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3 Tips for Making the Most Out of Your Gondola Shelves

3 Tips for Making the Most Out of Your Gondola Shelves

Can you believe that 71% of shoppers are spending more money in stores than online?

Even though online shopping does have its conveniences, sometimes people want to pick out their food or try on clothes before they buy them. If you run a store, then you need to be clever when it comes to product placement and organization so you can maximize your sales.

Investing in gondola shelving for sale could be the smartest thing you do for your business. Read on if you’d like to know the top tips on how to get the most out of your gondola shelves.

1. Place Popular Items in People’s Line of Sight

Using gondola shelving gives you the opportunity to experiment with product placement to entice people to buy more items. One simple way to accomplish this is the place your most popular items on the shelf that’s in people’s line of sight.

If you have any items that you want to market to children, then place those products on lower shelves since they’re shorter than adults.

2. Attach Clip Strips to Gondola Shelves

One cool thing that you can do with retail gondola shelving is attach clip strips that pop out in front of your shelves. This adds a dynamic effect that catches people’s attention without using valuable shelf space.

Clip strips let store owners pair items that shoppers would like to buy together. For example, if someone is shopping in the bread aisle, then you could put chips on your clip strip for people to pair with their sandwiches.

3. Consider Using a Grill for Storage Shelves

Grills are a handy tool you can put on your gondola shelves for items that are small or won’t stand nicely on their own. They can even help prevent items from falling off the shelf and creating a mess.

Customers will appreciate how organized the products are.

4. Hanging Bars Are Great for a Gondola Shelf

Another option that’s worth considering is installing hanging bars on your gondola shelves. These are useful for products that need to be propped up.

Hanging bars also make it possible to hang items that are different sizes at the same height. This will increase the visual appeal.

5. Pay Attention to Your End Caps

It’s important to keep in mind that most shoppers are on a mission and they know where they want to go. If you can create enticing end caps, then you could get more people to make impulse buys.

Take some time to reflect on what products are most likely to make it into people’s carts or get people interested enough to wander down an aisle they weren’t planning on entering.

Now You Can Maximize Your Gondola Storage Shelving

Looking at gondola shelves for sale is always a wise business decision. After reading this guide, you’ll have no trouble getting the most out of your gondola shelves.

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