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10 Key Benefits to Integrate CRM with E-commerce

Ecommerce business or we say a daunting business? Agree with this: an e-commerce business is one of the most powerful and dominant platforms which eases many big problems for online merchants. Still, there were quite a few problems like sharing accurate information, distribution, and payment process which creates a hurdle in work. Today we are going to share the benefits of CRM in eCommerce when both get integrated. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one of the most highly-advanced software that has brought big changes in every organization where they now work with great functionality and always get great results. 74% of the relationship with customers will improve when you have software like CRM in your venture. 


Around 40% of labor cost was reduced when CRM entered the town. We researched and got to know that the sales team needs such kind of software in their work activity, so around 48% of the sales team adapted this software already. 13% of big ventures believe that investing money in this software is an absolutely fabulous idea. 

What about integration? If the CRM gets integrated with a platform like e-commerce then always you see accurate results with perfect facilities and obviously, you can see your business grow rapidly. CRM for eCommerce is totally game-changing as we believe that sharing the customer experience is fundamental in the eCommerce business and that would be possible if we strive for a CRM system today. Want to know how integrating with CRM can enhance your experience in the eCommerce business? Let’s walk through the whole blog                       

Purpose of integrating e-commerce Customer Relationship Management?

Before going delve deeper into the concept of integration of eCommerce Customer Relationship Management, let’s find out why there is a requirement for this. You can face the situation of payment process online and even of tax compliance. You need the integration process that can do more quickly and yes safely too.

Are you pondering the same data duplication or even manual data entry? Well, just burn this when it is integrated with software like CRM in your eCommerce business. Want to understand more such points regarding this? If integration is possible for CRM for e-commerce solutions then get ready to hike up your online revenue because no one will find your purchasing process a hassle and it also enables customer self-service. Learn more about Ecommerce by reading out the blog separately.                                                       

What are the benefits of CRM in eCommerce?

We are going to enlist some essential benefits when integrating CRM with an eCommerce business. Let’s have a look at that-

  • No tax compliance difficulty you will see

If you are running this business then, of course, you have your accounting team that looks at each and even concept regarding the tax. You have given the task to your accounting team to keep the tax compliant and collect the tax whenever required. 

It will be very easy for your business if integrated with CRM software where it can highlight accurate tax codes and rates. This is very essential for you because suppose if such changes are made in the sales order then it will be quite easy for the eCommerce CRM to recalculate it with similar tax codes and rates.

  • Want to know the shipping rates and services for your business? 

Another one of the great benefits of CRM in e-commerce integration is regarding the shipping rates as you saw the entire shipping methods are configured easily on your CRM system. 

Suppose you decide to integrate your platform with software like CRM. You can access the shipping rates and even the services and the process to get this can be done via shipping carrier. It’s good that the software displays the supported rate when required. Even the services but that would be only possible if the E-commerce business is integrated with the CRM software. 

  • You can monitor various marketing platforms

If you are running your e-commerce business then we are sure that you adapt numerous marketing channels to strengthen your organization. It is important as there are many channels like SEO, Paid advertisement, and traditional marketing. 

Here it is vital to integrate CRM for e-commerce which helps your sales manager to look at the activity and the performance. Everyone wants to track their sales efforts so that would be very easy for a business. 65% of people said that CRM is simple to use and 81% of marketers said that they use CRM from different devices all the time. 

  • Sharing better customer experience is a big deal here

This is most important and the first objective of every organization is to share a better flawless experience to their customers some achieve that and some fail. 

Here if integration is possible with CRM for e-commerce then you can share their brilliant experience by completing the task more easily and getting the update to work on that first. Sharing a good experience to customers is always a top priority, so must learn what is best for business. 47% of CRM users said the software will improve the retention rate. 

  • Is your next motive for raising brand awareness? 

Ready to gear up for the goal of brand awareness and we are sure that you have set several strategies for that. Correct? Let’s make it simple for you to do this job. Brand awareness is too easy here when you integrate your e-commerce work with software like Customer Relationship Management. 

It will do this in many ways like flashing special catalogs, parsing name brands, developing the custom store for the B2B clients that are most special for you, etc. You can even present the catalog for special departments too.

  • Retain the existing customers that deal with you

Ecommerce CRM should be integrated with each other because it can help you in many ways like retaining the customers, attracting the prospects, easy to convert leads into sales and even customer loyalty is possible. Research says 74% of customer satisfaction is possible when you have a CRM. 

You can offer much better functionality and offer a great experience online. Every e-commerce business wants their customer to visit not only one time but be their permanent member. So integration with CRM software can prove this as it convinces them to reorder. 50% of the productivity will improve when dealing with CRM software. 

  • Offering a great functional to smoothen your work activity 

Do you want to know what other special functionality it will offer? Let us guide you that when integration is possible for you regarding E-commerce CRM then it enables you for a reminder to make calls, send crucial emails, schedule demos, monitor the sales, and inquiry for your business work. 

How complex a process is it for you to identify the leads and the right person to send your work profile? It can be possible for you now and the process can be completed rapidly.

  • It is possible to make the quotes and get approval

Are you ready to share the special pricing tiers in front of your customers? Sometimes you might fail regarding the approval process and that can spoil your sale target. We have a big solution for you that you need to integrate e-commerce Customer Relationship Management and the reason it will help you here. How?

It will start its role by updating the price, profit margin, and many such things. The process of updating goes in real-time only. Your focus is now on preparing the fast quotes only and if a question occurs about the approval. Then it will happen automatically.

  • The platform like e-commerce businesses use tokenization 

If you already set your mind not to take the liability of saving the credit card data. Let us tell you that e-commerce uses tokenization. CIM service which means that the payment method is quite easy with authorization too. After that, it will return the token and so no such requirement for credit card details. 

Furthermore, such tokens should be integrated with your CRM. It enables you when you want to bring change to anything in the order of CRM software. You can see that the transaction process will begin now. Also, no need to store any details of your credit card for payment.

  • The customer sync feature may help your business

Last but not least benefit of CRM with e-commerce is the customer sync feature which has the role of syncing the entire data across the sales channels. You can see that new customer information is easy getting transmitted into the different channels. 

It is important because your new customers want to put their hands on the feature of your platform. Suppose there is something new and vital information about customers and of course, it needed to be updated. It is possible and gets updated only if E-commerce Customer Relationship Management is integrated. 

Final thoughts: Like you have read about the SugarCRM integration and even understood the integration importance in business activities, you now get aware of the e-commerce integration with one of the crucial software and that is CRM. Already told you that you can reap up full advantages when integrating your business with one of the stellar software and see we proved it by sharing the example of Ecommerce CRM integration. 64.2% of businesses saw CRM as very impactful. We have shared above some big benefits of CRM in e-commerce which offer a seamless experience and if you want to reinforce your business then get ready to see that soon. Understand the above points that we jotted down and hope integrating business is your priority now.

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