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10 Tips for Building a High-Quality Deck 

10 Tips for Building a High-Quality Deck 

Building a deck to expand living space is a great American tradition. To build the best deck that lasts the longest, you should focus on several aspects of design, construction, budget, lifestyle, and materials. Constructing a deck can take a week or a month, depending on the project’s size and complexity. 

 Use the tips below to understand what you need to build a high-quality deck and avoid problems, so the deck-building process continues smoothly and efficiently. 

  1. Getting building permits and setbacks 

Any outdoor living space attached to the main house or even a free-standing structure needs a building permit before the construction. No matter where you live, building codes are always a pain to deal with. From numerous inspections to sky-high permit fees, the bureaucratic process of the city- or county-ordained home construction can be infuriating at times. To avoid all these troubles, get a plan from an architect or structural engineer. 

There are a lot of government agencies involved as well as local planning boards who review your plans and evaluate them for building safety as well as integrity. 

Your buildings plans should meet local setbacks requirements. A setback is a distance between your house’s front and rear wall and a property line. Some setbacks are enforced if you plan to build on an existing structure. After getting a permit, you can build an outdoor deck. 

  1. Inspections 

A local building inspector will visit 2 or 3 times during the construction project to ensure its safety and compliance with local codes. All of the local building inspectors are knowledgeable and skilled, and they give you suggestions to complete the deck building project timely and efficiently. 

  1. Utilities 

The first step is to make sure you notify all the utility companies that access your home. This includes gas, electric, and cable companies. You can ensure this is done by calling each one individually and establishing an appointment for them to come out to confirm there are no leaks from work completed. Most companies provide this carpentry service for a free or minimal fee. 

  1. Site preparation 

After the paperwork is done, you are good to start your project. Building a good quality deck requires careful planning and preparation of the underlying site. Good preparation is important if you want your deck to be strong and sturdy. So here are some tips for preparing your site for deck building. It’s important to have a solid, level foundation to remove all the obstructions such as shrubs, small trees, and herbs not included in the design. To avoid unwanted vegetation, cover the area with landscaping fabric. Once everything is laid out, you’ll be able to avoid costly mistakes. 

  1. Deck Foundation work 

The quality of your deck frame is an important part of the overall structural integrity of the project. Build your deck according to your region’s climate. If you live in a colder area, it is advised to build a deck 4-5 feet above the base level. You need to keep some additional safety tips in mind because a deck above ground level requires a railing and a space between the vertical and horizontal components. 

The construction of a deck should proceed systematically. The infrastructure is normally attached with metal connectors that hold the deck safely and provide strength at the joints. The deck is laid over the supports and fastened with screws or nails. Stairs, railings, or auxiliary structures such as overhead are added, and protective stains, sealers, or paint to finish the project. 

  1. Decking material and tools 

An essential step in deck building is choosing the deck material. Natural deck material includes composite, PVC, tropical hardwoods, cedars, thermally insulated woods, and deck stains. It is necessary to evaluate your material selection as it plays a major role in deck longevity, aesthetics, and maintenance cost. Make sure the material you choose can support enough weight. Following are the tools that you need to collect for building a deck:

  • Hammer Drill 
  • Masonry Bit 
  • Drill ½ inch 
  • Drill bit 3/8 inch 
  • Ratchet wrench and sockets 
  • Circular saw 
  • Level 
  • Router
  • Impact wrench 
  • Concrete mixer 
  • Chalk Line 
  • Shovel 
  • Tape measure 
  • Utility knife 
  1. Inaugurating your wants and needs 

Most people want to build their dream deck. We suggest you draw your imagination on paper. Don’t be afraid to think big and bold. Visualize all the outdoor verandas, terraces, and fences. It will be worthwhile to blend all of them into a final product. Recognizing your desires and needs will express your design intentions. Then ask a professional architect to help you get your desired deck design. 

  1. Decking choice 

Selecting the right type of deck for your design is an important decision to make. Some people prefer cedar’s feel and look, while others are fans of low-maintenance materials that offer a wide variety of colors and textures. Choose a deck that increases the aesthetic appeal of your home and lasts for a longer time. 

  1. Finishing the job with a protective sealer, stain, or paint 

The right finish gives each deck its individuality. Let the style of your house and the furniture you choose influence the look of fixtures you add to your deck. 

  1. Durability strategies for a longer life span of the deck 

To make your deck last longer, clean it regularly and stain it every other year. There are some other inexpensive ways to extend the life span of your deck. No matter how hard you try to maintain your deck, it will eventually need new wood, but if you follow these simple tips, you can avoid heavy replacement for many years. 

  1. Build better stairs 

The primary part of the deck building is the stairs. Accuracy is essential for building stairs, and it will involve using some mathematics. Use a solid stringer to give stairs or railing a very nice finished look and strength. Make sure that there are no rotted boards on the stairs. 

       2- Joint a deck 

Use a faster and efficient method to place the deck. Deck seam is the small gap between two boards in a deck floor system. This is caused by the wood swelling and contracting. There should not be a gap any larger than a couple of millimeters as it will let water and weeds in where they could cause rot. This type of seaming is faster and will look more polished and planned. 

3- Sett together a layout frame 

Make your deck layout with strings and batter boards. Level the layout strings. Adjust the strings for a square layout. Determine the height of the deck. 

4- Get over lag screws 

Construction screws are stronger than lags. So use screws for constructing the deck. 

5- Invest in fasteners 

Trying to save money with low-quality screws is the biggest mistake you make while constructing a deck. Extend the life of your deck with stainless steel or coated screws that will resist corrosion. 

6- Choose your decks wood carefully 

The deck is an integral part of your home, providing great outdoor space for relaxation and entertainment and supporting the entire structure of the house. Choosing the right kind of wood and preparing it correctly will ensure your deck will last for years to come.

To wrap up 

Building a deck patio covers adds a lot of value to any property. It can also help maintain the value of your home and increase the overall livability. A deck is often one fof the most popular additions people add when they build their homes, and they can provide space for enjoying some quality time outside. Using the steps you have learned, you can build a high-quality deck for your home. But if you think you are not skilled enough to do it yourself, you can always ask for a professional deck building company to do it for you. 

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