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20 cool ideas of how to decorate an empty wall

Contour maps, Cameroonian hats, positive inscriptions – we'll show you how to transform an empty wall into a work of art.

Walls provide an ideal environment for the realization of creative ideas. The simplest solution is to simply paste wallpaper or apply a coat of paint, but it is also the most tedious. Feel like an artist, let the canvas be free surfaces – we’ve compiled a list of 20 unique ideas for decorating the walls of your home.

Idea #1: Unique wallpaper

Unique wallpaper in your house

Allow the wallpaper to be a self-contained element of the interior that does not require any additional decoration. Select wallpaper with an interesting print in the form of paintings, posters, or book pages. To avoid becoming bored with bright drawings, place them on only one wall and leave the others white.

Idea #2: decorative plates

Decorative plates for home decoration

Make a wall composition out of plates brought back from vacation as souvenirs or leftovers from old sets. Choose plates with the same color scheme or style but in different sizes.

Idea #3: Start a watch collection.

Watch collection for your wall decoration

As you are aware, “happy hours” are not observed but are used as a decorative panel services element. Hang a collection of cuckoo clocks or a large dial on the wall. You are not afraid of being late with such a decoration! Stick to one style: vintage reproductions will look out of place next to modern designers’ work.

Idea #4: Create contour maps.

Maps for home decoration

For avid travelers, maps and atlas pages are recommended for wall decoration, as they will add a sense of adventure and romance to the interior. Display a physical map of the world, a specific country, or a city plan. The cards can be aged artificially and presented in an elegant baguette.

Idea #5: a mirror exhibition

Mirrors for home decoration

Mirrors visually increase the size of a room; take advantage of this useful property by hanging multiple copies on the wall. Shaped mirrors do not need to be framed; instead, arrange them in a thick wooden baguette if you use simple rectangles and squares. Frames that resemble the sun’s rays are also becoming popular.

Idea No. 6: wallpaper panels

Wallpaper panels for home decoration

Glue the remnants of bright wallpaper on the wall and close the joints with plaster or wooden molding to create a stylish room decoration. Another possibility is to arrange small pieces of wallpaper in a baguette and hang them as paintings.

Idea #7: Using empty frames

Empty frames for home decoration

Think outside the box – instead of putting photos in the frames, leave them empty. Paint them all the same color or group them by shape – this composition will look better on a plain wall.

Idea #8: Wall decal

Wall sticers for home decoration

Use special stickers to decorate the walls – they can be easily removed from the wallpaper and painted surface. Choose original and interesting images to complement the apartment’s interior: decorate the walls with ornaments, flowers, animals, or trees.

Idea #9: art gallery

Art prints for home decoration and paintings

Arrange a wall exhibition of your favorite artists’ and illustrators’ work. It is not necessary to hang pictures in a straight line – this looks boring. It is preferable to center one or two large frames and create a composition of smaller works around them.

You can buy high-quality paintings printed on canvas here.

If you love trippy paintings, you will probably will like The Hallucinogenic Toreador Art Print

The Hallucinogenic Toreador Art Print


Idea No. 10: ethnic motives

Etchnic motives for home decoration wall art

A Cameroonian hat made by hand from feathers attached to a raffia base will be a bright and memorable detail. With such spectacular decor, even the most simple and modest room will be transformed.

Idea #11: natural materials

Natural materials for wall decoration

When it comes to creating an eco-friendly natural interior, wood is an excellent choice. Cuttings arranged haphazardly, branches of strange shapes, and intricate driftwood will become an unusual wall decoration. Such a decoration can be found on its own in the forest; just remember to clean it thoroughly and apply a protective layer of wood care products.

Idea #12: Hats on the wall

Hats for wall decoration

Every year, fashion designers create new hat models, and designers put them to unusual uses. A collection of straw or felt hats hung on the walls will make an interesting art object.

Idea #13: artificial animal heads

Artificial animal heads for wall decoration

Today, artificial animal heads are popular; animal heads, of course, are not real. They can be constructed out of plaster, wood, or even papier-mache. The important thing is not to overdo it with their number so that it feels like you’re in a zoological museum.

Idea #14: cozy handmade

Cozy handmade for wall decoration

Modern interiors are increasingly being decorated with handcrafted items that add comfort to the space. Crocheted or knit napkins, macrame panels, and embroidered paintings will become focal points in the decor and may inspire your guests to express their own creativity.

Idea #15: Ceiling medallions

Ceiling medalions for wall decoration

Polyurethane decorative ceiling medallions can also serve as an original wall decoration. They can be easily repainted in any color to blend in with the decor. Pick up sockets of various sizes and styles; such a large composition will be the focal point of any room: kitchen, bedroom, or living room.

Idea #16: positive labels

Positive lables for wall decoration

Put up a motivational statement or a favorite quote on the wall. Make them out of wooden letters or write them with an acrylic paint stencil on a wall or canvas. You can buy or make posters and wooden plaques with meaningful inscriptions.

Idea #17: large-format painting

Large paintings for home decoration

Often, one large painting is enough to achieve an impressive effect – it will become the dominant element of the decor. Hang a landscape or a still life in a classic interior; in a modern one, an abstraction, a bright poster, or an illustration will look great in a youth apartment.

If you want your painting to attract wealth, hang a picture of a waterfall, such as Bob Ross Mountain Waterfall.

Bob Ross waterfall painting art print for sale

Idea #18: Create a wall photo album

Photo album for wall decoration

Use photos to decorate the wall. These can be old family cards, photos from the most recent photoshoot, or printed “squares” from Instagram – make an eye-catching collage.

Idea #19: Concentrate on hobbies

Hobby stuff for home decoration

Is collecting your pastime? Use it to decorate the wall; this type of decor is inexpensive and simple to change. It will also be in a single copy because your camera or tennis racket collection is unique.

Idea #20: Book exhibition

Book exhibition for wall decoration

Modern publishers create books with such eye-catching covers that they don’t want to hide them away in closets. Place them along the wall or on special “invisible” shelves that give the illusion of books floating in the air. Pay close attention to sorting books by color – such a composition will look fantastic.

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