3 Easy Ways To Make Your Home Business More Professional

Although your home-based business may be a small operation, to grow your client base and impress current customers it’s important to look as “big time” as possible. Here are three simple things you can do to project a more professional image.

Get a Business Number

Business phone numbers provide an easy way for entrepreneurs to separate work and personal connections. With a dedicated work number, you’ll never have to give private contact information to potential clients, and your communications will be more polished. Depending on which line is ringing, you’ll know whether to answer your phone with a professional greeting or a friendly, “Hey! What’s up?”

If you’re worried about the inconvenience of carrying around two different phones, it’s no longer necessary to do so. Most smartphones allow you to manage multiple phone lines from just one device; you can even set distinct ringtones for each line, so you know whether you’re getting a business or a personal call without having to look at your phone screen.

Create a Separate Email Account

In the same way a dedicated business line boosts your professional image, so does having an email address that you’ll use solely for work correspondence. Important work emails can easily get overlooked in the clutter of messages from friends and family in your personal inbox, and setting up a separate address gives you a chance to create an account name that includes your business name to support your brand. You can even take it one step further and purchase your own domain name that can be used for both your email address and your website.

Buy Business Cards

Yes, the whole world has seemingly gone digital, but yes, you still need actual business cards, as they remain the simplest way to confidently give out your contact details. If you rely on someone jotting down your info there’s a chance a digit of your phone number will be transposed or a letter or two might go missing from your email address.

An attractive business card also makes a solid first impression. For that reason, opt to have yours professionally printed so your logo and contact information appear sharp and clear.

It doesn’t take much to make your business appear more professional. From acquiring a dedicated phone number and email address to ordering business cards, these simple steps will send the right message to current and potential clients about your enterprise.

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