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12 Side hustles, gigs, and jobs you can do from home

Working from home is a wonderful option. Remote work is a great alternative to long commutes to boring offices, where you are stuck Monday through Friday.

It’s possible to work from home, and I have 50 examples. This list will help you if you’re looking to make your dream a reality and don’t know where you should start. It’s possible, I promise. Twitter.

Rising trend

Gallup polls show that telecommuting (working from home) is increasing in popularity. More than a third of Americans telecommuted in at least part of 2015. This trend is understandable. We live in an age where information, resources, and communication are unlimited and mobile, and these systems have become increasingly sophisticated.

Common paths

How can an average worker, such as you? You can make a living at home and still earn a living. These are 50 ways to make a living at home.

It is appealing to work from home

Traditional bosses may think working from home is a way to do nothing and goof off, but most people have solid motivations. They are able to work from home without interruptions or distractions, avoid the long commute and wear comfortable clothes, be close to their families, and have greater control. It has been proven that working from home is more productive.

However, it is not a perfect way to work from home. No matter what your choice, you’ll still need to work hard and navigate many unique challenges. So make sure to choose the best path forward.

Change your job

The simplest option is the first. Instead of searching for a job, transform what you have. Most white-collar jobs can now be done remotely. Do you spend most of the day on a computer with software that is available online? You don’t have to be at home to take on these responsibilities.

Even if your industry is more conservative or traditional, the right pitch can convince your boss that you should be moving to remote work. Global Workplace Analytics reports that even non-profit and government sectors are increasingly looking for work-from-home opportunities.

Opt for a hybrid option

Perhaps your boss requires you to be in the office for a weekly conference call or as an extra face at client meetings. You might consider a hybrid model where you work remotely two to three days per week and then go into the office the rest of the time. Although this may not be the ideal arrangement, it is better than having to commute all week. If you can do a decent job on the few days you work from home, it will be a strong indicator that a remote model is possible.

Write content for others

The golden age of content marketing is here, which means that the world is hungry to consume more content. This trend is only possible if you are good at writing. There is a huge demand for original content marketing material. Companies often need to have articles written frequently, sometimes even daily. Reach out to content marketing firms that employ many writers, and who are always seeking more talent. Find writing jobs on

Edit, audit, or review

You could make a living reviewing other people’s work, depending on your experience and skills. You could be an editor, which means you read and improve articles, or you could supervise the work of others in your industry by reviewing audio or photos. It’s possible to work from home as long as the content you are reviewing is digital. London-post.

Play video games

That’s right. You can make a career of playing video games, provided you are skilled enough and interesting enough. Twitch Gaming and Youtube Gaming allow gamers to live-stream their gaming experiences. Believe it or not, thousands sign up to view those streams and videos.

You could be a skilled gamer or find other, more unique ways to draw people. This would allow you to build a brand, an audience, and generate revenue through the sites. You can make money via tips, ad revenue and Patreon. Brittney Brombacher (gamer) and Greg Miller (gamer) are two excellent examples of people who have created a brand in video games and are now monetizing it through these methods.

Make a blog

A blog is one of the best ways you can build and sustain a revenue stream. You could write about anything. It doesn’t matter how you build an audience over time.

You can make a lot of money if you attract just a few thousand visitors per month.

Write ebooks

You might consider creating ebooks on the subject you are interested in if you love the idea of writing your content but have trouble blogging. Ebooks are longer versions of articles. They often include illustrated examples and tips for achieving something. If you have a large audience, you can charge only a few dollars per downloaded and make a significant, recurring profit.

Review your product

Reviewing may be a good way to work remotely if you are willing to express your opinion and can communicate clearly and in a way that benefits others.

There are many options: You could review music albums and movies if you are interested in media and pop culture. You could also review the newest board and video games.  Can also review local businesses and almost any product. You just need to create an audience.

Social media marketers:

You don’t need to be physically present in order to log into social media or make a post. This makes it almost perfect for a job that can be done from anywhere. Although social media marketing requires more than “just playing around on Facebook all day”, the fundamentals of it don’t require any special skills. While you will need to have some experience in order to be successful, it is a niche that can be learned quickly.

It’s a smart idea to get some experience before you apply for formal jobs.

Becoming an SEO consultant

Search engine optimization (SEO), like social media marketing, is an entirely digital marketing strategy. It’s also very accessible, even for beginners. Although you won’t be able to do complex troubleshooting or pull competitive strategies in the first few months of your journey, all the information you need is at your disposal to help you succeed. If you are stuck or need help from someone more skilled, you can subcontract to them.

Be a PPC consultant

Next, you might run pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns. Clients will pay for the ad placement cost and a management fee. This is used to plan, organize, track, and report on each ad campaign’s results. To appeal to a larger audience, you can choose to specialize on one platform or to learn about multiple platforms. Google and other platforms offer certification programs that you can use to show your credentials. Although there is a learning curve, once you are comfortable with the process, it will be second nature.

Be a graphic designer

You can create graphics for businesses and individuals if you are skill in design. This can be done in many different ways. You can work as a freelance graphic designer, or as a full-time graphic artist for multiple clients. You could also use a matchmaking website like 99 Designs to find work piece-by-piece. It can be difficult to learn design skills by yourself so invest in your education.

Make videos or take pictures for others

Depending on their experience and skill, freelance photographers can earn a significant income. You will need to leave your home occasionally to take photographs. There are many websites that can help you learn the basics of photography. You could also create videos for businesses using the same application. To do this, create an explanation video to explain your brand.

Start a video series

Videos aren’t only for the wealthy. You can also start a blog to make money, or create your own YouTube channel and earn money. This is where the key is to identify a niche that isn’t being occupied and then inform or entertain a targeted audience (preferably both).

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