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10 Places To Buy Indian Human Hair Extensions

Almost everyone on Instagram and TikTok feeds converted to a life of hair extensions. Whether they’re getting professional Indian human hair extensions placed, or discussing their favorite brand of tape-in hair extensions, hair extensions are the new black.

It is understandable. After two-ish years of being cooped up inside, cutting our hair, and eventually sinking into hair mayhem, who wouldn’t want to obtain longer, more beautiful hair suddenly with some extensions?

But finding good Indian hair extensions even after searching “hair braiding near me” can be time-consuming, which is where we come in.

Browse through our compilation of some of the 10 places to get deals on Indian human hair extensions!

1. Locks & Mane

Locks & Mane
Locks & Mane

Your greatest braiding hair extensions might not be your finest hair extensions—it all depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re new to extensions, on a budget, and want to try some good-quality hair without feeling completely overwhelmed, Locks & Mane is the place to go.

Their extensions are created from 100% human Remy hair (the hair has never been chemically processed or dyed, and the cuticles all face in the same direction), so you’re getting real top-tier hair at a reasonable price.

2. Indique Hair

Indique Hair
Indique Hair

When it comes to high-quality hair extensions, talk to enough stylists, and you’ll hear the name “Indique” tossed around a lot. It makes sense because Indique extensions are made entirely of Remy hair. Another significant advantage? Indique’s extensions are sewed so that they do not shed, allowing you to blow-dry, curl, and style your extensions as you would do your hair.

Indique’s virgin Indian hair is the go-to for women who want the finest hand-crafted at reasonable prices. Based on the positive reviews, one of the many reasons women shop at Indique is to get their money’s worth. 

3. Mayvenn Hair

Mayvenn hair 
Mayvenn hair

If you’re searching for great hair in general, check out Mayvenn Hair. Bundles, closures, lace frontals, wigs, and extensions are available in various textures, including straight, Yaki straight, wavy, curly, and lengths. The hair is of high quality: REMY, virgin Indian hairor colored virgin hair, depending on the style you choose.

4. Bellami Hair

Bellami Hair
Bellami Hair

Bellami’s hair extensions are known for mimicking natural, born-with-it hair. The quality is incredible: they generally sell 100 percent REMY human hair but also offer some high-quality synthetic hair. You really can’t go wrong with any hair, which is fortunate because they have many options. However, most of these extensions will need to be professionally installed.

5. Hidden Crown


Hidden Crown extensions are a favorite of celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan, and with good reason: their crown extensions are practically magical. The hair is linked to a clear wire that wraps softly around your hairline like a halo and is then hidden by a top layer of your hair. As a result, hair appears fuller and thicker without the need for clips or tape.

6. Remy NY

Remy NY
Remy NY

We hate to be a Debbie-downer, but here’s a not-so-fun fact about hair extensions and wigs: It can be a very dubious industry. Sadly, as a consumer, it isn’t easy to know where your hair extensions are coming from and whether they were ethically produced. 

On the other hand, Remy NY is a ray of brightness amid the darkness—they buy their hair (at a hefty price) directly from women in Vietnam while also trying to give them job possibilities.

7. True Indian Hair

True Indian Hair
True Indian Hair

The New York City-based company True Indian Hair uses 100 percent unprocessed human hair obtained “directly from donors in East Indian Temples and Brazil. Thankfully, you don’t have to travel that far to obtain Indian human hair—you can shop online. 

8. Glam Seamless

Glam Seamless
Glam Seamless

From Khloé Kardashian to Ashley Graham, your mother most likely has also worn this extension, so that’s pretty much all you need to know, right?

Although Glam Seamless sells clip-ins, halos, wings, and wefts, they’re the ultimate authority on tape-in extensions. Their hair extensions are made from 100% REMY hair and are popular among many celebrity hairstylists.



EZ Braiding Hairis known for its pre-stretched braiding hair that is customized with Innocence’s newly developed technology known as EZ Technology. It is made with special technology and 100 percent Spectra Antibacterial Fiber. EZ BRAID has quickly become the most popular braid hair brand.

In a nutshell, EZ Braiding Hair combines innovative technology and pre-stretched braiding hair to make braiding easier and faster. 

10. X-Pression 


X-pression braiding hair allows you to take your creativity to the next level when updating your ‘do. You can choose from Classic, the traditional African braiding hair; On, a magnificent new line of hairpieces that will completely transform your look. All styles are available in various colors, lengths, and textures, allowing you to mix and combine to your heart’s desire.

The Hair Verdict 


Pure Collection from Indique
Pure Collection from Indique

All of the above hair brands are amazing, but we had to pick the ultimate hair brand; Indique Hair would be hands down the winner. 

Indique’s Remy virgin Indian hair extensions are unrivaled because the virgin human hair has just cuticle layers that face the same direction from root to finish. This ensures that the extensions behave just like your own hair, with a natural wave, fullness, shine, and exceptional usability. 

The hand-crafted Indian human hair can be used again for up to a year. It can be washed, blow-dried, curled, flat ironed, colored, and permed without losing its inherent beauty and vitality.

Here is a clear distinction between Indique and other hair brands in the market.

Indique Hair

Other Hair In The Market

The hair is pure, virgin hair that has never been blended, chemically modified, or altered.


Indique’s hair will never contain any synthetic or animal fibers.

Their hair is frequently blended with animal hair, synthetic hair, or non-remy hair to cut costs.


When they claim 100 percent human hair, it is frequently incorrect.

It is 100% Remy hair and tangle-free. Remy hair has all of the characteristics of naturally flowing hair. It is easy to wear and wash. When they claim to have Remy hair, this is frequently incorrect. Their hair will tangle as they wear and wash it.


Each Indique hairpiece is one length.

This Indian human hair is never blended in different lengths. In truth, hair blending is not a stage in our manufacturing process.

They blend lengths during manufacture to make the hair cheaper.

While the hair is offered as 18″ long, shorter lengths are mixed in on the weft or strand, lowering the quality.


Every strand of Indique hair has its cuticle intact. There is no silicone coating procedure because it would interfere with the hair’s inherent beauty and features.


This virgin Indian hair is unprocessed, natural, and free of chemicals.


They peel the cuticles with an acid wash to lessen the short-term tangling impact. After that, they apply a silicone covering (which helps temporarily make the hair shiny and silky).


The hair will tangle and ball up quickly after removing the silicone covering.


Indique’s hair will last for more than a year while remaining manageable, shiny, and strong. Their hair will only last 2–3 weeks before it starts to mat, coil, and lose its luster.

If Indique Hair is good enough for everyone’s favorite pop star, Ariana Grande, it must be good for everyone, right? You can browse through Indique’s industry-exclusive braiding hair extensions made with 100% Indian human hair. These hand-crafted gems are available in their purest form-straight, wavy, and curly at various lengths!

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