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10 Different Types of Interview {Which one you like}

Introduction To Interview

Which interview would you like to face? You must have given an interview at some time to get a job.

There are many types of interviews. It is important to take care of certain things in every interview.

Know what is the focus in different types of interviews

Interviewers come in different forms. It is not that you can choose your interviewer yourself. But you can ask your recruiter what kind of selection process is being used. You can prepare accordingly. Companies choose candidates in many ways. Know about certain methods

10 Methods, Types, or Forms of Interview

Traditional Interviews

The traditional one-to-one interview is first taken by HR. After this, the manager you are going to work with takes an interview. This interview can be with structured or closed-ended questions.

In this, you can ask the current employer or recruiter to understand the format and content. If it is not structured and there are open-ended questions then you get a chance to sell your story.

Phone Interviews

Telephonic interviews are used to remove unnecessary candidates before a face-to-face meeting. Her body language, facial expression, and physical presence are not affected.

Should find a quiet place for the interview and you should Perform Yoga Asanas and meditation to keep your mind relax while interviewing.

Skype / video Interviews

Video interviews can be recorded or live with the interviewer at the other end. If not used to speaking in front of the camera, this experience may worsen.

So prepare for a video interview. Make a recording of yourself and check if you are speaking correctly according to the visual impact, tone, and body language.

Group interviews

Group interviews are usually used in the early stages of junior levels or mass hiring. You can do mock group interviews with your friends. You learn the art of taking the initiative and contributing to the group during the discussion

Be polite Involve everyone in the conversation. If you talk about the topic, then you can move to the next round. Arrive early and talk the most to increase the chances.

Panel Interviews

If you have multiple stakeholders in the role for which 4 are being selected, then you may have to face the panel interview. In this, managers and experts can ask many types of questions.

Whenever answering a question, keep eye contact to keep the other members in the panel connected.

Job Fair Interviews

Job Fair is the method of mass hiring. Here you have fewer opportunities to impress the interviewer.

You should prepare answers to certain questions like tell about yourself, tell me about your old job performance, why should we hire you.

Coffee/lunch Interview

Usually taken at the mid-senior level with interview coffee or lunch. It also includes the team’s cliques. Its goal is to understand humans better. This helps determine whether the candidate will be able to socialize within the team.

Competencies or Behavioral Interview

according to behavior or situation, you are asked questions about an example of the pastor to respond to a hypothetical situation.

The interviewer tries to know what your attitude is towards the problems. He looks at the way of communication, interpersonal skills, etc. Tell the whole story about the situation, task, action, and income.

Case / Task / Puzzle Interviews

If a consultant or a specialist is being selected for 9 roles then a case interview can be taken. A business problem will be created or a task will be given and it will be seen how you approach while doing this work and what is your thinking.

It is seen how you ask questions for information, what structures are used for problem-solving, which logics are used for the answers.

Stress Interviews

This interview is designed to check how you respond in pressure. The interviewer may perform a personal attack, his tone may be aggressive, he may question your decisions or rapid-fire difficult questions.

The focus should be on the question rather than the style of the interviewer. In this way, you will be able to communicate calmly and logically. You just have to show them how you are happily living your life stress-free with all the Simple Daily Life Hacks to Live a Healthy Life.

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