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10 Simple tips to overcome stress before the exam

De-stress yourself before the exam

Do you feel anxious, hopeless, and stressed just before the exam? Yes! As the exam seasons are around the corner, it’s quite common to see students stressed before they take the exams! The fear factors multiple manifolds and the kids keep rolling with stress. Due to stress and mental pressure, students go blank as soon as they see the question paper and this interferes with performance. The degree of stress and anxiety can bring sweat in the palms, heartbeat rises and a rumbling sound in the stomach. Some children can overcome the stress by themselves, whereas other students need help to bring down their stress and anxiety levels. Keeping this in our mind, we are here to help the students with some tips to beat the stress and to their mind cool before they walk through the examination hall. Now, read on the tips mentioned below!

10 Simple tips to de-stress yourself before the exam:

Too much stress can invite mental health issues. Here, are a few handy tips to manage exam stress. Apply these tips and keep your mind calm before you take over the exam.

  1. Go for a small walk about 15 to 20 minutes in the lush green nature can bring your stress levels down and keeps your body fit and energetic.
  2. Taking small frequent breaks between your study hours and having some fun activities will help to alleviate your stress. Also, try watching your favorite television program or movies to calm both the body and the mind.
  3. The well balanced and nutritious meal, 8 hours of good sleep, drinking enough fluids to keep the body hydrated, and staying away from caffeinated drinks can bring down the anxiety, depression, and stress levels. Also, meeting your daily nutritional requirements through food is not possible, especially during the exam days. Good multivitamin supplements can take care of your needs. Buy OTC products online from a trusted online pharmacy in India and get them delivered right to your doorsteps.
  4. Practice breathing exercises regularly and taking a deep breath before you read through the question paper can bring calmness in you.
  5. Believe in yourself and invite positive thoughts with you. Remove all your negative thoughts as it can hinder your preparation, performance, and mental stability.
  6. Frame out a timetable and revise your portions at least two weeks before the start of the exam. Write down the formulas and equations in a paper and revise them the night before the respective exam.
  7. When you are running out with stress, pressure, and tension, never compare yourself with your friend’s performance. If you wish, form friends groups that have similar thoughts of you and learn the same way as you did before. This fades the negative thoughts and brings productive and positive thoughts to you.
  8. Don’t compare the answers with your friends, teachers, or your books after the exams are given. This brings a lot of pressure in you and hence you may not able to do the next exam well instead of reward yourself for the best you have given. Try to focus on the next day’s exam and improve the areas where you feel it needs to be improved.
  9. Intake of sugar can trigger the cortisol hormone and release the excess hormone into the blood. Hence, avoid sugary products as the surplus cortisol production in the body can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, tiredness, and weight gain.
  10. Speaking out loud with your parents, teachers, friends, or relatives can bring all your negative emotion out and makes your mind and body, peaceful and calm.

When to see the doctor?

If you are feeling overstressed, anxiety, mood swings, disturbed sleep, uneasiness, fear, and panic, then speaking to your healthcare provider is a must. He or she may thoroughly check the health complications and if required, medicines may be prescribed to ease the symptoms. Order your prescription medicines from a genuine online medicine site and avail amazing medicine discounts on every order you place. 

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