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10 Things to Consider Before Pressure Washing

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Let’s be honest, house cleaning is our least favorite household chore. Even though we love to get rid of those nasty, stubborn stains, it gets tedious after a while. Who has the time to power-wash a stucco house or the money to replace their deck?

Most people recommend pressure washing your house. It takes away a significant amount of time that you spend washing your house or car using a garden hose. It also helps you take up heavy-duty tasks such as washing the exterior of your house. Exteriors add to the beauty of your property. By taking good care of them, you can increase their value. If you want to buy your own pressure washer, you can visit and explore Hotsy Equipment Company for their products.

But, no matter how good pressure washing is, you can’t snap your fingers and get started on it. There are many things you should keep in mind before pressure washing any surface. Below you will find ten things to consider before getting pressure washing services.

1. Time of the Year

These days, house pressure washing has become an important part of cleaning because of its effectiveness. It is especially useful for getting rid of dirt, debris, and grime that have accumulated over time. When you realize it is time to wash your home’s exterior, make your list of everything needing attention.

Pressure washing is best done during the summertime or from mid to late spring. If you apply it in the winter or colder periods, water can leak into the gaps and spread when it freezes.

It’s also ideal to consider pressure washing as a normal homecare activity. This will help extend the life of your roofing, pavement, and other outside surfaces.

2. Your Cleaning Solution

Every surface you clean is unique. Each has its own set of procedures, pressure, nozzle diameters, and even chemicals. There are different pressure washing chemicals and they depend on how you will use them. 

There is no danger in washing your sidewalks with basic soap and water. You can still produce fantastic outcomes. But they are not ideal for pressure washing other surfaces like your car since they damage the paint. 

For the greatest results, choose a cleaning solution created for the item you intend to wash. These alternatives are available at your local home improvement store. 

You can also get them from retail places like Walmart. You can use eco-friendly cleaning products for your environmental concerns. If you still feel you lack the knowledge in this area, you should contact a pressure washing company.

3. Distinction Between Power and Pressure Washing

Many people use power wash and pressure wash to refer to the same thing. But, are they the same thing? Both terms may be identical, but a power washer heats the spray of water before it strikes any surface.

That’s why if you want to clean wood, soft stone, masonry, or painted surfaces, a pressure wash is preferable. Power cleaning these surfaces will destroy them. Before going for a power wash, contact a pressure washing professional for advice. Or, better yet, avail of their pressure washing services since they know best when it comes to this.

4. Patio Plants and Other Ornaments

Do you have any plants or flowers near the area where you intend to pressure wash? Before you start washing, take the initiative of covering these with anything. Don’t forget to move your external decor, non-metal items, and other items out of the way.

Pressure washers exert a forceful spray of water that can damage these items. It’s best to move them to a safe place or store them in your shed before you pressure wash the place.

5. Your Protection, as well as the Safety of Others

If you intend to pressure wash your home, you need to take necessary precautions. This includes purchasing heavy-duty protective gear, cleaning boots, and noise-canceling headphones. The tremendous surge of the water can send particles of dirt, pebbles, paint, and other materials flying in the air. It is best to wear safety eyewear to prevent harming your eyes or face.

It is also important to take into account the safety of others on your property. Make a plan ahead of time to keep your kids away from harm like plugs, electrical panels, and wood splinters.

6. Things You Should and Should Not Pressure Wash

You can not pressure wash or power wash every room in your house. Pressure washing any household item can cause harm. There are a few surfaces that you should not wash, including:

  • Laminar sandstone
  • Painted objects 
  • Asphalt roofs

7. Size of the Space 

Check the size of the location before pressure washing and window cleaning. Assess the size of the area that needs cleaning. Aside from that, you should also consider the nature of the surface you’re cleaning. Heated water pressure washing is the best for large surfaces since it provides thorough deep cleaning. 

8. Distinction Between Residential and Commercial Washing

Many individuals are still unaware of the distinction between residential and commercial power washing methods. When you employ a pressure cleaning professional, you won’t have to empty your wallet. Always select someone who has been trained and can provide a long-term option.

9. Required Nozzle Size

There are many varieties of pressure-washer nozzles, each performing in different settings. Some are thin and rotatable. Others are broader and more movable. But if you use the improper nozzle, pressure washing can take considerably longer than normal.

10. The Cost

Most property owners who do pressure washing on their own believe it is a low-cost task. They think that it’s as easy as taking a yard hose and working on pressure washing and window cleaning. As appealing as it may seem, it will not give you the results you want.

To make the most out of house pressure washing, you’ll have to invest in reputable pressure washing tools. Hiring a pressure washing company to conduct pressure washing may appear to be more expensive in the long run. But, it is less expensive than replacing items you may have damaged while doing it on your own.

The Bottom Line

Everyone wants a brand new, clean home. The time has come to tackle your next pressure washing task. With a small patio, a large driveway, or a roof, you’ll be able to address the need for pressure washing. Just make sure to keep these considerations in mind to prevent any accidents. 

At the end of the day, pressure washing is relatively safe, if done right. Pressure washing can give you the house that you have always wanted. But, there is more to pressure washing than just pushing a button and turning the hose on. The good news is that a little bit of planning goes a long way.

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