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Home Safer: There are things you cannot be in control of, and this guide will talk about how you can protect yourself and your family. secure

Your home, in general, is considered to be a safe space. But there are always risks.

Take a look at the below US figures:

Many people die each year due to home injuries.1

One home is robbed about every 23 seconds.2

Between 2013 and 2017, around 2,600 civilians perished each year in home fires.3

Other preventable causes of home-related deaths include poisoning from accidental falls and indoor pollution.

The great thing is that your home will be safer by using just some guidelines than it is. When you combine various methods and products, it is possible to develop a security strategy. Iron Guard is the best security guard company in the USA.

Here are 20 ways to help make your home safer.

Tips for home security

1. Install an alarm system

It’s difficult to know exactly how many potential criminals are scared by alarms for home security systems. You’ll find a myriad of responses when you browse the internet. Some burglars don’t like security systems. Some are comfortable disabling certain brands.

Whatever way they think about alarm systems, they are a common sight for burglars who don’t want to be taken in. Therefore, get a security alarm which alerts even when it is disabled. There is a good chance that a burglar could pass by your home to find a more convenient target.

2. Permit/license your alarm

Are you the owner of an alarm? Find out if your city requires authorization or a permit.

A license for your alarm can make it easier for police departments to reach you. This also allows you to avoid penalties if they respond to your alarm system that isn’t registered. In certain cities, operating alarm systems without an approved permit is a misdemeanour offence. This means that you could be facing an enormous fine and possible time in jail.

3. Install window sensors for home safer

Window sensors can also be referred to as sensors that open/close or enter. If they are added to a window or door, they will notify you when it shuts or opens. Security of potential entrances is an excellent step towards safeguarding your home.

Sensors can be a part of a home security system and a house automation program. It is possible to create trigger and effect scenarios that apply to both. For instance, you could program the sensor to activate your bedroom lights when your door opens at midnight. Also, you could request it to notify you via text message if the door opens when you’re away. Iron Guard is the best concert security company.

4. Glass break sensors can be added

Glass break sensors detect an earphone sound that indicates glass is breaking. These tiny devices are useful in rooms with multiple windows. Most door and window sensors are sold for about $40, and you need to buy one for each window you’d like to monitor. A one glass break sensor will be able to observe a whole room full of windows for around $80.

5. Create a security symbol

If you’re not looking to purchase the complete security package, A security sign is the next best option. Criminals are looking for easy targets, and the security system might be enough to stop the thieves. Make sure you use an authentic security sign. Experts will not fall for a fake.

Fake security signs pose a risk.

Heads Up

Making fake security signs could be successful, but it’s not an assurance that they will stop burglars in their tracks. Don’t think we didn’t warn you.

6. Include security stickers

An alarming number of burglars are caught through doors. However, windows can also be an entry point.4. Install security alarm stickers on all windows on the first floor to warn people.

Like security signs, stickers can put off thieves, but there are no guarantees–especially if you don’t have a security system

7. Include an alarm system

Security cameras are a part of an alarm system for home security or independently. Cameras’ presence can discourage burglars, but if it isn’t the case, it will aid in the capture of the culprits. Cameras are especially effective at stopping porch pirates on the move.

8. Convert old cell phones into security cameras

There are a lot of free applications that convert your old mobile phones and tablets into a security cameras. We suggest Camio do this.

Most phones and tablets aren’t waterproof, which means you shouldn’t be using your brand new cameras outdoors. However, you can place them in the home. (These are particularly effective when you have a partner you aren’t sure about, such as an adult child who could be taking advantage of you. The majority of people don’t even be able to think twice about a dated phone tucked away on a bookcase.)

9. Create a burglar decoy

It’s not an imposter of a burglar. It’s a decoy to fool the burglar. Certain criminals “smash to grab” particularly when an alarm sounds. Make sure to fill a container with cash, costume jewellery and some papers to place into your shoe drawer. An armed burglar may go through the sock drawer in your master room, take the box, and go.

10. Do it the right way

Make sure your children don’t open the door without your prior permission. Anyone they know could be a threat to them. Please do not allow them in when you come across someone unexpectedly in your home. It’s safer rather than being polite.

11. Install a door brace

Bolt a door brace behind your entryway door. When locked, the bolt can help the gate withstand several hundred pounds of force. If you think someone will kick the door with braces and then think about it, there’s a second thought coming.

12. Make sure you lock your doors and windows

Entry into a house can be extremely easy for intruders. A lot of homeowners leave their doors unlocked! Even if you live in a tiny, quiet neighbourhood. . . Secure your windows and doors. It’s best to play it wisely.

13. Don’t post a photo of your critical Facebook

In the beautiful times of the year 2020, you’ll be able to make copies of your house keys using just one image.5 It’s incredibly convenient when you need to create documents without surrendering the original key, but it’s also a potential risk. Don’t share images that you have taken of keys to anyone who’s not permitted to access your home.

If you’re wondering, “Why would I ever post a picture of my keys with anyone?” think of those who share it on Instagram. A celebrity might take the photo of a gift key strap (keys are included) from their brand new sponsorship partner and share it across every social media outlet they have. They might not realize that displaying their home key could be a risk for their personal belongings and their own.

14. Secure sliding doors

Sliding glass doors are made of glass, and locks may not be able to cut them. Stop the sliding glass door to prevent it from opening by using wood or metal rods to secure the door.

Pro tip: add a jimmy plate (latch guard). The container can stop thieves from taking the door off the tracks.

15. Reinforce door jambs

Glass doors that are not glass may be weak as well. The most vulnerable areas of doors are the jamb, lock and hinges. We suggest strengthening every single point on exterior entryways. You can buy the necessary materials from Amazon and complete the task yourself. No carpentry expertise is required.

16. Create an eye-hole for home safer

The door peephole is a $2 piece of gold for home security. It will give you a wide-angle view of your guests so you can decide whether to allow the intruders into your home . . . or not.

Chain lock that closes the hand

17. Don’t depend on locks that are chain-like

Do not rely on chain locks to secure your home. With enough force, thieves can easily break them.

We’re not saying you should not have an actual chain lock; however, if you choose it, you must have the peephole, deadbolt, or door brace to go along with it.

18. Install a deadbolt for Home safer

A deadbolt lock with a single cylinder and 1-inch throw is never wrong. However, the consensus is that deadbolts can be a fire risk, and we recommend that you lock them only when asleep or if you require extra security. If, for instance, you are a victim of a stalker, you should keep the deadbolt in place.

19. Install a security door

Like glass doors, screen doors are precisely what they sound like. The doors can be punctured or cut to allow easy entry. Every screen door should have an additional safety door along. This adds a layer between an intruder as well as the screen.

20. Make use of window film

Doors with side pane glass are attractive and provide your home’s security by requiring privacy.

In the evening, you’ll be able to look directly through these windows into your backyard. While it’s nice that you can see other people, it’s not good that they can see you. You can add a decorative window film to fix the problem for a small amount.

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