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3 Creative Ideas for Decorating an Office

3 Creative Ideas for Decorating an Office

Decorating an office is a way for you to put a personal stamp on your place of business. But strong office decor means more than throwing up some motivational posters or buying a new chair. Used correctly, you can use your design sensibilities to boost your mood and productivity.

But how does that work in practice? To find out, let’s take a look at some key tips for designing office space and how they can help improve your working day.

1. Change Up the Color Scheme

The fact that color can affect our mood is something that humans have understood since antiquity. But it’s only in modern times that color psychology has evolved into a dedicated discipline.

Cool colors like blues and greens tend to encourage feelings of calmness, great for someone feeling a bit stressed who needs to decompress. On the other hand, warm hues like red and yellow can inspire confidence or creativity. So they make great choices for someone who wants to face each day at full energy.

2. Use Wall Art

We realize that we made a slight jab at those old-fashioned motivational posters. While they may have once been inspiring, decades of parody have reduced them to little more than a joke.

But that doesn’t mean that you should discount the use of art altogether.

A popular maxim in business is that having a clear goal in mind gives you something to strive for. And wall art is a great way to evoke that kind of effect.

What that means will be different for everybody. It could be photos of family and loved ones serving as a reminder of who you make your sacrifices for. Or it could be some exotic locale that you promised yourself you’d travel to after meeting a certain goal.

That it’s such a personal choice is part of the beauty of it.

3. Add a Little Greenery

You may have heard that being able to see greenery or nature regularly is good for our mental and emotional health. But working away in the office all day, it can be hard to find time to take a walk through the park.

So the natural solution is to bring the greenery inside with you.

Small potted plants or flowers in vases are ideal solutions. Living plants help freshen the air around your workstation, and flowers bring some much-needed color into the modern office.

But not all of us are blessed with a green thumb. If you don’t have the time, skill, or inclination to care for a living plant, artificial ones make an admirable alternative.

Some daring decorators have even gone to the extent of putting fake grass in offices. Given that so many offices are covered in base tones and hard concrete, the suggestion of something natural can create a visual pop that helps lift workers’ spirits. Even if it’s not quite natural, after all.

Decorating an Office for a Personalized Workspace

Drag colors and flickering, fluorescent lights don’t make for a very productive environment. Hence why it’s so important to inject some personality into any environment where you’ll be spending so much time. They may feel like small changes, but they can help you feel more energized and ready to seize each day.

But decorating an office is only one way to make the working day a little more rewarding. For more ideas, be sure to follow our latest business and lifestyle tips.

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