tuesdays through Sundays through the year. However, people claim the very best time to visit is during the dry period of December through April. The park is filled with unique opportunities to increase and revel in the grandeur of the seas. Bring your camera and a couple of snacks for the trip, however just like all federal parks, take everything out with you to minimize your impact on the wildlife. Visit Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy before booking a flight to Costa Rica.

  1. Playa Samara

Beach existence is a given in Costa Rica, and if in Guanacaste, Playa Samara is the place to go. Playa Samara isn’t your typical beach. Its laid-back setting features longer lives considerably because of its occupants compared to other areas of the nation. The individuals here are accepting; they take pleasure in the journey of experiencing life.

Great meals and fun water activities like diving and snorkeling are typical here. Your wildest beach experience awaits at Playa Samara. Situated on the southern Pacific coast of the Nicoya Peninsula in Guanacaste, people also love organic meals, yoga, surfing, wild horses, friendly folks, and the laidback bohemian vibe.

  1. Santa Teresa

Avid surfers from around the globe know Santa Teresa. It’s one of the most well-known surfer meccas on earth, along with the setting of Santa Teresa in Costa Rica depicts this royal character.

The landscape isn’t simply beaches, but beautiful rainforests to research also. Snorkeling, surfing, bird watching, and hiking are one of the best actions to do in Santa Teresa, and rest assured, there’s a photo op about each corner of the significant part of Costa Rica.

  1. Monteverde Cloud Forest

There’s a reason Monteverde is among the very tourist-frequented areas in all Costa Rica: it’s unbelievably beautiful. Beautiful national parks using undisturbed cloud forest, countless species of birds, epic opinions, and volcanoes make it an eco fans’ dream.

The outside activities here are endless, involving slopes throughout the cloud forest, bird viewing where it is possible to spot the compromised Quetzal, canopy tours, walking across a suspension bridge, touring cherry gardens, and just relaxing enjoying character from the quaint city of Santa Elena.

  1. Isla del Coco

Isla del Coco is on the listing of Costa Rica’s most beautiful areas. This region is a mecca for seasoned sailors from all over the world. Located southwest of the Costa Rican mainland, Isla del Coco is teeming with marine life such as white-tipped sharks and hammerheads. The first is a former villa or private residence converted to as part of resorts and makes up the high-end slot of accommodation Click Here for Villa Options.

The glistening waters of the island, also called Coco Island, provide the chance to explore historical temples and supply you with the opportunity to see cave and stone etchings from the ones that have traveled before you. On land, you’ll discover a good deal of pigs roaming around the island too.

  1. Playa Conchal

Playa Conchal is consistently rated among the gorgeous beaches in the nation. The white sand beach is made from countless crushed seashells, and the water is evident for snorkeling, swimming, and boating.

It could be about the Pacific Coast; however, the sand and water could fool you into believing you’re about the Caribbean. The neighboring cities of Playa Brasilito and Playa Flamingo have resorts and lodging.

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  1. Tortuguero

Across the nation around the Caribbean is the mangrove woods and turtle nesting site of Tortuguero. This is only one of the most diverse parks in the country, with beaches, canals, and marshland.

You can rent kayaks or canoes and learn more about the wetlands, spotting all sorts of wildlife such as caymans, birds, even crocodiles. This component is the most famous for its turtle hatching, which occurs on the shore during the night.

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