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10 Must-have Wardrobe Essentials a Man Should Own

When it comes to fashion, there are some things that will take your style to the next level without even spending much. And trust me it is no rocket science to figure out what are those essentials that will help you achieve that dapper look. I am going to list down some basic yet elegant clothing items that every man should have in their closet. 

  1. Black T-shirt

The most basic of all, one of the most stylish clothing pieces when paired with blue denims is definitely something everyone should get their hands on. It is so versatile and can be styled in so many ways that you might actually prefer having two black plain T-shirts in your collection. There is absolutely no way one could go wrong with it. It goes with anything and everything.

  1. White sneakers

Well, it can get pretty hard to land upon just one sneaker when there are so so many options available out there. But one sneaker that should be on your priority shopping list is a pair of white sneakers. They are the current fashion buzz. The only thing you need to take care of is keeping them clean at all times. Dirty shoes can ruin the look of your entire outfit. 

  1. White shirt 

Well, you saw this coming, didn’t you? The most common clothing item, yet missing from so many people’s closets. Whether you are trying on a vintage look or something more formal like a suit, this shirt will come in handy with all of it. Acknowledge the power of a white shirt and never under-estimate it. 

  1. Denim Jacket

Okay. okay. Just hear me out. You might think that a denim jacket is too much for you but try it with a white shirt or some normal ensemble and boom! You are party-ready. A denim jacket will instantly enhance your entire outfit and the look. Once you realize how good it is, there is no going back.

  1. Blazer

I cannot afford to bypass the ability of this sartorially essential piece of menswear which has been there and done that. A navy blazer may be a classic kind of effortless cool and therefore the nautical tones of this blazer are ageless. Wear it sort of a suit, or break down with a beige /white trouser for a few off duty swagger. the benefit and therefore the elegance of this blazer will confirm that you simply look on point during your summer trip to Cote d’ Azure.

  1. Blue Chinos

Probably the sole trouser you’d ever need, the blue chinos are the most effective alternative to your jeans or the same old suit trousers. This pair of clothing will help you achieve any kind of look when paired with suitable options. Wear it together with your t-shirt, shirts, jacket and it’ll equally do justice with all of them. A crisp pair of shiny brown brogues is the best partner this trouser will ever enjoy.

  1. Brown Brogues

It is said that people notice your shoes first and then your entire outfit. This pair of shoes will take your shoe game to the next level. Shoes are the foundation of your entire look and it decides the entire outcome of your attire. With these, you can be sure that your foundation is super good. 

  1. Dark pair of jeans

A neat pair of denim in slim-cut could be a versatile option. Every modern man should own one pair of neat and dark blue shade denim jeans. Dark denim has the ability to give a powerful sense of your personality after you pair this with some sort of a cardigan or a tweed blazer. Pair it with an oxford shirt for a cool and easy-going look along with brown brogues and enjoy all the attention you will be getting.

  1. Suit

No matter where you work or what your profession is, every man should have at least one suit in their wardrobe ready to be worn. A suit enhances your personality. A suit with a good fit only looks amazing but it also blooms confidence and you instantly seem more approachable and mature.

  1. White polo T-shirt

When in dilemma, a white polo shirt will come to the rescue, another versatile piece of clothing that will be suitable for every occasion from Friday nights to weekday brunches. A pair of chinos or dark denims will be a perfect choice to pair this with.

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