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15 Signs Your Home Has Foundation Problems

15 Signs Your Home Has Foundation Problems

Foundation issues can cause the doors in your home not to shut all the way. Don’t delay on fixing a foundation issue because it could turn into a pricier fix.

If you’d like to understand common home foundation issues, keep reading. This guide will teach you how to conduct a foundation inspection. Watch out for interior issues like uneven floors or drywall cracks.

If you’re ready to learn more about foundation issues, check out the tips below.

1. Dealing With Walls Cracks on the Exterior

You shouldn’t overlook cracks on the outside walls of your house.

The direction of the crack will reveal some important information about your foundation. There’s a difference between horizontal, vertical, and diagonal cracks.

Your home foundation could have major or minor problems depending on the direction.

2. Your House’s Siding Buckled or Warped

Siding will begin to crack, warp, or even buckle from moisture problems. Your house’s siding can buckle if you have significant issues with your foundation.

Have you noticed gaps between planks or warped outdoor siding? Some people see a gap between where the siding usually joins. If you notice any of these issues, you might want to call in a contractor to assess the damage.

3. Homeowners Notice the Ground Near the House Sinks

Another way to inspect the foundation is to check the home’s perimeter. Look for any areas where the ground has begun to sink. If there is an area where the grounds are sinking, you might have an issue.

4. Bouncing Floors

Spongy or bouncy floors indicate a structural issue with the floor beams.

The floor beams might have been infested and damaged by pesky termites. This can also cause foundation settlement or moisture issues in the crawl space.

5. Get Rid of Weeds Around the Foundation

You shouldn’t let weeds prop up around your home’s foundation.

Usually, weeds along a foundation line reveal there’s a significant source of moisture there. This moisture could damage your home’s foundation.

6. Crawl Space Has Become Damp

Humidity in your home’s crawl space reveals issues with your foundation. Look for puddles of water in the crawl space. The water won’t ruin your home but will cause rot or mold to develop.

7. Inspect Your Home for Drywall Cracks

A home’s walls will get built to last for a long time. Unusual or sudden cracks in the drywall indicate a potential issue with the foundation.

A home with a strong foundation won’t have significant changes in the walls. Yet, if you notice the wallpaper has begun to wrinkle or the drywall’s cracking, your foundation might have become compromised.

8. Dealing With Drainage Problems

Homeowners experience issues from clogged main sewer lines or even leaking pipes. The drainage problem occurs because of an issue in the soil expansion or contraction.

You’ll want a plumber to come and take action right away.

9. You Notice Doors or Windows Don’t Latch

Sometimes, doors or windows that don’t latch are because of a foundation problem. When the foundation of the house sags, the house isn’t square.

Thus, you’ll have problems opening and closing doors or windows.

10. Uneven and Sagging Floors

Have you begun to notice your floors aren’t level or do they seem to sag?

Do the floors dip or bow? You might have some issues with your house’s foundation. The foundation can impact beam or pier foundations. Floors also can squeak or sag.

11. Cabinets or Counters Have Begun Separating

Some homeowners notice cabinets or kitchen counters aren’t attached to the wall. You could see small gaps between the wall and the counter or cabinet. If you notice these issues, you should inspect your home’s foundation.

If the walls or floors aren’t level anymore, things that were once attached to them will either crack or detach.

12. Your Chimney’s Cracked

An unlevel foundation or tons of moisture can cause a chimney to go crooked or crack and break. This might not be something most homeowners will identify right away.

Yet, if you see some minor signs of foundation issues, you should also check the chimney.

13. Strange Musty Smells

Look out for a musty-smelling basement. This usually indicates you have a mold or mildew problem.

Mildew will occur because of the moisture getting into the home through small cracks.

14. Bowing Walls

Have you noticed your home’s walls are doing things they shouldn’t be doing, like bowing? This is a sign of compression occurring and needs to be fixed immediately.

Your walls can pull away from home. You could run the risk of your home coming down. Call in a professional to inspect these issues right away.

15. Don’t Delay on Fixing the Foundation

If you’re dealing with a foundation problem, you’ll want to hire a contractor right away. The price will depend on how much damage occurred. Learn more about the average foundation repair cost.

Look Out for Foundation Problems

Dealing with foundational problems is stressful and overwhelming for most homeowners.

Look at inspecting your house’s foundation often to identify some of the warning signs. Bringing in a professional sooner than later can help save you an expensive repair.

You should also inspect the exterior of your home often. Look out for weeds growing along the foundation line.

Need more home or maintenance tips like this guide? Our blog has many resources available for you to check out today.

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