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10 Significant Reasons Why Flutter is Trending in 2020 and 2021

flutter trends 2020

We have recently faced the whirlwind of 2020. The pandemic has forced us to sit inside our homes. The only way of staying connected with the outside world is through smartphones and computers. But with the already revolutionized mobile application market, it has become extremely difficult to stand out in the competition.

Businesses are now relying on mobile apps to improve marketing and sales strategies. At the same time, they want to offer a better customer experience. Apps are proving to be an excellent method for engaging customers. Surprisingly, many business applications are on the verge of failure because they lack customer-centric features and uniqueness. The only way to be successful is to build a feature-rich app that engages your customers. For building such mobile applications, choosing the right technology is also important.

Even though there are tons of technologies available for development, Flutter and React Native are considered to be the titans of this arena. Flutter is a trending cross-platform framework launched by Google. It is growing in popularity each day since its release in December 2018 and has already overshadowed React Native. A plethora of the top tech companies including Grab, eBay, Groupon, Philips, etc has already chosen Flutter as the main solution for cross-platform app development.

Here is a Google trends report which shows how Flutter overtook all other platforms:

flutter graph

Flutter (Blue) VS React Native (Red)

Just choosing Flutter will not help you. You also need a Flutter app development company that can provide you with the best Flutter development services. In 2021, you need a good application that can be easily accessed on every platform.

Let’s discuss why Flutter is considered a futuristic technology and what are its advantages:

  • Single business logic and UI in all platforms which saves time and money

The major benefit of Flutter is its conventional UI patterns pushed out to reusable widgets. A cross-platform framework helps to avoid the need to set UI properties individually like colors and styling. A Cross-platform app development company can modify UI and organization logic universally by editing and improving the code for both iOS as well as Android Flutter apps.

  • Debugging Apps with Hot Reload

Hot reload is the foundation of Flutter. You can see the changes reflecting in the running application immediately after they are made. There is no need to compile the source code again or restart. This significantly enhances the development time for the Flutter developers. A seasoned Flutter app development company like Xongolab having expert developers can surely help you to transform your business with excellent mobile app development services.

  • Outstanding Performance

Choosing Flutter guarantees exceptional performance as there is just a little communication involved between the app and the platform. This means the start-up time for the app becomes faster and you can expect fewer performance problems.

  • Fully Customizable Widgets

Flutter has a complete list of widgets for designing UI interfaces. These widgets are customizable and reusable which makes them valuable additional development. Flutter also includes two kits of widgets namely Material Design and Cupertino. These implement Google’s design and Apple’s iOS Human interface respectively providing the developers with numerous creative options and ultimately design a smart app for you.

  • Open Source – Community Supported

As we already know, Flutter is an open-source technology and supports Cross-platform app development. It has a flourishing and active community of developers that can provide support and contribute to the documentation. Developers across the globe have formed curated resources to further aid Flutter app development services. Being the most innovative and disruptive mobile technology in the market, Flutter is transforming the aspect of mobile and web app development. As an expert Flutter app development company, we can assure you that it is the most promising competitor for the mobile technology of choice and is a highly recommended one.

  • Faster App Development

Well, with all the excellent features of Flutter, it is not an exaggeration to say the app development is much faster and efficient. The hot reload and other peculiarities of Cross-platform app development allows our developers to get your app ready and working in a very short time.

  • Integration With Firebase

As a company providing mobile app development services, we understand that you need an app that is user-oriented. Opting for Flutter app development company for the services will allow your application the ease of integration with Firebase. This can help in managing services like analytics, databases, messages, and reporting the crash to the target audience.

  • Most Suitable For MVP

The concept of the minimum viable product (MVP) is gaining popularity in the market to avoid failures and suffer huge losses. If you are an entrepreneur looking for launching an MVP, Flutter app development services are just for you. These can help you to create a practical model and launch it in the market to attract investors. Once the model is successful, our Flutter app development services can prove helpful in a further iteration of the product.

  • 2Dimensions Flare

Looking for an app that keeps your users engaged? Animations are the best way to keep the users interested. With Flutter app development services and 2Dimensions Flare, getting animations done is a cakewalk. Flutter provides Flare which is a vector-based animation tool to enhance the UI layout for your apps and it is also very helpful while developing entertaining gaming apps. We are the best mobile app company with expert developers and can make your users revisit the apps all the time, increasing your revenue.

  • Supported in Multiple IDE environments

Apart from all the above advantages, the biggest of all is Flutter is supported by several IDEs. This helps you to build your Flutter app in various IDEsAndroid Studio, VS Code, and IntelliJ.

Let’s Flutter together

Now that you know a few of the many advantages of Flutter, you might choose it for developing your app. Recognized for providing the best mobile app development services in the market, we provide the best Flutter app development services that can help your business touch new heights in the coming new year!

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I am Anita Shah, project coordinator at XongoLab, a top-level mobile app development company. I like to write and share blogs & articles related to the latest technology.

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