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3 Types of Baseball Trading Pins You Can Collect

3 Types of Baseball Trading Pins You Can Collect

America is home to around 500 million baseball fans. If you’re among them, you may have seen or purchased baseball trading pins in the past.

You may even have some of your own baseball trading pins at home. But what are these collectibles, exactly? In this article, we’ll explore the different types of baseball trading pins and how you can collect them.

1. Soft Enamel Pins

These kinds of baseball trading pins get their name from the manufacturing process. As they’re created, a press stamps the metal pin with a design. The recessed areas are then filled with enamel paint and machines bake the pins to set the color.

These pins have a smooth, sleek look that, if purchased from the manufacturer, you can customize to any color or design. They’re also the most popular type of pin, due to their versatility and durability at a low cost.

Making Your Soft Enamel Pin Special

Soft enamel pins with add-ons are usually the most expensive, but they’re also the most fun to collect. Dangling pieces can include anything from streamers to charms, and they add an extra element of playfulness to the pin.

Sliders are also a popular type of add-on, and you can use them to create motion or sound effects. If you want your pins to stand out, go for the soft enamel pins with light features.

These pins come with an LED light built in, and when you press the button on the back, the lights blink and shine. They’re sure to catch people’s attention, and they make great collectibles.

2. Offset Printed Pins

Like soft enamel pins, offset printed pins get their name from how they’re made. To make offset printed pins, manufacturers start with a blank metal sheet. Many pin designs are then printed onto the metal and cut out.

The advantage of offset printed pins is that they’re very inexpensive to make, so they’re great if you’re on a budget. However, due to the manufacturing process, the colors on offset printed pins may not be as vibrant as with other pin types.

3. Quick Baseball Trading Pins

Of the three types of baseball trading pins, quick pins are the fastest and cheapest to make. They use the same process as offset printed pins but only come in limited shapes and sizes.

The expedited manufacturing process makes these pins very fast and cheap to manufacture. They’re popular for collectors who don’t want complex or custom designs. Rather, they’re simple, reliable, and affordable.

Baseball Trading Pin Uses

Baseball pins are popular collectibles that can be used for a variety of purposes. Many people use them to trade with other collectors, while others use them to show their support for a team or player.

Some people will even sport a baseball pin as a fashion accessory. With so many uses, it’s no wonder why baseball trading pins have become so popular over the years.

Learn More About Baseball Collectables

The best part about baseball trading pins is getting to share your hobby with other collectors. As you get more into collecting, you may want to branch out into other baseball memorabilia.

From pins to cards and even bobbleheads, baseball has a lot to offer for collectors. But, before you start expanding your collection, you should learn how to spot deals, haggle, and collect smart. Check out our other blog posts today to learn more about buying, selling, and trading collectibles.

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