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14 Ideas to Design Small Terrace Garden in India

The garden is a place of rest and relaxation for people. For some, the garden provides an opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of their busy lives while others use it as a means of staying fit by doing yoga or running through its trails. You can make your small terrace garden attractive by using different plants with proper arrangements. There are various small terrace garden ideas which you can try to make your small space garden look appealing and inviting. These ideas will help you in making your garden beautiful and unique from other gardens around the world.

Here are some Ideas to Design Small Terrace Garden

1. Planting small trees on the terrace

Planting small trees perfectly fits into your small terrace garden ideas and makes it attractive. One of the good choices in this regard is the Silver Oak Tree with its silver-colored leaves. You can plant these trees in pots or directly in your terrace soil. The Silver Oak Tree requires moist soil and direct sunlight to grow faster. These trees are also known as Evergreen Oak Tree which looks very beautiful in the garden. Plant these small trees near your terrace or on the corners of your tiny garden for a natural look.

2. Using vertical gardens

Vertical gardens are another good choice to make your rooftop garden attractive. Vertical Gardens grow plants with their roots hanging downwards and their foliage growing sideways. These gardens look beautiful and provide a unique look to your terrace garden ideas. You can make use of metal or plastic containers for planting these plants. The soil used should be permeable as it will allow the water to drain off easily from the bottom. If you don’t want to hassle with using numerous pots, then Vertical Garden Wall is a good option. The wall looks very attractive and requires less maintenance. It provides a nice backdrop to your garden and can be used for climbing plants like tomatoes and cucumbers.

3. Planting flowers in pots

The idea of using flowerpots is another excellent way to beautify your small terrace garden. You can use colorful and vibrant outdoor flower vases to make your small garden look attractive. There are different types of flowerpots available in the market which you can choose according to your preferences. Besides using them as flower pots, plant flowers like Canna lily, Gloriosa Daisy, Dahlia and Hibiscus directly in these pots to enhance their beauty. You can also use these pots as a sitting area and place cushions inside them.

You can make use of colored glass pots or different types of jugs to grow plants. These plants can be grown in any corner of your terrace garden ideas and will add life to the place.

4. Growing vines

Vines are the best way to cover an ugly wall or fence in your small terrace garden ideas. Vines not only provide a greenish look but also hide the unattractive walls of your terrace house. You can plant these vines using metal or plastic containers as they grow faster and require less attention.

5. Planting shelves

You can make your small terrace garden look unique by placing different flowerpots on the shelves of your terrace garden. The best location to place these pots is the wall of your house where it gets full sunlight. You can also hang different types of pots in your garden and place small plants like thyme in them. This will not only add beauty to your small terrace garden ideas but will also provide a unique look.

6. Using green wall

Another idea to make your small terrace garden attractive is using Green Wall. These walls are covered with different types of plants which grow on a wall membrane. These walls not only provide a natural look but also absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen which helps in purifying the air. This is a great choice for your small terrace garden ideas as it requires less maintenance, provides privacy to your home and looks gorgeous.

7. Growing vegetable plants

If your small terrace garden ideas include planting vegetables or herbs, then always choose compact growing veggies to get the best results. Some of these plants are tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, cabbage and beans which grow fast and don’t require much space.

8. Growing strawberries in your garden

Strawberries are loved by kids because of their delicious taste. These plants require less space and grow very fast which make it an ideal choice for your small terrace garden. You can either choose strawberry plant or container-grown strawberries to grow in your terrace garden.

9. Growing herb plants near kitchen

If you want to make use of your small terrace garden for cooking purpose, then always choose herbs or veggies that are used in cooking. This will not only provide authentic flavors to your dishes but also saves time in the kitchen. Some of these herbs are Sage, Mint, Basil, Oregano, Coriander and Chives which are mostly required when cooking tasty dishes.

10. Creating an interesting sitting arrangement.  

You can keep the sitting arrangement of your terrace garden simple by placing a comfortable chair with footstools. Place a small table beside it to place your cup of tea. You can also make use of other interesting types of sitting arrangements like benches, swings and hammocks for this purpose.

11. Making attractive walkways

You can make your small terrace garden look beautiful by creating different types of walkways. You can use pebbles, gravel or mulch to create these walkways which will not only provide an interesting look but also enhance the beauty of your terrace garden.

12. You can keep a small garden pond with fish in it

You can make use of your small terrace garden ideas by keeping a garden pond with colorful fish in it which will add a natural look to the surrounding and also provide an interesting view for your guests. you must choose a location near your home where you get good sunlight as fish require sunlight.

13. Planting roses in your terrace garden ideas

Rose is a popular flower which requires less space and grows quickly that can turn your small terrace garden into a beautiful rose garden . You can plant rose bushes, climbers or climber plants to get different colors of roses which will not only provide an amazing view but also attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

14. Planting forest plants in your garden

If you want to make use of the space of your small terrace in an interesting manner, then always choose forest plants that don’t require much sunlight or maintenance. These plants are mostly evergreen and can survive even when there is no sunlight for many days. Some of these plants are pines, cedars, cypress and spruce.


The small terrace garden ideas we’ve shared today are perfect for the modern Indian home. They will help you create an oasis of serenity in your own backyard, with minimal effort and expense. Whether you’re looking to grow some strawberries or just want a little more green space in your life, these tips can be applied by anyone. Your creativity is all that matters when it comes to designing a personal space like this – we encourage you to use what’s available on-hand and try out new things.

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