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12 Tips For a Stress-Free Move

There are a lot of things to do when moving homes, from packing all your belongings to ensuring your new home is ready for your arrival. To make this process smooth it is important to set aside time to plan your tasks. Here are 12 useful tips to help you move into your new home without too much hassle:

Start De-Cluttering

Once you decide to move, begin the process of de-cluttering. Sell or donate furniture, home decor, clothes and kitchen appliances you no longer need. Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree are easy-to-use platforms to sell your items. 

Cancel or Transfer Subscriptions

Talk to your provider about canceling or transferring your cable or electricity plans. 

Find Suitable Utility Plans

Moving is an ideal time to shop around and find better-suited utility plans for your home. You can compare electricity plans available in your neighborhood to find a more competitively-priced plan. 

Save Boxes & Packaging

Instead of throwing away boxes and packaging, you have received from online orders or your last move, keep them. This will save you from having to purchase moving and packing supplies. 

Pack Up Non-Essential Items

Start packing as soon as possible and pack non-essential items first. This could include items in your guest room or your spare closet.

Change Delivery Address

Make sure to put in your new address when ordering furniture or other items for your home. This will save you from having to move them from one home to the other. Re-direct your mail to your updated address. 

  • Prepare an Inventory

Prepare an inventory so that you can easily unpack your items and assess whether there are boxes missing.

1. Labeling is Important

In addition to preparing an inventory, label all your boxes. This will make unpacking convenient. 

2. Pack an Overnight Bag

Pack an overnight bag so that you have your essential items on you for moving day. Pack a bag with toiletries, cards, keys, blankets, snacks, and any other essentials. 

3. Hire a Cleaning Service

You might be required by your landlord to clean the apartment before leaving. If you’re short on time, consider hiring a cleaning service to clean your old home.

4. Lock-Up Properly

Once you have moved your items from your old home, make sure to shut all the windows and doors. Lock up properly and hand over the keys to the landlord. 

5. Inspect Property

If you are moving into a rental home, remember to inspect the property for signs of damage. If any appear, document them and inform your landlord.

Organizing your move can save you time, money, and frustration. Implement these tips for a smooth moving experience. 

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