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10 Faucet Designs That Will Make Your Kitchen Look Fancy

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It is finally remodeling time at your place, and your next project is your kitchen. Whether you plan for a complete transformation or minor touch-ups, some things will change anyway.It’s essential to select the best model for your requirements when it’s time to change or replace a kitchen faucet. You can choose the kitchen faucet (Also known as Griferia de cocina) model that’s perfect for you from a variety of types with various features. Like, water faucets.

Let us face it; faucets are the busiest part of a scullery. From scrubbing vegetables and dishes to cleaning hands, faucets rarely catch a break. With such heavy duties and demands to fulfill, you have to pick something that is not only trendy but also reliable. That is why people are turning back to using classic pull-down and pull-out faucets for their kitchen sinks.

In this article, we have a list of designs from each type that are not only durable and practical but also look fancy.

Pull-Out  Kitchen Faucet Ideas

1. Single-Handle Faucet

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This goose-neck faucet is the most simple and uncomplicated design. Currently used in many kitchens, this design features one handle above the hose right in the center. It allows you to adjust the water temperature by moving the lever to the left or right.

A simple faucet is a perfect choice to serve the purpose when the inbuilt sink is already a lavishing countertop.

2. Wall-Mounted Kitchen Taps

For a faucet presentable enough and budget-friendly, a wall-mounted tap is the best option. Such designs can entirely transform the outlook of a place and make it look more elegant than ever.

Moreover, such taps are excellent if you want lots of space in your kitchen sink. The wall-mounted design ensures the faucet does not get in the way while washing up, looking opulent at the same time.

3. Pencil Kitchen Tap

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As sleek as its name, this kitchen faucet is the best choice for a polished kitchen. This elegant product stands tall but has a short neck for water output.

Such tap designs look great with relatively undersized ceramic or marble sinks. So, this one must be your next pick if you want to add elegance to your little kitchen sink.

4. Separate Spray Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet

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If you are looking for a flexible option among the basic pull-out faucets, a tap with separate sprayers will work for you.

This style includes a separate nozzle with a trigger that diverts the flow of water from the main faucet into it. When you turn on the main tap, the spray nozzle will let you reroute the water in any direction without any issues.

5. Motion Detection Faucet

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Thanks to technology, a lot of innovation integrating tech features for faucets has taken place over the years. Faucets with motion detectors are a good example of such innovation.

Touchless faucets are very expensive but handy for serious cooks. They come with a motion sensor located near the base of the tap. Usually, such spouts are found in public restrooms to prevent the spread of germs.

Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet Ideas

1. Double-Handle Pull-Down Faucet

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This design features a center spout with two separate handles or levers on either side to control water temperature. In earlier days, the two handles had to be attached to the same centerpiece. However, now, they may be a few inches away from one another on either side of the main tap.

2. Touch-On Kitchen Faucet

It is another technology-based kitchen faucet design. A little like touchless faucets, these use sensors as well. But, the sensors used are touch sensors which make turning the tap on/off easy, especially when your hands are messy. You only have to touch the spout handle with your hand, wrist, or forearm to activate and manage the water flow.

3. Flexible Pull-Down Tap

Image Source: Pexels.com

For ladies who spend lots of time in the kitchen and hail to technology, there is a range of handy and functional tap designs.

If you are tired of cleaning shelves because the water from your tap splatters in every possible direction, this flexible design is for you. They are not only convenient to use but also super trendy these days.

4. Dual Taps

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In a high-end and well-built kitchen, tap symmetry can bloom admiration for your style in people’s hearts.

A trend that has been making a statement is adorning your kitchen sink with multiple faucets. These taps, one for hot and the other for cold water, can be twins or asymmetrical, depending on your choice.

5. Two-Colored Faucet

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It is the chicest design on today’s list of fancy faucets. A black and steel body combined faucet is a tap that falls under the category that would look splendid in your quartz kitchen.

You can also go all black with your faucet color for a more aesthetic appearance. Decorate your kitchen sink with an attractive matte black tap and make your place look snazzy.

How to Select a Faucet for Your Kitchen?

People choose these products either based on their looks or price. But, in actuality, one should be looking for quality and functionality.

Firstly, your kitchen faucet should match things around it like the soap stand, cabinet knobs, etc. So, aim for a long-lasting finish in mind.

Secondly, while selecting a faucet, do not forget the number of holes in your sink. Most people tend to forget this, but it is not always easy to move from a single-hole faucet to a multi-hole or vice versa.

Lastly, determine how many handles you want. If your kitchen has a traditional appearance, faucets with two or more handles will look good. Otherwise, go for single-handle ones because they are easy to control and in demand.

Wrapping Up

Most house designers change the faucets during remodeling because that is one big punch to your project’s overall look. So, it would be not wrong to say that these are statement-making accessories and should be a priority when redesigning your kitchen. However, do not compromise on convenience and quality for looks and trends.

Quality is not equivalent to thousands of dollars. You can get fantastic products at a much more reasonable price. Therefore, look for durability and practicality instead of style. Also, to what extent does a product let you add extra attachments, for instance, a sprayer with a pull-out kitchen faucet.

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