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3 Essential Tips for Heavy Equipment Shipping

3 Essential Tips for Heavy Equipment Shipping

If you’ve got tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment to transport, you might be feeling a little worried about moving it. Losing an improperly transported load could result in severe costs to you or your business.

Heavy equipment shipping is a tricky business. It’s vital to have all the information you need before embarking on the road with a heavy load. There are plenty of stark reminders about the dangers present.

We’ve got three essential tips for anybody trying to get involved in equipment shipping.

1. Know All of Your Dimensions and Laws

The first consideration is what you’re using to ship your heavy equipment. That means you’ll have to look at which trailer type is optimal for the job. No two situations are alike, so you’ll have to plan according to your specifications.

Factors you’ll be looking at are the dimensions of the machinery or equipment you are trying to transport. One of the main concerns here is the height. Most states will require that you don’t exceed 13 feet and 6 inches.

Since different trailers sit closer to the road than others, even a couple of inches can make a difference.

The length of the cargo has a little more room to play. You can expect it to be somewhere between 48 and 65 feet.

2. Do Your Best to Secure the Load

Transporting heavy equipment is an expensive, laborious task. The last thing you want is to add extra costs to the bill by failing to prepare. Even the most minor details can add layers of complication to the job.

For starters, the equipment should be in near-perfect condition. Don’t transport something buried in dirt from use at a previous job. All that does is create a potential hazard from debris when moving. Useful link

Also, make sure everything is secured safely. Store any loose or moving parts. Latch anything that opens, like doors and other compartments.

All that movement can be rough, and you never know what might come loose during transportation.

3. Double Check, Then Double Check Again

Now that you’ve got the right trailer selected and you are 100% sure you’ve got everything secured, there’s only one thing left to do.

Double-check everything.

Get somebody else to look over it too. You might think that you’ve done everything, but it’s easy to miss something. It doesn’t matter how obvious it is, either.

Double-check the information regarding your route as well. You want to be 100% sure that you aren’t going to run into any issues on the road with the length, width, or height of the cargo.

All of this is why heavy equipment shipping companies are so helpful. They know what can go wrong with shipping equipment, and all the common pitfalls.

If you’re interested in getting a second opinion on shipping your equipment, you should look at some heavy equipment shipping rates. Just look up an equipment hauler to see what you are dealing with.

Heavy Equipment Shipping Made Easy

Heavy equipment shipping is a job that will only be as difficult as you make it. Be diligent with securing your load, and make sure that you’re aware of all the laws in your state. If you do both of those things, it’ll be plain sailing.

Once you’ve made all of your preparations and arrangements, you might be looking for something to do. Why not take a look through the rest of the blog? If these tips helped you, there’s plenty more like them to read through in our other articles!

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