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3 reasons why your business needs video marketing

If you neglect these facts about video marketing today, you could be far behind your competitors tomorrow.

#1: Video content is rapidly gaining ground in the media sphere

We are not going to retell platitudes of the level of “they don’t read texts now, they only watch videos. If only because it is not true.

Let’s go straight to the facts and figures.

In October 2018, a Nielsen report showed that adults in the U.S. watch videos for an average of about 6 hours a day. That’s more than half of all the time they spend on media (11 hours).

How about social media? The latest report from Hootsuite and We Are Social. And what do we see? YouTube video hosting is the second most popular social platform in the world. Only Facebook, where video is the most popular and growing format, has a larger audience.

Video – this category also includes summaries from DVRs and game streams. But we are still talking about business, where it is not views and likes that matter, but leads, sales, and return on investment.

But trends in business are inseparable from trends in society as a whole. If people are switching en masse from paper books to e-books and audiobooks, it is obvious that the gadget market will grow faster and soon overtake the book industry. What kind of books people read “Psychology of Influence” or “Harry Potter” it doesn’t matter. Like it or not, but cliché thinking has become an inherent attribute of modern society

6 out of 10 people prefer to watch videos online instead of TV. We live in a world where problem solving takes place online and it is video that plays a key role in the decision-making process.

Video marketing is a powerful way to reach both potential and existing customers. Video marketing will completely change the way you think about doing business.

What’s the bottom line:

90% of consumers say videos help make purchasing decisions.

97% of marketers say videos help build customer trust.

81% of businesses use video for promotion.

Live videos (streamers) will account for 13% of all traffic by 2021.

Over 80% of all traffic will be video by 2021.

74% of people who have the opportunity to see a product in action through video will buy it.

#2: Video marketing is the best way to tell a simple story

  1. The most effective way to start communicating with your audience

Starting to communicate with the audience when the business has just started is difficult. No one knows about it. Video for business like Rocket Motion can remedy this situation. Research shows that video marketing is an effective tool for converting people from skeptical of your business (brand) to neutral or positive. It’s important to understand that video marketing works best when the audience is resting, at home. That’s when people are relaxed and more effectively perceive video advertising. The quality of video editing also plays an important role in the effectiveness of video marketing.

  1. Video marketing helps to “humanize” the brand

Artificial intelligence is changing the perception of all spheres of life. However, no one thinks about the fact that video marketing changes the way we are used to things as much as artificial intelligence does. It’s hard to humanize a brand (business) with text alone, which is limited in what it can do. Human videos work wonders, they convey emotion, they tell stories, they let the audience know what the brand is all about. Voice, appearance, character, personality – all these play an important role in video marketing. With their help any message can be conveyed to the viewer, so it is very important to go into detail.

  1. huge potential.

Millions of people spend hours watching videos on YouTube, now imagine the impact it would have on your business if everyone spent a minute watching your video. Studies show that about 90% of consumers watch videos on their cell phones before they make a purchase decision. The world watches 1 billion hours of YouTube videos every day. Keep in mind, the number of views on YouTube is increasing 100% every year, and so is the audience. Brands that chose this path of growth a few years ago are now making 10 times their initial profits. Video marketing is a revolution that is “breaking” television.

  1. The best way to attract the attention of lazy shoppers

Today, people don’t have time to scroll through long promotional posts. There are a lot of people like that. Increasingly, people are giving preference to visualized content that immediately tells in all the details about a product or service. This is why businesses that use video marketing in their promotion successfully win the attention of customers.

#3: Video marketing seriously strengthens the position of the site in search results

  1. Video content improves website SEO performance

Google owns YouTube, and that means a lot to marketers who use video marketing in their business. There are many different statistics about how many times a site with embedded videos gets more views, and in most cases that number is above 50. Search engines love video because they consider it high-quality content, so it’s important to use it on the main pages of your site. When you have video content, you can optimize it with SEO-friendly titles and descriptions, thereby increasing your site’s search engine ranking. This way, not only can you gain new audiences with video, but you can also boost your site’s search engine ranking.

  1. The perfect way to increase customer credibility

It’s very difficult to convince a reader using only marketing text. With video, it’s easy to build trust and long-term relationships with your audience. All you have to do is tell your audience a brand story for up to 60 seconds. The video will evoke a quick emotional response from the audience. It is thanks to the emotions that videos evoke that millions of YouTube channels continue to live and grow.

  1. The best way to surpass the competition

A lot of brands still don’t use video marketing because they think it’s too expensive and that it doesn’t pay off. This is their huge mistake. While your competitors are “sleeping,” don’t lose your opportunities. Using video will make you more advanced and successful in the eyes of your customers. You can use it to show the inner workings of your business and gain credibility in return. With video marketing, it’s easier to get customers to trust you than with context.

  1. Reaching different market segments

Market segmentation is an important part of any promotion without analyzing it, success is impossible. According to statistics, some age groups prefer Instagram, others Facebook, others YouTube. Since a video can be posted on any of these three social networks, a video is capable of engaging a much larger audience than you planned. By and large, videos appeal to everyone, so it’s important to develop video content that appeals to every market segment.

  1. High chance of going viral with content

Studies show that people share videos far more often than text content, which in turn automatically increases reach. Under any video that’s posted on the site, you can create buttons for your audience to share the video. Who knows, maybe it will be your video that goes viral on the Internet.

Tips for making a video

– The video should be shot in high resolution. This is a very important point.

– Videos that tell powerful stories about a brand or product should not go beyond 60 seconds.

– Marketing videos should be short and to the point. Don’t tell viewers unnecessarily long stories; they’re more likely to turn off the video.

– Videos should be informative, entertaining and engaging.

– Always strive to evoke emotion in the viewer. Taking a targeted action is always based on emotion, the more emotion a person gets from your video, the more chance they have of taking the targeted action.

– Sound quality should always be top notch because it has a huge impact on the people watching the video. If the sound quality is poor, chances are the person will turn off the video in the first 10 seconds.

– Leave a call to action (CTA) at the end of each video. This will drive more sales through the video.

– The ideal length of a video, depending on the social network:

– Instagram – 30 seconds

– Twitter – 45 seconds

– Facebook – 1 minute

– YouTube – 2 minutes.

– And don’t forget the call to action, which on YouTube usually consists of a short summary inviting users to subscribe to the channel.


Video is one of the most popular forms of content on the Internet. Each of us wants to see and hear, we don’t want to perceive dry text. This is what makes videos so popular.

Video is not only for fun, it’s one of the best ways to get closer to your audience and give them a real sense of what you, your business or your employees are doing. The key is to look at video not only as a format where you can talk about your product and its benefits, but also as a format where you need to share your philosophy with your audience, interesting and valuable information. The more the audience knows about your practical experience, the more likely it is to take a key action.

Video editing, and especially the creation of high-quality presentation videos – responsible business, which is best entrusted to real professionals. Entrust video editing to professionals and the result will not make you wait long!

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