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3 Types of Massage and How to Make the Perfect Choice

3 Types of Massage and How to Make the Perfect Choice

Do you have severe body pain lately? Chronic pain is a serious issue for many Americans and it’s something that you must address right away.

To treat such pain, you should consider getting a massage. Massage therapies are great for alleviating pain and helping you build your strength once again.

But what are the types of massage you should consider? You should consult with your doctor on which is the best decision for your needs.

In the meantime, this guide will show you the common massage types that work best for most people. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Swedish Tissue

This is one of the most popular massage therapies available and one you can find from

With this type of massage, you’ll focus on the muscles where you feel the most pain. You’ll consult with the masseuse on where you’re feeling chronic pain and they’ll create a massage plan to treat those muscles.

These are longer massage sessions that last from an hour to 90 minutes. These can be painful because of the firm pressure on your muscles.

2. Deep Tissue Massage

This is a more generic type of massage that focuses on the main muscle groups. This also works even if your chronic pain is lessening.

As such, you might want to consider getting a deep tissue massage on a regular basis. This ensures that your body feels relaxed at all times and that you don’t develop further issues.

This works if you have muscles that you overuse and that you need to heal. Interestingly enough, it’s also great if you have any muscles that you don’t focus on. Deep tissue can help you build these muscles for the future.

3. Hot Stone Massage

This type of massage is perhaps the best to feel relaxed after a strenuous day. You’ll also find that this is great for improving your overall wellbeing and your mental state.

You want to first inquire as to the temperature of the stones. Some patients might find the heat to be too much for their bodies.

Once you find a comfortable temperature, you’ll relax on your stomach for around an hour. The hot stones will get placed on key points on your body.

The heat from the stones will help relax your muscles. This massage therapy will cause you to perspire and can help with weight loss. As a result, if you’re underweight or have health issues make sure you speak to your doctor before choosing hot stone massage!

Those Are the Types of Massage You Should Consider

Now you know the best types of massage and can determine the best solution for your pain.

Swedish massage is one of the most popular types of massage and isolates the specific pain points in your body. It’s great for treating any muscles or bones that are in severe pain.

Deep tissue massage is a generic massage that works to alleviate pain in the main muscles of your body. Hot Stone massage does the same and is also great for losing weight and overall wellbeing.

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