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16 Small Business Ideas That You Can Start In 2022

Check out this list of the 16 best small business ideas

Ask yourself the following questions if you’re looking for the right small business idea for you:

What do you want to do with your life? a market need exists, and how can your skills fill it?

What type of client are you looking for?

What kind of work environment do you want to be in?

If you can answer yes to all of these questions, you could be ready to start your own business. However, if you need some ideas, check out this list of the 16 best small business ideas.
These small business ideas are appropriate for budding entrepreneurs from a variety of industries and backgrounds. So, if you’re qualified to start a small business in any of the following fields, you could have a lot of success by going it alone.

Small Business Ideas

Best Small-Business Ideas

1. Video production

Are you the person and always has a camera with her or the kid who used to record all of your family’s events and memories on a video recorder? If so, video production might be one of the best small business ideas for you. With the rising popularity of video on social media platforms and the internet in general, those who can shoot, edit, or both are in high demand. Even if you have neither prior video or graphic design experience, there are numerous online courses that can teach you how to cut and edit video using video editors like Adobe or Final Cut Pro.

With the growing popularity of video, this is yet another low-cost business you can start in your own home. Plus, once your videos are out there, your production company will benefit from automatic marketing.

2. Whiteboard Animation Agency

Many people prefer to watch short videos instead of reading long texts. Whiteboard and other types of explainer videos take advantage of this preference. By visually presenting information in small, digestible chunks, short videos help viewers remember and recall key information. This could be due to the fact that the data is presented in ways that reinforce each other, such as visually and audibly. Before starting an agency, learn about different whiteboard animation software.

3. Beauty services

Whether you’ve completed cosmetology school, accumulated a following on YouTube for your makeup tutorials, or are your friends’ go-to for hair and makeup advice, becoming a freelance hair and makeup artist is a logical next step. Sign up as a professional stylist for an on-demand beauty app before opening a brick-and-mortar salon or trying to carve out a space in your own home, so you and your tools can travel right to your clients’ homes. Working on weekends or evenings is a great way of easing yourself out of a 9-to-5 job while also building a loyal client base.

4. Tutor

Almost every student will require tutoring services at some point all through their academic career. Furthermore, not only is tutoring in high demand, but you can earn up to $40 per hour as a private tutor. Put yourself in a position as a freelance tutor for students of all ages in your local community if you’re fluent in a foreign language or excel in math, science, or writing.
Better yet, form a full-service tutoring company with your equally qualified, keen friends. You’ll quickly build a client base eager to pay you for your assistance in achieving the best possible academic results if you offer a variety of subject areas to parents in your neighbourhood.

5. Rideshare driver

Although this small business idea isn’t strictly home-based, the popularity of rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft has increased demand. You take your personal car and mobile device as a rideshare driver, and you set your own hours. If you don’t mind driving, this can be a quick and easy way to supplement your earnings, whether on the side or full-time. Plus, if you live in a small town with little competition, you’ll be everyone’s preferred mode of transportation.

6. Sell clothes online

It’s easier than ever to sell your items online thanks to internet marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, and Etsy, as well as apps like Depop. You won’t have to deal with the logistical and financial stress of leasing a space, finding financing, and hiring labour if you open an ecommerce store instead of a brick-and-mortar store.
Plus, unlike a physical retail location, ecommerce shops are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, enabling you to increase your earning potential — making this one of the most profitable home-based small business ideas on the list.

7. Website development and design

To succeed, every business requires at least a basic website, but so many business owners are unaware of how to create one. If you’re an IT and design whiz, you’ll have no scarcity of opportunities to create custom websites. To get your first clients, use a platform like Upwork or Envato, then use your portfolio and word-of-mouth recommendations to expand your client base.

8. Self-storage business

Starting a self-storage business can be a lucrative venture, especially unless you’re located near a city where apartments are small and people will need extra storage space. To get started in the self-storage business, you’ll nearly certainly need capital and real estate, but once you’re up and running, it can be relatively simple to maintain, especially once you’ve started to bring in clients and filling up your space.

9. Hardware store

Another local small business staple, consider opening a hardware store if you want to expand your handyman services into the a storefront. Residents will always find themself in need of certain tools or supplies when doing home projects or spring cleaning, and they won’t want to wait for online delivery. Your hardware store can serve your neighbourhood, which is even better if you can provide advice and tips in addition to the physical items you sell.

10. Automotive repair

Automotive repair shops provide all from oil changes and engine repairs to tyre services and bodywork, as well as interior and exterior deep cleanings. Car repair shops can also specialize in a specific type of vehicle, such as foreign cars, antique cars, or specific brands. To ensure that your car repair business complies with local laws, keep an eye out for state licencing or insurance requirements.

11. Housecleaning

Everyone wants to keep their home tidy. You might start a cleaning business on the cheap if you have a strong work ethic and are willing to get your hands dirty. If you want to expand your business, hire a few employees and manage several cleaning crews. Equipment, marketing costs, and employee wages are examples of overhead, but otherwise, starting a house cleaner is a low-cost venture.

12. Life coach

If you really want to help people reach their full potential, becoming a life coach could be the perfect small business opportunity for you. As a life coach, you’ll help clients sort through problems or aspects of life that they’d like to change, and you’ll assist them in developing plans to move forward and achieve their objectives. Although a certification is not required becoming a life coach, having one can help you find clients when you first start out.

You’ll be well on your path to achieving business once you’ve marketed your services and your clients can attest to your abilities.

Life coaching has become a profitable career nowadays as people are more conscious about their mental and emotional health. They need more attention, which life coaches online can provide. What could be more fulfilling than a career that allows you to earn while helping people overcome their life’s challenges?

13. Nutritionist

Think about starting your own business as a nutritionist and getting paid to help others achieve their health goals if you’re a proud gluten-free, vegan, whole foods health junkie who enjoys sharing your clean-eating habits with others. But before you start allowed to prescribe those spinach-and-chia smoothies, find out what licencing requirements are in place. To run your practise, you’ll need to be a registered dietician, as with every other personal healthcare business idea on this list.

14. Massage therapist

There are many different healing modalities available, but massage is one of the most well-known (and enjoyable) options. Massage therapy is in high demand as a profession: Massage therapy jobs are expected to grow at a much faster rate than the national average between 2016 and 2026, according to us Bureau of Labor Statistics.
To legally practise massage therapy, you’ll require special training and licencing, so check your state’s requirements to ensure you’re following local laws. However, once you’ve cleared the licencing hurdles, you’ll be able to set up an in-home studio, travel to clients, or open up your own facility.

15. Florist

If you’ve a green thumb and an eye for arrangements, starting your own floral shop could be a good small business idea for you. Flowers are always a welcome gift, whether for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, or any other occasion. Starting your own florist business allows us to meet the gift-giving needs of your community while also creating beautiful arrangements that will bring in new and repeat customers.

16. Pet grooming

There is probably nothing better to spend all day with pets for animal lovers. It may take some time to save up enough money to open your own pet grooming business. So, start by offering a mobile service and bringing ones grooming skills and tools directly to your clients’ homes to keep your overhead low. You can supplement your grooming business by providing dog walking services.

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