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3 Types of Lawn Care Services That Can Improve the Look of Your Lawn

3 Types of Lawn Care Services That Can Improve the Look of Your Lawn

If you want to improve your home’s property value, start on the outside. Houses with well-maintained lawns sell for 7% more than similar homes in the same neighborhood. And the home sellers receive a 100% return on their investment in lawn care service.

Improving your lawn may not require a full suite of services. Every day, lawn care professionals identify problem areas to suggest proper treatment. So to find out how to beautify your lawn for listing purposes, consult a lawn care company.

But to keep your curb appeal looking attractive year-round, consider preventative lawn care maintenance. Here are three types of lawn care services you should get on a routine basis.

1. Weed Control

Controlling weeds on the spot keeps them from taking over your lawn. When you see those pesky little weeds in your yard, you can pull them up from the root. But if the weeds have already grown out of control, you may have to treat them with a herbicide.

Spot controlling weeds can get too overwhelming to manage yourself. A better solution is to contract lawn care services and let the experts handle that for you. One of the services lawn care companies may suggest is weed control, which keeps your lawn looking its best.

2. Fertilization

It can get a little complicated to figure out the type of fertilization your lawn needs. It really depends on the season in which your grass grows.

For instance, North Carolina is considered a transition zone where homes may have Tall Fescue or Bermuda grasses. Knowing the type of grass you have will also determine how often your grass needs fertilization. And applying weed control along with fertilizer improves your chances of having a greener weed-free lawn.

3. Aeration

Not even a rainy season guarantees your lawn gets the water it needs to grow. Compacted soil can keep water and sunlight from reaching the roots of your grass. Aeration is the only way to correct this problem so you can have a healthy growing lawn.

Aeration service involves putting deep holes in the soil to allow penetration of nutrients. Aeration may be needed on your entire lawn or just patchy spots. And once your lawn care service aerates your lawn, the same won’t need repeating for a few years.

Find a Total Lawn Care Company

The best lawn care service in your neighborhood is only a click away. Contact to have them take a look at your lawn and provide you with a quote. Weed control, fertilization, and aeration are just a few of the professional lawn care services they offer.

Routine Lawn Care Services

Don’t wait until your home hits the market to spruce up your curb appeal. Consider routine lawn care services to keep your grounds looking their best all year round. With careful attention given to ensuring your lawn gets proper treatment, it can look more beautiful than ever.

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