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3 Common Personal Injury Cases

Over 400,000 personal injury claims are filed in the US annually. Only 4% of these claims even make it to trial, most are settled out of court. Your Roseville Personal Injury Lawyer handles the claim from start to finish. They will advise you and help you get the most compensation for your claim. If no agreement can be made in negotiations, they will proceed your claim to trial.

There are many different cases that are included in that 400,000, but some are more common than others. Here is a list of the top three personal injury cases.

Auto Accident

Auto Accidents make up 52% of all personal injury lawsuits every year. They also have the lowest average compensation at $16,000. Any case that involves a motor vehicle is included in this percentage of cases. Accidents regarding vehicles usually involve the damage to the vehicle and any medical bills for injuries. This type of claim doesn’t have the highest payout, but those fighting these lawsuits still deserve the compensation they deserve.

Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice makes up 15% of the total personal injury claims each year. While this is the second highest percentage of personal injury cases, it’s also the least successful. It’s much harder to prove negligence in medical malpractice. Your lawyer in Roseville, CA have to prove that the death or injury is not caused by the illness or injury itself. Juries also have a bias towards doctors and medical evidence is difficult for the jury to understand. Most medical malpractice suits get settled out of court which is also why doctors and hospitals have large insurance policies.

Product Liability

Product liability is the third most common personal injury case, but it has the highest payout for damages. The average damages for a product liability case is $748,000! At any point in a products manufacturing, they are held by strict laws to protect consumers. Any defective product that makes its way into the hands of consumers is due to the negligence of the company. An example of product liability is medicine that contains a poisonous substance ending up on the self. Anyone who dies or is injured by this defective product can hold the company responsible for the injuries.

If you have ever been injured in any of these common personal injury cases, contact an attorney in Roseville, CA to file a claim.

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