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10+ Sweet and Fresh Flowers for New Born Baby

You celebrate joyful moments when your relative, friend, or colleague welcomes a newborn baby. For several centuries, people have used flowers to celebrate the arrival of a newborn baby. While there is a wide selection of , there are some limitations on the flowers you can offer. First, the theme should be joyful and exciting. Also, you may need to consider gender. However, some parents would love to keep the flowers gender neutral to avoid raising children in an ancient way. Below are the common sweet and fresh flowers you can offer to a newborn baby.


Roses are appropriate on all occasions. There are several species of roses. Also, you can find them in nearly all colors. There are some fantastic colors you can use to celebrate a newborn baby. For instance, pink is excellent for a baby girl. For a boy, you can send white, orange, blue, or other old colors. However, there are no limits to the color selection you can send.
Rose flowers have mild scents. Also, their pollen is hidden within the petals. Thus, they are among the least allergy-causing flowers in the market. You won’t be afraid of harming the little munchkin with pollen and scents.


Carnations are the second-best selection for newborn babies. They have fluffy and beautiful petals. They are preferred for giving babies since they require minimum care and they last long. Also, it’d help if you had a few stems to create a beautiful bouquet. Also, they are perennials- they are in the market throughout the year.
You can dye carnations to the desired color. Also, you can create some figurines with the flowers. Cats and dogs are the common animals you can create with carnations.

Pom Mums

Pom mums look like large pom poms attached to a strong stem. They are the best flowers you can add to a gift basket. If you intended to offer the new parents a gift basket instead of plain flowers, you could add a few stems of pom mums.
Pom mons have unique neon colors. You’ll find them in hot pink, bright yellow, lime green, etc. Thus, they give a bouquet a cherry and casual look.


Hydrangeas are the most exciting flowers you can use for a newborn baby. They exist in two main colors- blue and pink- You can easily customize them for a baby boy or a baby girl. You can add some contrast with the white hydrangea variety.
Hydrangeas are best offered in a basket. But you can use a wide vase. Also, you can add some soil to the vase to hold the stems. The flowers will draw water from the soil and stay fresh longer.


When you need unique newborn baby flowers, then you’ll find satisfaction in delphiniums. They grow as small petaled flowers clustered along one stem. Thus, you can have a beautiful display of delphinium stems.
You can pair delphinium with orchids, hydrangea, or lavenders. They make a beautiful display in a clear glass vase. The flowers are neutral. They exist in blue, lavender, purple, white, pink, scarlet, and yellow.


When your friend or relative gets a newborn baby during spring, then you can offer them a bunch of daffodils. The flowers are readily available in spring. Also, their unique bell shape makes them different from other bouquets.
You can offer daffodil bds for them to plant. Their blooms will remind them of the arrival of their little kid for as long as the plant exists. Every spring will be a celebration of the baby’s anniversary. Besides the birthdays, they will remember the joy that all the gifts, flowers, and loved ones showered them.

Cherry Blossoms

In Japan, cherry blossoms are a sign of new life. Since the world became a global village, people have accepted the traditions from all over. Thus, people use cherry blossoms as newborn .
The flowers are mainly found in yellow petals. Thus, they are gender-neutral. You don’t need to worry about what color to select.
You can offer cherry blossoms a few weeks before the baby is born. You can present them in a glass vase or a frosted vase. The mother- or whoever tending to the flowers- should replace the water daily. That way, the flowers will last for a long time.

Gerbera Daisies

If you need to offer some cheerful flowers to a newborn baby, you should select the most cheerful-looking flowers. Gerbera daisies have all the qualities of cheerful flowers. They exist in bright colors. Also, you can mix the colors to make a vibrant bouquet.
Gerbera daisies are so welcoming. They are common when celebrating a newborn baby. However, they have a shorter vase life than other flowers. But their beauty makes them perfect for welcoming a little one to the world.

 Living Plants

There’s nothing that can give one better satisfaction than living plants. You offer them in a planter, and they live as long as you want them in the house.
Select the short types of plants. They will never outgrow the house. For instance, man succulents never grow tall. A parent can keep them as long as they want. They can even hand over the flowers to the baby when they grow up.
There are plenty of house flowers that make lovely gifts. They include roses, hydrangea, cyclamen, fern, African violets, anthuriums, ETC. Select a house plant that is resistant to pests and diseases. Also, you should choose a plant that is easy to care for.

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms are compatible with spring and new life all over the world. Cut a few pretty branches of flowers and place them in a vase or frosted vase for a meaningful and beautiful gift. In the winter season, force flowers. Cut a few branches of flower and bring them inside two weeks before the expected birth of the baby. Place them in a box with warm water and replace the water every day. The high temperatures trick the flower branches into opening early.

Daffodils baby flowers

Nothing says springtime like a bouquet of daffodils. Bring a baby born in the spring season with cheery flower bouquets or a set pot of daffodils. You have another choice would be to bring a small bucket filled with high-quality daffodil flowers. You can offer to plant these flowers in the family’s garden to memorialize the new baby’s birth. Every spring season, the view of the emerging daffodils will mention the mom of her child’s special day.

Tips to Selecting Newborn Baby Flowers

  • Avoid pollen and strong scents
  • Select bright and cheery colors.
  • Ensure that no family members have allergies.
  • Choose a color palette.
  • Add separate flowers for the new mom
  • Add some gifts, especially toys for the kid.
  • Choose a bouquet that wild matches where you are delivering the flowers. If you want to send a large bouquet, wait for the mom and the baby to return home. Otherwise, most hospitals only allow small bouquets.


Newborns bring joy to the family. You can help friends and relatives celebrate their baby with some gorgeous flowers. Mother nature offers a wide variety of flowers to choose from. Ensure you have the best flowers for the little one.

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