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13 Habits of Highly Likable People

13 Habits of Highly Likable People. Many people fall for the false belief that being likable is a result of natural, unteachable characteristics that are only available to a select few: the well-educated, socially conscious, and the extremely talented. This misconception is easy to fall for. It’s possible to be likable, but it is not within your control. It’s all about emotional intelligence (EQ).

UCLA researchers conducted a study that measured the likeability of over 500 adjectives. Top-rated adjectives did not include being intelligent, gregarious or attractive (innate traits). The top adjectives were honesty, transparency, understanding, and the ability to understand (another person).

These and other adjectives describe people who have a high level of social intelligence. TalentSmart data from over a million people shows people with these skills are not only highly likable but also outperform others by a wide margin.

We did some research to discover the most likable behaviors of emotionally intelligent people. These are 13 of our favorites:

They ask questions

Listening is a big mistake. People get so caught up in what they want to say next, or how the other person’s words will affect them, that they lose sight of what is being said. Although the words are clear and loud, the meaning is often lost.

Asking lots of questions is a great way to avoid this. People love to hear that you are listening. Even a simple clarification question can show that you not only listen but also care about their thoughts. Asking questions will bring you a lot of respect and appreciation.

They put their phones down

A quick glance at your phone or a text message mid-conversation can turn off someone. Focus all your energy

and attention on the conversation when you are committed to having a conversation. Conversations will be more enjoyable and productive if you are fully immersed in them.

They are authentic

To be likable, you must be honest and genuine. Fake people are not liked. Because they trust others, people gravitate towards genuine people. If you don’t know anything about someone, it is hard to love them.

People who are likeable know who they really are. They feel confident enough to be themselves. You will be a lot more interesting if you focus on what makes you happy and what drives you as an individual than if your goal is to make people like you.

They don’t pass the Judgment

You must be open-minded if you want to be liked. Open-mindedness makes you more approachable and interesting to other people. It is difficult to have a conversation if someone has formed an opinion already and isn’t willing to listen.

It is important to be open-minded in the workplace, where accessibility to new ideas and support means being approachable. You can see the world from other people’s perspectives and eliminate your preconceived notions. It doesn’t mean you have to agree with their beliefs or accept their actions. This simply means that you must stop passing judgment and take the time to understand what makes them tick. Only then will you allow them to be who they are.

They don’t seek attention

People will be less inclined to pay attention to people who want it. To be liked, you don’t have to be an extroverted person. To win people over, you just need to be friendly and kind. People will be more open to listening if you are friendly, confident, and clear than if your message is threatening. People quickly pick up on your attitude and will be more drawn to it than you know.

If you are being paid attention to, like when you are being recognized for a accomplishment, you should shift your focus to the people who helped you get there. Although it may sound cliché, if you are genuine about this, you will be able to show appreciation and humility to those around you. These two adjectives are closely linked to likeability.

They are consistent

You are more dislikeable than being all over the place. bloomberg. People want to know who they are dealing with when they approach them. You must be consistent and reliable. Your mood should not affect your ability to treat others.

They use positive body language

People will be drawn to you by being aware of how your body language, gestures, and voice sound (and making sure they are positive), like ants to a picnic. To draw people in, high-EQ people use positive body language to attract others. This includes using an enthusiastic tone, not crossing your arms, keeping eye contact with the speaker, and leaning towards them. Positive body language can make a difference in a conversation.

It is true that what you say can be as important as what you actually say.

They leave a strong first impression

Research has shown that most people make a decision about whether they like you in the first seven seconds after meeting you. The rest of the conversation is spent internalizing their initial reaction. Although this may sound scary, it is possible to take advantage of this knowledge to increase your likeability. Positive body language is a key factor in first impressions. Positive body language is key to making a first impression. This includes a strong posture, a firm handshake and smiling.

They greet people by their names

Your name is an integral part of your identity. It feels great when people use it. People who are kind and friendly make sure they call others by their names whenever they meet them. It is not a good idea to use the name of someone only when greeting him. According to research, people feel validated if the person they are speaking with calls them by their name.

You might be a great face-to-face person but struggle with names. Have some fun and make it a brain exercise to remember names. If you don’t remember her name right away, ask again when you meet them. If you want to be able to recall her name the next time you meet her, you will need to have her name on hand.

They smile

People mirror the body language of others unconsciously and naturally. Smile at people during conversations if you want them to like you. They will unconsciously reciprocate the favor and feel great.

They know when to open up

Avoid sharing your personal problems or confessions too soon, as you could be label a complainer. People who are open-minded and friendly will let the other person lead when it is time.

They know who to touch (and they touch them).

You release oxytocin when you touch someone in a conversation. This neurotransmitter makes your brain associate you as trustworthy and gives you a host of positive emotions. To release oxytocin, all you need is a simple touch on the shoulder or hug. To release oxytocin you must touch the right person at the right time. Unwanted or inappropriate touching can have the opposite effect. Remember that relationships are not built on words alone, but from our feelings about one another. It’s a great way of showing your love by touching someone.

They balance passion and fun

People are draw to those who are passionate. Passionate people are too serious or uninterest, as they get so absorb in their work. People who are likeable balance their passion with the ability for fun. They are both serious and friendly at work. wales247. They are socially efficient in short time periods and make the most of social occasions. They avoid gossip and small talk, and focus on meaningful interactions with coworkers. They can recall what you said to their coworkers yesterday or last week. This shows that they value you as much as their work.

All in One

People who are open to others’ opinions and like them are valuable and special. They are easy to network with, encourage harmony at work, and bring out the best of everyone. These skills will help you increase your likeability.


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