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10 Travel Essentials that You Must Not Miss When Packing

Travel Essentials

Travel Essentials: As they say, to travel is to live – travelling is an experience that you cherish forever. The memories of your travel stay with you always, but your excitement before the trip is equally cherishable. The time you spend deciding the destination, booking tickets for stay and commute, shopping for new clothes and other essentials is a fun and worthwhile.

While everything is sorted, one thing that continues to remain unfinished till the last moment is packing. Many find packing bags before the trip an exciting experience, while some struggle hard to pack their bags. Though you would have tried to get everything in place from new clothes, camera, sunglasses to first-aid, the travel essential list goes on! One of the most simple but effective Traveling Hacks there is. Rather than folding your clothes, roll them up into a little tube.

You simply cannot do on a trip without some crucial travel essentials, no matter which place you go – even though the travel necessities list depends on the destination. Since packing could be a little overwhelming in terms of what to take and what not to take, here’s a list of trip essentials that you must consider taking along with you.

10 Travel Essentials You Need to Pack in Your Bag! 

  • Pre-decided Set of Outfits
  • Portable Charger and Charging Cable
  • Toiletries
  • Face Masks & Hand Sanitizer
  • Face Shield Gel
  • First-Aid Kit & Medicines
  • Skincare Products
  • Travel Wallet
  • Air Freshener
  • Neck Pillow

Pre-decided Set of Outfits

While shopping, make sure you buy clothes that go according to the season. If you’re going to a hill station or cold place, you need to pack cardigans, sweaters, sweatshirts, boots and gloves. For summer outings like beach places, you should take lightweight fabric-based comfortable clothes. For saving time, you can also consider deciding which outfit you will wear on which day in advance. Put some clothes in your check-in baggage if any unexpected situation arises. Lastly, carry some extra pair of clothes for the trip to stay on a safer side.

Portable Charger and Charging Cable

Undoubtedly, your travel essential checklist cannot be considered complete without a portable charger and charging cable. No one wants to experience the nightmare of having a dipping phone battery and no charger, and a charging cord on a trip. With every piece of information, be it work-related or travel documents being stored on the phone, surviving the trip becomes almost next to impossible without a portable charger and cable. Plus, how will you click pictures with a dead phone. So, make sure you don’t forget the charging cable, charger and an extra portable charger.


Some of the toiletries you should not miss taking along are toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, hair comb, hair ties, shampoo and conditioner, natural deodorant, makeup items, personal hygiene products, sunglasses and more. You need to keep a set of some much-needed toiletries in your handbag to ensure having the essentials with you on the flight. However, make sure you read the rules related to what you can pack in your carry-bag when flying, so things don’t mess up at the time of check-in. Toiletries is a travel essential in the true sense since survival without them becomes tough.

Face Masks & Hand Sanitizer

Given the present situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, wearing a face mask in public has been a compulsion, no matter where you go. Get some face masks that you’re comfortable wearing since you will need to wear them for a long time. Moreover, with these face masks, do not forget to carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you. Since travelling involves coming in contact with a lot of people and touching surfaces already touched by many, a hand sanitizer will be a good trip essential to bring for ensuring you stay protected from viruses.

Face Shield Gel

The face gets most exposed to outer surroundings, which harbours millions of germs, viruses and bacteria. You don’t know what would the situation be like at the place you’re travelling to, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Make sure you take Facitize, a moisturizing face shield gel made using essential oils, no alcohol and prepared to protect from 99.9% of germs, viruses and bacteria for up to 6 hours. Every time you step outside to go to a cafe or sightseeing, apply it to your face before wearing a mask.

First-Aid Kit & Medicines

Safety over anything, you don’t know what can hinder your travel – a headache, fever, cold or an injury you got when hiking. So, it is highly important to ensure packing first-aid kits and medicines in the bag. A handy first-aid kit includes everything you need in case of an emergency, so don’t forgot one when travelling. With some over-the-counter medicines, do not forget to keep prescription medicines if you need to take any. You may or may not be able to find the exact medicine at the place you’re travelling, so make sure you put your medicines before anything else.

Skincare Products

Even if you’re travelling, not maintaining a skincare routine is a big no-no. In fact, maintaining a skincare routine is a must while travelling to avoid breakouts or dryness because of climate change. So, skincare products are a significant part of your travel necessities checklist. Keeping sunscreen, moisturizer, and a lip balm are some of the most important accessories you need to pack. Besides that, ensure taking a night-time moisturizer, face wash, body wash etc., along. You can use zippers or travel bottles to ensure skincare products do not occupy much space.

Travel Wallet 

To secure a mess-free trip, you need to stay organized. By keeping things organized, you will be away from the chaos and, you will find stuff as and when required. You can make your life easier while travelling with a travel wallet. A travel wallet is the best travel essential to store important trip documents, your identity proof, credit card, debit card, cash, keys, hotel cards, currency and other such things. By using a travel wallet, you can keep all the essential and handy stuff near you. In case you are travelling by flight, get yourself a passport holder to keep your passport carefully.

Air Freshener

For staying safe and healthy while travelling, the quality of air matters the most. You don’t know the air you are breathing in your hotel room is how much contaminated, so making someplace for an air freshener in your trip essentials list is a necessity. An air freshener that cleans the air and freshens the surroundings should be preferred. If you don’t know a good air freshener brand, consider using RxSAFE Ambitize, an air freshener that purifies, freshens and sanitizes the air. Ambitize fills the room with a pleasant fragrance and is NABL Lab certified to kill germs, viruses & bacteria.

Neck Pillow

You don’t wish to sleep uncomfortably or end up with neck pain while travelling, right? So, that being the case, take a neck pillow for ensuring comfort when sleeping in a flight, train or car. A neck pillow is lightweight, and you can hang it to your bag’s chain, so carrying it becomes easy, and you don’t have to make some space for it in your carry-bag or luggage bag. If you are not planning to consider a neck pillow in your trip essential list, think about your comfort and get one today itself.

There you’ve it!

Don’t forget to take these 10 travel essentials with you on your next trip. Besides these travel essentials, take a small water bottle, iPad or tablet, socks, extra pair of shoes/slippers etc., on the trip.

Happy packing!

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