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10 Things to Consider When Hiring a Mobile App Developer

There are some important things to consider when choosing a mobile app developer, which is why you want to be absolutely sure that you’re hiring the right one. With so many developers out there, how do you know if the company you’re looking at will be able to provide what you need? How can you ensure they have the experience and resources needed to complete your project on time and within budget? Follow this guide of ten important questions to ask when hire app developer and you’ll be well on your way to choosing the right one.

1) What Types of Apps Do You Want to be Developed?

There are many different types of apps that you can develop for your business. You should determine what type of app will work best for your company and what function it should serve. For example, if you run an e-commerce website, then you may want an app that allows users to purchase items through their smartphones. If you run a large corporation with several locations, then having an app where users can find directions and store locations would be beneficial.

Try and come up with three to five different kinds of apps that your company could benefit from on an ongoing basis. Next, decide whether or not you’d like those apps developed right away or whether they’re more suited as a long-term goal. Be sure to factor in costs when deciding how soon is best.

2) What is Your Budget?

Finding an app developer for hire is about finding someone who fits within your budget, so first, figure out what that budget is. Estimate how much you’re willing and able to spend on development and factor in variables like whether you want to design your own app or hire someone else to do it. The cost of hiring an app developer will vary depending on project size, platform (iOS versus Android), skill level, and other factors. Factor in additional costs, such as those for hosting services and marketing tools like push notifications.

3) Who Will Be the Project Manager?

A lot of people assume that hiring an app developer means that you’ll be working with one person from start to finish. But chances are, there will be multiple team members involved in your project. If you want things done correctly and professionally, who you choose as your project manager is essential for keeping everyone on task and helping them accomplish what they need to so that your app can launch on time and within budget. Ideally, whoever is running point will know both mobile development technology and business strategy. Getting that double whammy right makes all the difference when it comes time for launch day.

4) What Type of Programming Language Do You Want?

There are dozens of programming languages, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. If you’re looking for an app developer who knows how to write server-side code in Java or PHP, you’ll want someone who specializes in those technologies. But if you need your app written for iOS and Android, using Objective C or Swift, then it doesn’t matter if your developer is great at writing database code; that’s not what you’re hiring them for. This can be a tough decision since there are so many factors to consider and no one is a master of everything. The key here is knowing exactly what you need to be done before talking about money—or else things will get too complicated for both parties.

5) Will Your App Require Maintenance?

One of the most overlooked parts of launching a mobile app is what you do once it’s out in the world. While many developers will offer some level of support and updates, you’ll still need to monitor your own app and make sure that whatever issues your users are experiencing, they can be addressed quickly and effectively. If you’re just looking for someone to build an app for you, think about if it needs updating after launch or if there will be other aspects that might require your expertise even further down the line (and whether or not whoever is building it will also be able to provide these services). If there’s any doubt, make sure that whoever ends up working on your project has experience with maintenance.

6) How Much Time Are You Willing to Put into This Project?

Before you even decide to hire someone, make sure you have realistic expectations of how much time and effort you’re willing (and able) to put into your project. It takes two—at least—to tango, so be honest with yourself about how much attention and energy you can dedicate to it. Sure, an app can make your life easier or more efficient; but that also means that it can take up some of your already limited personal time if you don’t plan accordingly. Make sure that what you want out of your app is worth how much work it will actually take.

7) What Kind of Experience Does Your Team Have?

Not all app developers are create equal. Asking for references is always a good idea and can reveal valuable information about what kind of work your potential partner has done in the past, as well as how they work with clients. Just don’t stop there: it’s also important to ask how many apps each reference developed and over what period of time, as these numbers provide insight into whether or not they have enough experience under their belt to handle your app project.  While you’re at it, make sure you know exactly who you would be working with—don’t let someone quote an attractive rate without considering everything that goes into designing and developing mobile applications.

Having a strong grasp on any additional costs involved will ensure that any quotes you receive are fair (and realistic). That said, consider outsourcing development if possible (even if just part of your overall plan), as building an application requires significant specialized knowledge and resources. The second point we want to stress here is transparency: communication is incredibly important throughout any professional relationship, so make sure you’re clear on exactly what will be expect from both parties before entering into any contract.

8) Can I Test Out the App Before It’s Built?

A mobile app is useless if you can’t actually test it. Be sure your developer has a dedicated testing platform where you can see demos of potential apps as they come together. This will also help with communication—you’ll be able to quickly identify any areas of confusion that might cause delays down the road. While it might seem like an unnecessary step, getting everything in writing upfront will save you headaches later on, especially when it comes time for revisions and updates.

9) Is there Security in Place for Data Protection?

An app is only as safe as its developer. In other words, if you’re hiring an app developer with no prior experience, you’re at risk of losing your data—in addition to spending money on an incomplete product. Look for someone who takes data protection seriously and can help make sure your information is safeguard.

10) How Big Should My Company Get Before Considering an App Developer?

This is a great question! There are many resources out there that claim you can build your app by yourself, but we believe it’s always best to leave no stones unturned and ensure that your company has all of its bases covered before launching. If you’re looking for an answer, here are ten things to consider before hiring an app developer. Let us know if you have any other questions about our mobile app development company!


If you’re looking for an app developer, don’t hire them lightly. Take time in your decision, but don’t drag it out so long that you have to go back and re-hire people. There are certain questions and factors that should be central in your decision about who will make your application. The same goes for if you are hiring a mobile app development team or a single freelance developer.

These 10 tips can help guide you through what you need from an app developer, making it easier for you as a client and also ensuring your project is deliver on time and within budget.

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