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16 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions & Things to Do in Chicago

It’s no wonder that Chicago is one of the country’s most popular tourist attractions. From its magnificent skyscrapers to the stunning expanse of its broad shoreline, the features of Chicago and its inhabitants radiate a feeling of trust and pride.

The Windy City embodies basic American principles, and visitors to Chicago may see firsthand what an American city can achieve through hard work and determination.

Free events include the Taste of Chicago, the world’s biggest food festival, and music festivals honoring Chicago’s rich musical legacy. Walking around the Lakefront Trail or the new Riverwalk, or even beneath the innovative Pedway, is a great way to see Chicago.

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Let’s explore 16 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions & Things to Do in Chicago:

Magnificent Mile

One of the world’s most convenient shopping districts, The Magnificent Mile has a large number of department stores and luxury merchants, as well as several retail complexes. This gleaming length of Michigan Avenue, which runs from Oak Street to the Chicago River, is the ideal place to shop till you drop.

The Mag Mile, as it is known, provides access to a number of prominent Chicago sites, including the Wrigley Building, Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Chicago Water Tower.

Sears Tower

Although some feel the skyscraper, renamed Willis Tower in 2009, has lost some of its swaggers as the world’s highest structure, the Sears Tower remains one of Chicago’s most famous tourist attractions.

The Skydeck offers panoramic views of Michigan Lake and overviews of the states of Michigan and Wisconsin.

Navy Pier

Another must-see site in Chicago is the beautiful Navy Pier, which juts out into Lake Michigan and provides various exciting and family-friendly activities. The mile-long pier offers everything to enjoy with many restaurants and shops, including carnival rides, gardening, and an endless variety of appealing vistas.

As you go along the pier, you’ll see everything from theatres and museums to public spaces and entertainment, as well as cultural events and festivals. 

A towering Ferris wheel and an antique circle, as well as mini-golf and tourist boats, are accessible.

Art Institute of Chicago

The world-famous Chicago Institute of Art, one of the country’s oldest and largest art museums, should not be ignored. 

Grant Park, which includes many exhibitions and galleries, is housed in a beautiful Beaux-Arts building built for the 1893 World Expo.

Chicago River

The city-wide river, more than any other feature, exemplifies Chicago’s personality. The construction of a series of canal locks redirected the water away from Lake Michigan and the Mississippi River. 

Tourists may take a riverboat to see some of the city’s most famous sights.

Millennium Park

There are modern steel and glass sculptures, including Chicago’s newest visitor must-photograph, The Bean (actually named the Cloud Gate), and the outdoor Pritzker Pavilion, designed by Frank Gehry, in addition to the abundance of grass and open space. Skaters may utilize an ice rink to accommodate themselves in the winter.

360 Chicago Observation Deck

The Magnificent Mile may be seen not only in the city skyline but also in Michigan Lake. From below, the Lakefront Trail offers a lovely view, while from above, the 360 Chicago Observatory Deck offers breathtaking views. 

Apart from sunbathing amid spectacular panoramas extending up to ninety kilometers on a clear day, you may also enjoy a drink at the supertall skyscraper’s bar.

Field Museum of Natural History

The museum began to display exhibits from the World’s Fair, but it quickly evolved into a collection of natural history artifacts and displays. 

The shows vary from taxidermies of big animals such as African elephants to a significant collection of antiquities from North America. Many people wouldn’t consider their vacation to Chitown complete unless they saw the dinosaur.

Lakefront Trail

The popular and picturesque lakefront route stretches for 30 kilometers along Lake Michigan’s western shore. 

The asphalt promenade provides stunning views of the lake and city skyline while also connecting Chicago’s massive lake park to its numerous beaches and tourist attractions.

Apart from the beautiful scenery and vistas, the path is perfect for strolling, running, bicycling, or skating.

Wrigley Field

If you’re looking for a fun and unique experience, you can’t go wrong with seeing the Chicago Cubs play baseball at Wrigley Field. 

It’s on Chicago’s North Side, just a fifteen-minute drive from Fenway Park, the country’s second-last baseball stadium.

In addition to seeing a thrilling and atmospheric game, you can enjoy fantastic tours to learn about Team history and field history.

Lincoln Park Zoo

Just a short drive north of the city center, The Lincoln Park Zoo, houses an incredible variety of animals. 

It features numerous interactive exhibits and boxes to explore, focusing on various species and ecosystems worldwide, and is a popular attraction with locals and visitors alike.

Museum of Science and Industry

America’s largest science museum, The Museum of Scientific and Industrial Research, is located on the north side of Jackson Park. 

Visitors may spend days or weeks exploring the exhibitions’ grandeur, which includes everything from trains to airplanes to captured German submarines and full-scale reconstructions of coal mines.

Maggie Daley Park

Located on the Loop and connected to the Millennium Park by a footbridge, Maggie Daley Park is another beautiful spot to spend some time. 

It has a diverse selection of golf courses with playgrounds, picnic spaces, and lush green areas.

Chicago Theatre

A short walk from the park lies the famed Chicago Theater, which hosts various events such as plays, magical shows, stand-up comedy, lectures, and sports competitions. 

The beautiful theatre, which is easily recognized by its illuminated six-story marquee, is a spectacular and amazing place to attend an event.

Chicago Water Tower

One of the few structures to survive the devastating Great Chicago Fire symbolizes Chicago’s tenacity. 

The CityGallery now contains a wonderful calcareous structure that showcases the works of local artists and photographers.

North Avenue Beach

Largely regarded as the greatest beach in Chicago, North Avenue offers several facilities for swimming and sunbathing in the area. Its golden sands lay on the shoreline of Lake Michigan, which is located in Lincoln Park, just north of Chicago.

North Avenue Beach has a number of volleyball courts and a path for cycling, riding, and wheeling, as well as piers that keep the sand in place and offer a shallow shoreline. In addition to a bar and restaurant, the beach provides a magnificent view of the skyline and hosts several important festivals and events throughout the year.

The Bottom Line

Several must-see attractions in Chicago and some of them provide unique perspectives on the city’s unique landscape. The city also has a lovely beachfront on Lake Michigan’s shores, as well as a beautiful lakefront park that runs parallel to the mountain range’s beauty. 

With so many unique sides and so much to do, Chicago, the third largest city in the United States, is certainly worth a visit. Hope the given list will be helpful for you.

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