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26 Ways to Become Popular on Instagram

If you are new to the wonderful world of Instagram and want to promote and advertise your company through the Instagram social channel, with the goal of eventually converting these promotions into sales, your initial steps towards this social network may be cautious. There is a very clear and significant reason why your Instagram posts, which you have carefully planned and are eagerly awaiting a return, do not match your expectations: your follower count on Instagram. A lack of followers might not only limit your brand’s recognition and visibility, but it can also substantially discourage you from being active on this channel. This is why you must make a concerted effort to increase followers on Instagram.

In this post, I will describe how to increase followers on Instagram. By using these strategies and suggestions, you can expand your audience and establish a lot more active and prominent account for your business.

1- Using Smiles

Use smileys in your photos too. Statistics indicate that posts with a face/face get 35 percent more likes than posts without. I guess this is a statistic parallel to the fact that human psychology always gets more efficiency from eye and face contact.

2- Taggin People

Tag people in your photos when relevant. It’s a way to make sure your photos show up on people’s feed.

3- Adding Bright Photos

The more vibrant and bright your photos are, the better. Photos that are 65 to 85 percent brighter get 24 percent more likes than photos that are 45 percent or less bright.

4- Creating Branded Hashtags

Create a branded hashtag. Find a catchy, creative and relevant hashtag to encourage your followers to use it. In this way, your followers and other users will be more eager to interact with your brand, which will increase your awareness and visibility across the platform.

5- Sharing Behind-the-Scenes

Share behind-the-scenes footage. Candid and realistic photos allow you to reveal the character and personality behind your brand. Feel free to show that there are real people behind your logo.

6- User-Created Content

Share user-created content. Re-post images of your followers; especially the posts with your brand in it. This will pave the way for other users to share about your brand.

7- Including Instagram in E-Mails

Do not forget to introduce your Instagram account to your e-mail members. Remind you regularly that you have an Instagram account in your e-mail newsletters and support it with a link to your account.

8- Adding Your Username on Real World

If you have a physical store, it will not hurt to introduce the username of your Instagram account there.

9- Storytelling

Tell a story; more precisely, tell the message you want to give a story using your Instagram photos. Storytelling is actually a very popular tactic in the digital marketing world and one of the effective ways to increase followers on Instagram. By establishing an emotional bond between your brand and products and users, you can ensure that these photos are liked and shared.

10- Guest Posting

Invite a guest to post on your account. It can be an Instagram phenomenon, or it can be one of the famous and popular faces in your connections.

11- Adding Photos Without Filter

Show that in some of your posts you are not as generous with the filters as you are in others. According to some statistics, photos with no filters can receive more interaction than others; it wouldn’t hurt to try.

12- Following Both Instagram and Facebook

Follow all your friends on Facebook on your Instagram account as well. Rest assured many will follow you back already. To do this, all you have to do is enter your Instagram profile and click on the 3-dot icon. Just click the “Find Friends on Facebook” option in the “Find Friends” tab.

13- Using Assertive Filters

When using filters in your photos, do not hesitate to use assertive filters. It was determined that especially the bordered photos received 125 percent more likes.

14- Tagging Well-Known Influencers

If you attended a live event and took photos, you can share these photos and tag well-known Instagram influencers in the photos. This will increase visibility and sharing.

15- Using Applications

After applying all these tactics, you may be wondering what changes your Instagram account has undergone. There is also a tool you can use to track the growth and development of your account: Iconosquare. Thanks to this application, you can determine which of your posts get the most interaction from which users and draw a roadmap accordingly.

16- Editing Photos

You can use the Aviary application to cut, edit and align your images. Aviary helps you to a great extent in the area where Instagram filters and features are insufficient.

17- Adding Word “Like” Into Your Descriptions

Use the word “like” in your description texts alongside the word “comment”. According to research, captions with the word “like” gain up to 89 percent more likes.

18- Schedule Your Posts

Before taking action, make sure to create a plan and make the necessary preparations. As with many things in life, being conscious and determined are the qualities you need to have in order to be successful on Instagram. Create a plan for how you’ll use Instagram, set a schedule based on that plan, and discipline yourself to follow that schedule.

19- Using Sentences in Photos

One of the popular trends on Instagram right now is images with text. You can increase your follower count by posting motivational, inspiring and humorous sentences as photos. One of the most beautiful and free applications that you can do this is Canva.

20- Connecting Contacts in Instagram

Connect your contact list with your Instagram account. In this way, you can connect with the people in your e-mail contact list and expand your follower network.

21- Searching Hashtags

Regularly search for hashtags related to your business, products and services and always follow the reflection of your industry on Instagram.

22- Using Crowdfire

Use Crowdfire, another tool you can use to measure how your Instagram posts affect your followers.

23- Creating Promotions

Create promotions in partnership with other users. Propose a joint project by reaching users who work in a similar niche as you; so that both your and their follower base expand. You can also increase your partnerships via popular companies like Flowline Center. Flowline Center is the best website to buy Instagram followers.

24- Building Private Community Via Special Hashtags

Build a private community using a specific hashtag. Increase engagement by creating a campaign or activity that you want this community to be involved in.

25- Adding Clear Bios

Make sure your Instagram account’s bio is clear, simple, and thorough. Include relevant keywords and hashtags in this description, as well as a link to your website. But, most crucially, avoid spamming actions while doing this; if you do, no one reading your profile will follow you; you can be certain of that.

26- Adding Questions in Captions

In the captions of your images, pose questions. Because social media users prefer to communicate their thoughts and opinions through social networks, this is one of the most efficient strategies to enhance engagement. You can also increase your engagement when you go on discovery page. You can check how to get on Instagram discovery.

Along with all of these strategies and tactics, bear in mind that having a large number of followers will not help you unless you actively and continuously use Instagram and working with reliable companies as Flowline Center. After all, the ultimate aim is to convert your followers into clients. These 26 strategies will help you increase followers on Instagram and engage; it is totally up to you to keep it stable.

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