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10 Tips To Hire Authentic Assignment Writers Online

Assignment writing services come as a boon for every student struggling to cope with unbearable academic pressure. But, caution is a must.

Advancements in Information & Communication Technology, the proliferation of electronic devices and the rising affordability & availability of the Internet have led to a massive boom in the online academic industry. And, as expected, numerous dishonest and malicious individuals have reared their ugly heads intending to lure unsuspecting pupils & scam them out of their money.

Finding a genuine academic writing service with credible credentials is a must if a student can avail proper educational assistance worth every penny.

With that in mind, here are 10 tips to hire genuine assignment writers from online assignment writing services.

  1. Pore Through Online Reviews

Customer reviews are an excellent way to judge the authenticity and quality of a product or a service. It’s the same in the case of assignment writing services too.

  • Visit a particular service and go through the on-site reviews & testimonials. Check them in details and try to ascertain whether the things stated in them are genuine or not.


  • If on-site & syndicated reviews seem shady to you, there are numerous site review aggregator on the web. Sitejabber, Trustpilot, Top Assignment Reviews are some of the most trustable places to determine the quality of an online writing service. Go through user reviews and read expert verdicts before shortlisting any service.

Be wary of fake negative and positive reviews. If something seems too good to be true, or if anything seems off, then scrutinize every review closely.

  1. Go Through Online Samples

Assignment writing services that offer real sample solutions for visitors to pore through are often more credible than those that don’t.  It is an indication that they are forthcoming about the things they offer and more than ready to give a glimpse of the quality of their services.

  • Prioritize a service that gives you the option to go through their solutions. And also, make sure to go through the solutions minutely, noting the quality, writing style, syntax and accuracy of information.
  • Tally your requirements with what your find in the solution samples. Enquire about the authenticity of the solutions with the customer support service. Ask them about writers and their qualification and every vital aspect of your assignments.

Compare sample solutions from different assignment writing services and decide the best one for yourself.

  1. Discuss Everything With The Customer Support Service

The customer support service is the primary and probably the only line of contact with an assignment writing service. Please note their behaviour, manner of interaction, and the nature of the information they share with you.

  • Enquire about every feature of the assignment writing service with its customer support representative. For rates & discounts to delivery, rework and refund, ask them about anything and everything.

Keep a record of the discussion for future reference.


  • Talk in details about your assignment requirements with the service’s representatives. Tell them about every particular aspect of your assignment and make sure that they have understood everything correctly.


  • Ask for proof of writer qualifications if possible. The likelihood of the service providing it is low but do ask it, as it’s your money & academic reputation that’s at stake.


  • Demand frequent updates via multiple sources if the company does not allow a direct line of communication with its writers. Ask for plagiarism reports of the solutions they will deliver and tell them to give them for free.

Remember to ask the customer support representatives of service about alternative communication channels in case of any emergency.

  1. Ensure That Their Style Matches Yours

Whether by going through sample solutions or discussing with the customer support representatives, make sure to determine that a writing service can deliver solutions matching your writing style.

The services may ask for references and samples from your end to understand your writing style. So give them what they need to help them out. But remember to tell them that you will be asking for rework if the solution is not up to your liking. It might cost you, as nothing comes for free in this harsh world.

A few quality services out there offer a direct line of communication with their writers.  Though they might be a bit heavy on the pocket, try to avail their services to be very beneficial.

  1. A Direct Line of Communication Is A Huge Benefit

Any assignment writing service offering a direct line of communication should be a priority over those that do not. Allowing clients to talk with their writers is a sure-shot sign of authenticity and a sure-fire signs of top-notch quality.

Typically, academic writing services do not allow customers to contact their writers beforehand. Therefore, once you avail of such a service, stay in touch with the writer designated to you and get updates about the writing process as often as possible.

Source: www.javassignmenthelp.com

  1. Ensure Clear Cut Revision & Rework Policies

Most services do not offer things reworks and revisions for free. Nevertheless, always make sure to ascertain a company’s correction & rework policy. It is quite natural for students to ask for reworks as requirements can change, and writers may not deliver a perfect solution on the first attempt.

It is a student’s right to ask for a rework if they deem it necessary. However, when you are paying for the services, you deserve a good return. So while multiple reworks won’t come for free, make sure to ask the service about the price rates.

And there are even some services that do not entertain more than one rework; be wary of those unhelpful entities.

  1. Check Payment and Refund Policies

Do a thorough check of the payment methods that the company uses. Ensure that everything is above the board and all payment channels are credible enough. Enquire with the customer support representatives and do some online research about the payment processes available.

Also, go through the refund policies in details. For example, very few services offer a full refund if their solutions do not get the grades they claimed they would. Quite a few, however, return a particular percentage in case of dismal grades. But, then, some do not offer any refund but will give you free reworks.

Read the policies carefully and choose wisely.

  1. Avoid Cheap Services

It is best to avoid services that claim to offer exceptional services at the lowest prices. Those are the ones that end up delivering below par or plagiarized solutions and scam you out of your money.

Be ready to shell out a good amount of cash if you want a perfect, readymade solution delivered right in your inbox as per your requirements and within the submission deadline.

  1. Do Not Fall For Tall Claims or Attractive Perks

Except for great discounts, full refunds and free reworks, no other perk matters in the truest sense. At the same time, do not get fooled by claims of ‘free services, ‘perfect delivery’ or ‘top quality at bare minimum prices’  Scammers and worthless services tend to use such tall claims to lure in the unsuspecting.

Do thorough research before selecting any service whenever you venture to seek online assignment help usa.

  1. Choose One That Offers Genuine Facilities

An assignment writing company that offers free academic tools & utilities, publishes well-written blogs and offers sample solutions are usually a good choice. Nevertheless, please do not make it an essential criterion for selecting a service and do thorough research before making your decision.

That concludes this write-up. Here’s hoping these ten tips to hire assignment writers helps every student in need of some urgent academic writing assistance.

Author-Bio: Neville Osborne is a professional academic writer and offers quality online assignment help to struggling students at MyAssignmenthelp.com, the only online math homework help in the USA with PhD. qualified writers.

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