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10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Morocco

Overview of Reasons to Visit Morocco:

Morocco the name that conjured up images of camels, kasbahs, sand dunes, and Medina’s, but where did all that came from? And how did I think of those things? Honestly, I think I would have to attribute a lot of it to Hollywood. So, when we were planning our trip, I couldn’t help but wonder what it was actually going to be like. Towards the end of our road trip, we decided to write down all the reasons we would recommend Morocco to a friend.

Top Reasons to Visit Morocco:

 Here’s what we came up with and be sure to read till the end where we show you where to stay in Morocco. You are not going to want to miss it!

1- Do a Road Trip

Reasons to Visit Morocco

Starting off our list of top reasons to visit Morocco is do a road trip and explore multiple cities. The roads of Morocco will present you with lots of surprises from the landscapes to the random animals you will run into along the way. We love the novelty of what everyday driving would bring. We did an 11-day road trip starting in Tangier and drove all around the country. We can’t recommend it enough!

2- Ride a Camel and Spend a Night in The Desert

Ride camels and spend a night in a desert camp in the middle of the Sahara Desert. This was one of the highlights of our trip and worth every penny. Honestly, riding a camel isn’t the most comfortable thing in the world, but being able to glamp underneath the stars in the middle of the desert singing songs by the campfire is something you never forget. Going on Morocco desert tours from Marrakech is the highlight of every vacation in Morocco. You don’t one to miss the Sahara!

3- Unwind in a Hammam

If you make it to Fes, try a Hammam. A hammam is basically just a Moroccan version of a sauna with an intense exfoliating massage. But when I say deep, I mean so deep they made you scrub off your tan. 

4- Admire the Architecture and Monuments

Reasons to Visit Morocco

If you visit Morocco, one of the things that you want to do is to admire the architecture, monuments and history. Visit places like Koutoubia mosque, Al Attarine Madrasa, Hassan II mosque and explore the many beautiful riads around the city. The detail and architecture are absolutely stunning.

5- Experience the Call to Prayer

Morocco was the first time we have ever heard the call to prayer. It happened five times a day. There was something beautiful about the melodic nature of the call to prayer and to experience that in Morocco was really special.

6- Try Moroccan Food and Mint Tea

Reasons to Visit Morocco

Try a lot of Tajine and Pastilla pie. The food is delicious and just keeps on coming. Their portion sizes aren’t massive and are so rich in flavor. Think dates, almonds, chicken, cinnamon cardamon all sizzling on a hot plate. Who knew that kind of combination would be so damn good? Also, drink as much Moroccan mint tea as you possibly can. Moroccan mint tea is poured with great flair, served in a big silver pot. Pouring into tiny glasses from high above makes you feel immediately refreshed and supposedly helps a lot with digestion after a lot of tajines. 

7- Get Lost in the Medina and Shop till You Drop

This is a love-hate thing. You will never work out the maze of the tiny streets that make up the Medina’s. But embrace it, and it’s always better to be in a group. This is absolutely a part of the experience of Morocco. The Medina in Marrakech is overwhelming while the Fes medina is a labyrinth. The shopping experience in Morocco is truly one-of-a-kind. The leather goods, lamps, silver spices, nuts, pottery. There is a lot to see and sample. Prepares to spend hours haggling with a smile. 

8- Take Loads of Photos

Morocco is one of the most aesthetically rich countries you will ever visit. Even if you are not into photography much, you will feel the urge to snap something. Marrakech nicknamed the red city for its red sandstone walls and buildings and Chefchaouen known as the blue city for, well, being blue. The colors of the spices and the little shops in the medinas are just unreal. And so, they offer opportunities for some fantastic photos.

9- Climb the Hill in Chefchaouen

Walking through Chefchaouen is already a fantastic experience. But if you continue walking through the entire town, you will reach a path that will take you up the hill for what we think is the most incredible view of the city. Make sure to be there for the sunset!

10- Stay in a Riad and Explore Terraces

Because we were moving around so much, we got to experience a few. Our favorite one was one in Fez. Each one pays so much attention to detail, and many have incredible rooftops. Many restaurants, riads, and cafés offer their best experiences from the rooftop terrace. Whether you are escaping the noise from the streets or drinking Moroccan mint tea in the evening, the views from the rooftops are some of our favorite things.

10 Reasons to Visit Morocco Closing Notes:

We hope this blog post stokes excitement for your future trip to Morocco may slice know in the comments below what are you looking forward to doing most. Now that you know why you should visit Morocco, here is a handy resource that tells you 10 essential tips for your first visit to Morocco.


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