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3 Things You Should Know About NFT Art

3 Things You Should Know About NFT Art

You’re starting to hear it more and more; NFTs are the future. Celebrities are talking about them, big-name brands are creating them, and even TV shows are making fun of them.

But what is NFT art, and why is it such a big deal lately?

NFT art is a digital form of artwork that lives on the blockchain. It has a unique token address, which lets everyone in the world know which images are authentic. It allows digital artists to sell their work without worrying about people copying or screenshotting their images.

Wondering how to make NFT art for yourself? Interested in becoming a collector and experiencing the latest investing craze? Keep reading to learn three important things about NFTs.

1. NFT Art is the Future

Art is always changing. What started in prehistoric times, with paintings on the walls of a cave, to the painters, sculptors, and graphic designers we see today, art never stands still for very long.

NFTs are the next evolution of the art industry, and they are the future. NFTs allow artists to earn from their artwork again and again. They are digital, and they are created through the use of smart contracts.

That means that an artist can program a royalty payment into each piece they create. Every time that artwork sells on secondary marketplaces, they automatically receive a royalty payment.

There’s a reason we are seeing more big-name artists flock to the NFT space. And there’s also a reason we are starting to see NFT sales in auction houses like Christie’s and Sotheby’s.

2. Where to Buy NFT Art

If you’re new to NFTs, then you are probably wondering how and where to buy NFT art. There are many marketplaces available, depending on what types of NFTs you are looking for.

On platforms like OpenSea and LookRare, you can find nearly everything. But because the marketplace isn’t selective, it means there’s a lot of low-quality work to sift through.

If you’re in the market for something that’s unique, high-quality, and designed by a real artist, check out SuperRare. It’s an invite-only platform, so you know you’re only seeing the best of the best. This page will show you some of the latest projects and special releases on the platform.

3. You Can Always Sell and Move On

NFTs are tokens on the blockchain, similar to cryptocurrency. While NFTs aren’t quite as liquid as crypto, it’s still very easy to resell any NFTs that you have purchased. Wondering how to sell NFT art?

If you decide you no longer like a particular piece, or you’d like to earn a profit and move on, you can sell your NFTs on any NFT art marketplace. Secondary sales are extremely common. If you own a piece from a popular artist or collection, you can expect to sell it in a reasonably short amount of time, sometimes instantly.

When you do, you’ll be paid in crypto, and the original artist will receive a royalty payment.

NFTs Will Disrupt Industries

NFT art is changing the art industry. It’s changing how artists can interact with their collect tors and fans. And it’s changing how regular brands create value for their biggest supporters.

Expect to see a lot of change coming, in many industries, thanks to the technology behind NFTs in the coming years.

Wondering how to make NFT art for yourself, and what types of works you should collect? Head over to our blog to find other helpful tips like this.

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