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10 Important Skill Sets for a Pharmacy Technician

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Have you decided to pursue a career as a pharmacy technician? You have chosen a good time to join the field. According to research, there is an expected 12% increase in jobs for pharmacy technicians by 2026

However, becoming a pharmacy technician is more than wearing a lab coat and giving out prescriptions. You need certain skill sets to get a job as a pharmacy technician. These skills are essential for your job application and the execution of your duties. But first, who is a pharmacy technician?

Who Is a Pharmacy Technician?

A pharmacy technician is the health care worker responsible for the preparation and dispensation of drugs prescribed by doctors. They work closely with the pharmacists. These workers also handle administrative tasks like booking appointments, answering the phone, and processing insurance claims. 

The qualification needed to fit into this role usually varies from region to region and country to country. It is not a role as technical as that of a pharmacist. However, you will still need some training. 

Most organizations prefer to employ people with formal training and certification from the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board. Before you can obtain the certification, you would need to take a test. 

If you are feeling nervous about the test, you should take a pharmacy technician practice test. The practice would help you prepare ahead for your PTCB, ensuring you ace the board test and get your certification as a pharmacy technician. Remember that many employees prefer pharmacy techs that have taken the PTCB tests. 

Apart from the formal training and certification, there are other skills that organizations watch for in potential pharmacy technicians. Let’s look at the skill sets you need as a pharmacy technician!

1- Customer Service

In your role as a pharmacy technician, you will have to interact with several people daily. Good customer service skills would save you from costly mistakes. You know your regular customers, so the possibility of giving the wrong prescription is slim. 

Your patients would also feel welcome in your pharmacy. Good customer service shows that you care about their issues. You don’t have to try to fake the concern, though. Your customer service will always rate high with patience, calmness, and adequate attention to each patient. 

2- Computer Proficiency

We are in the internet age, and computer skills are essential in every field. Pharmacy technicians have particular software programs for drug ordering and billing. 

As a pharmacy technician, you need to understand these software programs. You need computer proficiency for other activities like recording patient prescriptions, patient history, and specific medications. Tech schools can help you with developing the necessary computer skills.

3- Effective Communication

As a pharmacy technician, you need to communicate with patients, co-workers, and superiors. With effective communication skills, you can maintain a good relationship with all these people. Improve your written and verbal communication skills, and you will endear people to you. 

Learn how to communicate on phone calls, when taking orders, or updating records. Ensure you know how to resolve conflicts. Avoiding communication errors would help you avoid any medication errors, too. 

4- Mathematical Abilities

A pharmacy technician must fill prescriptions and measure pharmaceuticals, activities requiring mathematical skills. If you are a student who fears math, you should start falling in love with the subject. It will immensely benefit your life. 

Math is a skill you’ll inevitably need daily in this career. You will have to count pills every day. A wrong count can lead to serious consequences. So, get comfortable with numbers and become a better pharmacy technician. 

5- Organizational Skills

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As a pharmacy technician, you’ll most likely work in a fast-paced environment. Therefore, you’ll need good organizational skills to keep pace. While your team might already have a system in place, your organizational skills will help you keep up with it. 

You might be required to organize the medications, paperwork, and supplies. Technicians might also need to pack and label prescriptions. These skills also ensure that you don’t lose or misplace essential things in the pharmacy. 

6- Teamwork Capabilities

Your interactions are not only focused on your patients. You would have to work with a healthcare team. You will be required to take orders, do additional tasks as required, and meet the needs of co-working pharmacists. 

Having a cordial relationship with team members will make your work more efficient and fast. Your contributions are essential to making the group progress. Your clients would also enjoy the togetherness of your team, making your pharmacy progress. 

7- Strong Ethics

The pharmaceutical industry is built on a code of ethics that you’ll be expected to follow. You should understand the industry’s ethics and be skilled in enforcing them in your practice. Take time to know the current ethical codes for pharmacy technicians. 

It’s essential to know how to spot illegal prescriptions and drug abusers to keep these ethics. Confidential information will come your way, too. Don’t share it indiscriminately. Strong ethics will help you gain the trust of your supervisors and patients. 

8- Attention to Details and Accuracy

Sweat the small stuff in your work as a pharmacy technician. Your work includes filing in minuscule details hour by hour. It can get boring sometimes, but you should never stop paying attention. 

A small slip in your attention can lead to the death or relapse of a patient. Always take your time to be accurate with your prescriptions or records. The training of a pharmacy technician will prepare you to pay attention as you memorize different details about drugs. 

9 Problem-Solving Skills

You are a pharmacy technician who solves problems. These problems will come in different forms, both small and big. When these problems arise, you’ll need to keep a level head even as you try to find a solution in the fastest possible time. 

Problems you might have to solve include calling insurance companies, ordering inventory, and setting a printer to rights. Know how to prioritize each task so you won’t become stressed by the problems. Multitask when possible so you can finish in time. 

10- Continual Learner

Don’t get into the pharmacy industry if you don’t like learning. You’ll need to learn different things as the times change. For instance, Coronavirus, with over a million deaths in the US now, is a situation that has never been seen before.

You should be adaptable and ready to learn what is required of you in every situation. Dedicate your time to formal and informal training. Your consistent learning would show in your work, and your company would acknowledge your dedication. You might have gotten a promotion. 


Are you planning to become a pharmacy technician? You have chosen a noble profession where you’ll get to interact with many people. These skill sets would help you get jobs and become the pharmacy technician you want to be. If you don’t have any of these skills, you can acquire them now. There are no skill sets you can’t learn. 

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