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15 Maternity Clothes & Tips For Your Pregnancy Wardrobe

As the shape of your body changes, your ordinary clothes will begin to feel uncomfortable and look unflattering to you and your bump. For example, your regular tops may look tight in the stomach area while sagging on the shoulders, while if you wear skirts, they might look a great deal shorter.

The essence of looking good and feeling comfortable is to buy clothes which are maternity clothes. However, it is best to wait for some time before purchasing an entire wardrobe, as your size might increase more than anticipated by you. So, let’s take a look at the best maternity clothing essentials and tips for your growing baby bump!

Top Maternity Clothes You Must Have in Your Closet

Listed here are the staples every woman should have in her wardrobe during pregnancy:

#Combat Trousers and Maternity Jeans

Just because you are expecting, there’s no reason for you to stop dressing up in style. At the top of your maternity clothes list should be a pair of well-fitting, stretchable maternity jeans.

Here’s a handy tip – when shopping for maternity jeans, buy a style that suits your pre-pregnancy; that way, you’ll still feel like you! For a casual look, opt for a pair of combat-style trousers or joggers. The drawstring waists and broader ankle base are comfy and offer room for growth.

#The Classic Black Dress

For an evening spent with your friends, a classically styled black dress that has been made especially for pregnant women will be an unbeatable option. It is perfect and will make your figure seem even better while allowing you to attend formal functions with elegance and panache.

#Smart Professional Suits

Formal styled suits are a perfect way to accentuate your figure while still conforming to formal style even during pregnancy. Maternity clothes like white shirts, skirts, and trousers are easily accessible. At the same time, it is better to choose from light fabrics like cotton and sleeveless tops since you might tend to feel hot during pregnancy, and these will help you. If you want a complete professional-looking outfit, maternity tights are also a viable option.

#Layering with Twin Sets

In the wintertime, always wear warm clothes in layers since you might feel hot, and layering will allow you to take one off without affecting your ensemble look. A well-matched cardigan and sweater look great and are comfortable.

#Comfortably Styled Lingerie

The immense range of designs and styles in maternity lingerie makes it simple for you always to choose comfort. A new well-fitted maternity bra will make you feel much comfier and supported as the body changes. Before the baby is born or close to thirty-six weeks, you can purchase nursing bras.

#Wrap Around and Tie Back Tops

Tiebacks and wrap-around tops fit better around the top while allowing the bump enough room to grow comfortably. In addition, they can be adjusted as time passes and dispel the need to purchase clothes.

#Comfortable Leggings

These are the foundations for making a perfect ensemble. Their durability and comfort, together with affordability, make sure that they are always in fashion. So whether it is the first trimester of pregnancy or any time during the nine months, these are perfect maternity clothes.

#Skirts in A-line Shape

These A-line slim fit skirts are preferable to fuller ones as part of maternity clothes. From knee-length hemline to the mid-length cut, the style will vary according to your height and be perfect with any top.

#Bonus Tip: Accessorize in Style

There is no reason why you should forget about style and accessorizing with chic options during the nine-month-long pregnancy. A stylish bag, an elegant scarf, fabulous earrings, and a dazzling necklace will add to your dress and make you feel beautiful and complete in every way.

8 Tips For Finding The Best Maternity Clothes

When your baby bump starts expanding, it’s time to shop for maternity clothes. Pregnancy leads to various changes in a woman’s body and her wardrobe too. Choosing the correct type of maternity clothes can help you look stylish with your expanded belly. You can update your wardrobe without sacrificing your style sense and compromising your comfort. Here are some factors to consider while buying trendy yet comfortable dresses carefully.

  • When it comes to choosing maternity clothes, always look for the comfiest and trendy items. There are various maternity dresses such as skirts, tank tops, t-shirts, and bottoms available to choose from, tailor-made for fashion, function, and comfort during pregnancy, and come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different body types. In addition, the clothes are available in small, regular, large, and plus-size to flatter each stage of pregnancy.
  • While choosing tank tops or t-shirts, it is advised to keep in mind that they offer style as well as extra room for your expanded tummy. Look for prints, textures, and colors that also work for causal, career settings, and other types of occasions. Ensure the top you choose for your pregnancy period is long enough and provides you with comfort and maximum coverage to hide the bulging stomach.
  • You can go for fashionable yet comfortable maternity dresses to attend a special occasion. Choose a style that perfectly complements each trimester of your pregnancy, for instance, the above waist-ribbon detail.
  • If you are investing in a pair of maternity jeans, then make sure it fits you perfectly. You can find a great range of lingerie, tops, bottoms, and dresses. Try to put together your different maternity outfits with a few regular wardrobe items.
  • Invest in some easy-breezy maternity kaftans designed for pregnant ladies to look adorable with your bump. Go for prints that you would wear as your regular wardrobe items. Look for some Capri pants, skirts, or career pants that will smartly mix and match with your maternity shirts.
  • Cotton and natural fibers should always be chosen in maternity clothes since you will feel hot during the pregnancy.
  • For the early weeks when you’re still working, you need practical but comfortable workwear. Pick an ideal pair of jersey trousers with a deep waistband to fit over your bump while being stretchy enough to accommodate all through your pregnancy. You can also try a colorful print blouse to give some color to your wardrobe; it’s floaty and loose, making it comfortable for pregnancy.
  • Maternity Jeans are essential for casual everyday wear. Look for trendy and stylish boyfriend jeans that snug to the hips, making them comfy and cozy. These jeans simply pull on and look like a low-rise fit – easy.

Final Words

Maternity clothes are specially created for your belly to rest comfortably. No one wants to be a fashion victim while being pregnant. So, feel good about yourself and look your best in your maternity clothes that are exclusively made to keep your style even with your expanded body curves. For pregnant women, maternity dressing can actually be fun, fashion-forward, and very versatile.

While pregnant, it can be hard to find trendy and stylish maternity clothes – but nobody said they had to be unflattering. Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to change what you wear, wear the same clothes, and show off your new body shape with pride. With so many trendy and comfortable maternity clothing choices, you can be a pregnant fashionista without ruining your fashion sense at all.

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