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10 Common Himalayan Salt Lamps problems and how to fix them.

Himalayan Salt lamp gives a classy look to our homes, offices and surroundings. It is a natural gift and pure asset of Himalayan Mountains. These pink chunks elevate our home’s decoration as a décor material. No doubt wholesale salt lamps are the most commonly used product nowadays. Its trading is on the peak due to its unbound advantages and different health benefits. Bulk Salt Lamps of Himalayas, not just a décor material but it also acts like a refresher and pacifier with all its soothing and relieving properties. As far as its usage is increasing there are some problems that come forward too. It is very easy and smooth to use but some precautions and insurance should be taken.

We have tried to mention some major problems and their solutions through this article because if we want to have all compensations and benefits we should learn its proper usage. Below are the 10 major problems and also the solution to these problems.

1- Sweating on the best Himalayan salt Lamp.

Himalayan Salt Lamp has the property to absorb pollution, dust particles, germs etc. in it along with the water vapors from the air. When our wholesale Salt Lamp is enlightened and shining brightly it absorbs these particles from the air and by distilling polluted items from it evaporates the clean and pure water molecule to the air. But if our Best Himalayan Salt Lamp is disconnected to electricity then it will release water to tables and the places where you put this. The only solution is to leave your Salt lamp connected to electricity. Salt Lamps are very friendly to the environment and enlightening them 24/7 will not raise your electricity bill as well as not harm your atmosphere.

2- Excessive sweating reason and how to fix it?

Salt has the power to absorb and release water and it is normal about it. But if you place it in a humid atmosphere it will release more water and it will cause many major issues. There are some steps that you should take to avoid excessive moisture and save yourself from any serious issues.

Like, using a saucer or silicon cover beneath the base of your lamps will protect your wooden table from moisture. Leave your lamp running 24/7 so that it evaporates moisture as much as it can. Avoid placing it at a humid place and use a dry cloth when you see moisture on the surface of the Best Himalayan Salt Lamp.

3- Bighting of Light disturbs sleep.

Wholesale Salt Lamp glowed when we lit it up. And its glow is so bright that you can face some problems to have a deep sleep. Especially if you are keen to sleep in the dark. So to have a soothing sleep you should follow some rules to have a peaceful sleep. First of all you should always buy lamps with the electric cord dimmer instead of an on/off button. By dimmer you can easily adjust the brightness and light of your Himalayan Salt Lamp. But if you are still facing the same issue even at the lowest point of dimmer then it’s better to place your lamp near to the closet or any other thing that covers it with its shades and direct contact of brightness will be low and you will have a fast sleep.

4- A wholesale Salt Lamp is Improving air quality or not.

If there is the problem of pollution and allergen in your surroundings and you are feeling that your wholesale salt lamp is not working by improving the air quality then you should take notice of the size of your lamp. Always remember your lamp has required 1 pound of salt per 16 square feet to properly do its function of purifying. So it is very important to choose the lamp according to your room’s size. Then it will work properly and also improve the air quality.

5- How to clean a dirty best Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Himalayan Salt lamp by absorbing different dust particles and polluted items from the air start looking dirty. But there is no issue to get worried. It is very simple to clean and restore its beauty and color to normal level. First of all unplugged your best Himalayan salt lamp and let it cool to the normal room temperature then simply use a clean and dry cloth and clean the surface of your lamp. You can also use a sponge to make it clean. If still you are facing problems then use a plenty of water to make it cleaner and then enlighten it till it gets heated and evaporate all the water molecules to the air and get its glow again.

6- Plug in the Electric wire but still Lamp is not turned on.

It is the same situation like between the Rock-Power cable-lightbulb always rock wins. Sometimes it happens that due to any reason the cord’s stricter or electric path gets damaged by the rock or any other issue so the wholesale salt lamp is not turned on even on plugging it in the electric socket. There is no need to worry, simply exchange your cable for a new one. And if possible you can also repair the old one. Fortunately, it is very easy to replace the cable so no need to worry you can simply avoid such kind issues.

7- Bulbs of the Best Himalayan Salt Lamp burn out frequently.

If you are facing a steady stream of burned bulbs then you should check some points and change the bulb.

First of all check the voltage of your house and match this with the capacity of the bulb. Secondly if the fused bulbs are Smokey white from inside then there are two reasons one is if you are moving Best Himalayan salt lamp from one place to another that can cause that breakage in the bulb glass and then burning of filament. Second, moisture can also be a reason.

8- Continues flickering of Wholesale Salt Lamp.

If your lamp is continually flickering then you must check the wire first because the damaged electrical path can lead to the flickering. If you find any kind of pressure or damage at any place of the wire it is the best option to replace because flickering can lead to the sparking and sparking can cause a major blast or damage. Moreover the humidity can also be the reason for the unusual flickering so avoid the humid atmosphere to have all the advantages from your wholesale Salt Lamp.

9- Dangerous to pets.

Himalayan Salt Lamps can cause danger to your pets because by ingesting too much salt both dogs and cats can be infected. They can have vomiting, diarrhea, seizures and also can lead to death. To prevent accidental toxicity it’s better to place Best Himalayan Salt Lamp at the spot where your pets can not reach out.   So always keep in mind while placing a wholesale Himalayan lamp to keep distance from your pets.

10- Differentiate between fake and original Best Himalayan Salt Lamp.

Himalayan Salt Lamps are the genuine product of Himalayan Mountains with a beautiful mild pink color. When you get out of a store or want to have a bulk of Best Himalayan Salt Lamp. It is very important to confirm its source that will be mentioned on its labeling. Secondly, authentic Himalayan Salt Lamps are shiny but their glow is soft and muted. Pure Himalayan Salt lamps are less resistant to breakage.

Wholesale Salt Lamp is the best material to decorate your rooms. By using all the precautions mentioned above you can make it friendlier to your environment. Friends Rock Salt have excellence to provide best Rock Salt Lamps and other products. Friends Rock Salt have mainly focused not only the Purity of Salt source but also the electric cords and bulbs that we provide with our Lamps. Anybody can rely on FRS to have quality and assured products.

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