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3 Tips for Enjoying Your Food During Invsalign Treatment

One of the most frequently asked questions about Invisalign is whether you can eat whatever you want.

Most people are scared of getting Invisalign treatment because they have heard about the eating restrictions for traditional braces. Chewing your food with braces is quite challenging, and you will be required to cut larger chunks into smaller bite-size pieces to eat them.

Fortunately, these eating restrictions don’t apply to Invisalign aligners. Read below for tips to help you enjoy your food during the Invisalign treatment:

1. Always Bring a Travel Toothbrush and Floss with You

During the treatment, it’s advisable to rinse your aligners with some water after eating something. Therefore, it’s also a great idea to bring a toothbrush or floss to give your teeth a rinse. Rinse your mouth with mouthwash or water and brush your teeth to get rid of any leftover particles of food.

Placing the aligners back in your mouth without cleaning them first could result in gum disease, cavities, and other oral diseases. The Invisalign aligners will cover your teeth and hold down the food particles and debris, encouraging the growth of bacteria.

2. Always Rinse the Aligners After Eating

Remove the Invisalign aligners temporarily before drinking or eating anything other than water. Removing them gives you the freedom to eat and enjoy any food you like without any limitations.

It’s advisable to rinse them with some warm water before putting them back on to avoid the build-up of bacteria. Food particles and sugar from your meals could accumulate in the aligners and lead to the growth of bacteria. This often leads to smelly aligners, discoloration, cavities, gum disease, and even bad breath.

Ensure you maintain your dental hygiene and keep the aligners sanitary by making it a habit to clean them after each meal or snack. For more Invisalign pros and cons, check out this article.

3. Don’t Eat Damaging Foods with Invisalign Attachments

It’s advisable to avoid extremely crunchy, sticky, and hard foods when eating with Invisalign attachments. Biting these foods could damage your attachments or pop your aligners out of place. This often ends with you going to the orthodontist to get them fixed.

Try to avoid eating nuts, chewing gum, caramel, ice, and candy while wearing your aligners. While most patients think that drinking sugary beverages using a straw is the solution, it’s not advisable. It would be best if you steered clear of eating or drinking any sugary foods with your Invisalign attachments.

Any sugar from the beverages and foods that come into contact with your aligners may encourage bacteria build-up. If you are not sure about any food item, it’s advisable to remove the aligners when eating to avoid damaging them.

Now You Have Essential Tips for Chewing Your Food with Invisalign

Like other orthodontic treatments, wearing Invisalign for the first two to three weeks may require some habit changes. Chewing your food and drinking your favorite beverage with aligners will be a little different. While you may not be required to change your diet, you will need to make alterations to your oral hygiene.

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