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15 Rules Of Problem Skin Care

Not a teenager anymore, but your skin doesn’t agree with it? Rashes, treacherous oily sheen, enlarged pores, blackheads – it’s time to leave this in the past.

1. Do not Touch Your Skin with Your Hands, Do not Apply Thick Layers of Makeup on it 

“Remember, skin has a memory, and if you handle it well, it will repay you with great looks for a long time. And if not, then exactly the opposite, ”explains the pharmacist and founder of the reputable beauty blogger brand Cosmetics 27 Michelle Evrard, who has accumulated tremendous experience in such matters.

2. Consult an Endocrinologist

If cosmetic products do not have the proper effect, you should consult an endocrinologist about possible hormonal disorders and be treated under the supervision of a specialist. All skin problems must be dealt with consciously and in accordance with the recommendations of a professional dermatologist. But it is equally important to find the right arsenal of daily home care products and honestly analyze your diet and lifestyle. After all, treating one area is like sticking a plaster.

3. Accept Your Imperfections

Today statistics show that 70% of women over the age of 20 suffer from unpleasant phenomena on the skin – oily sheen, enlarged pores, rashes, uneven texture resulting from acne, roughness, etc. After 30 years, this problem persists in 60 %. Dermatologists estimate that at least 90% of the population struggles with acne at some point in their lives. But do not lose heart – hundreds of scientists around the world are tirelessly working in search of solutions to such issues. Clay, seaweed, salicylic acid, retinol, almonds, propolis, onion flavones are just an incomplete list of components that have already proven their effectiveness.

4. Make up the Right Care 

Detox, cleanse, nourish, renew – this is the ideal scenario for problem skin care. For deep cleansing from accumulated dirt, excess sebum and makeup residues, use masks with clay. For example, makeup remover cleansing balm: it contains the Acnecidic-6 complex containing lactic, glycolic, salicylic, mandelic and pyruvic acids. Together they cleanse the skin of blackheads and breakouts in the T-zone. Fect Skin, has a powerful antibacterial effect that blocks oily sheen and relieves inflammation.

5. Cream With Light Melting Texture

When choosing a moisturizer, opt for creams with a light melting texture, otherwise discomfort and an unpleasant oily sheen are guaranteed to you. Such cream mattifies the skin while maintaining the proper level of hydration.

6. To Mask Imperfections, Do not Apply Thick Foundation on Your Face

Better to choose one thing, be it a camouflage powder or a corrective cc cream. By the way, in their quest to get rid of the oily sheen, many apply powder on their face layer by layer throughout the day, which is fundamentally wrong. After all, sebum will still very soon show through the powder and create the effect of dirty skin. In addition, powder can tightly clog pores and provoke inflammation. Add matting wipes to your shopping list and carry them with you at all times.

7. Don’t Overdo It with Cleansing of Skin

We used to think that active cleansers and special brushes should be used for maximum cleanliness. Dermatologists say with one voice: this is contraindicated, since it can injure the skin even more and spread the infection. Excessively harsh cleansing is perceived by the skin as a negative effect, in response to such aggression, the skin instantly reacts – and the sebaceous glands begin to work with a vengeance. Wash your face twice a day with room temperature water only with your hands, using gentle products. For example, Apivita Propolis Cleansing Gel, Korres Pomegranate Soap or Ren. Pat dry your face with a towel without rubbing your skin. Better yet, use paper towels as a damp towel is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria.

8.  Cleanliness

In case of problem skin, it is important to monitor the cleanliness of not only the face and body, but also everything that comes in contact with them – towels, bed linen.

9. Routine of Skin Care

After washing your face, let your skin dry for at least ten minutes before applying any skin care product. In the evening, be sure to wipe your face with tonic or water with cucumber and lemon slices.

10. Don’t Be Afraid to Moisturize Your Skin

The second most common mistake is that owners of oily skin bypass moisturizers and nourishing products on the tenth road, which absolutely cannot be done. “Yes, yes, let it not surprise you: moisturizing is extremely necessary for oily skin,” confirms Anna Stalennaya, a methodologist at Starlit Group and a cosmetologist of the Kafo chain of Kiev salons.

Do not be afraid of discomfort, because the basis of most creams designed to care for oily skin is an aqueous emulsion supplemented with plant extracts. Thanks to this, the cream is quickly absorbed, provides the skin with the proper level of hydration and protects from external irritants. For example, Biotherm’s Aquasource gel is based on the cellular water of thermal plankton. Declaré Oil Control Concentrate Pure Balance contains woody mushroom extract to prevent acne and bacterial growth. Greek Fresh Line Hermes Skin Salve Remedy Facial Fluid contains echinacea, tea tree and eucalyptus extracts to eliminate excessive oiliness. And finally, the know-how of our scientists from the Ukrainian-American laboratory – onion flavones, supplemented with white tea extract and colloidal silver, which together make the face flawlessly clean and matte.

11. Look for Retinol in Products for Problem Skin

It promotes rapid healing of the affected areas and in many cases smoothes the scars formed after acne and acne. Before the cream, apply any serum with vitamin C. It creates a kind of filter that will allow the skin to absorb exactly as much moisture as it needs, and not get inflamed. To soften your face and keep it from flaking and chapping, try applying a special oil at night. It is enriched with essential fatty acids: omega-3 from raspberry seed oil, omega-6 from primrose and rosehip oil, omega-9 from sunflower seeds, apricot seeds, sweet almond and argan oil. Such a remedy forms a kind of protective cocoon on the surface of the problem skin of the face.

12. Pay Attention to Your Hair

The increased work of the sebaceous glands often affects the condition of the hair. 

In fact, it is not the hair that is oily, but the scalp. If you have a similar problem, wash your hair every day with an appropriate shampoo.

13. Do not Cover Your Face, Forehead and Temples with Hair 

In no case should you wash such hair with shampoo intended for other types, since the secretion of the sebaceous glands from this can increase. Avoid hair cosmetics that are too thick and oily. Choose shampoos and products that contain extracts of nettle, fruit acids of calamus, rosemary, seaweed vitamins, trace elements, proteins. By the way, it is better not to use hair brushes – in this case, a comb is enough.

14. Review Your Diet

The main cause of skin troubles is biotin deficiency. It is found in egg yolk, oatmeal, nuts, mushrooms, soybeans, wheat germ, rice, tomatoes, spinach, potatoes, and fish. “In general, I think that sometimes it’s good to play hide and seek with problem skin and put it on a cosmetic diet,” says Rena Revivo, a cosmetologist and founder of the Californian brand Pharmaskincare. “You can opt for drugs with pro-biotics,” says Anna Stalennaya. “They have a balanced effect on the skin by fighting acne-causing bacteria.” The optimal amount of probiotics is found in sauerkraut, kimchi, coconut kefir and miso soup. By the way, keep in mind that alcohol weakens the body’s ability to absorb biotin, so the sweet Italian tradition of an evening aperitif can be a serious obstacle to perfect, beautiful skin.

15. Drink More Water

And it is better to alternate carbonated and distilled water during the day.

Follow these guidelines and your skin will thank you, remembering how well you took care of it during difficult times. More about beauty you can read here

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