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3 Types of Pool Services for Your Backyard Pool

3 Types of Pool Services for Your Backyard Pool

Are you one of the over ten million people who enjoy the cool water of their pool on a hot day? If so, you know that owning a pool comes with some work.

Although it would be nice if your pool magically stayed clean on its own, you’ll need to keep on top of maintaining it, or it won’t run correctly. A serviced pool is clean and will keep you safe when you go swimming.

We look at the top three pool services you can use to keep your pool crystal clear and ready for a dip.

Pool Opening

You’ll have this type of pool service done in the spring. It will get your pool ready for swimmers in the summer.

First, you will have your pool cover taken off. The pool needs a thorough vacuuming and cleaning of the filters. You will also need to add chemicals to keep the water clear.

A pool company like Silver State Pool Service will do minor repairs when they open your pool. They will check the pH levels and add the necessary chlorine to balance the water.

Pool Maintenance

You may find that your pool needs maintenance throughout the summer season. This type of pool service is more involved than an opening or closing of your pool.

Pool companies will look at three components when it comes to pool maintenance.


Stagnant water is a breeding ground for bugs and bacteria. A pool pump is the part that keeps water moving around the pool. You should keep this pump going for at least 10 hours each day.

If your pump isn’t working or needs a filter change, you’ll need your pool serviced. A pool company can troubleshoot your broken filter and help get it fixed for you.


Your pool needs weekly skimming, brushing, and vacuuming to stay clean. You can do some of this maintenance yourself, or you can hire a pool services company to do it for you.


Your pool is equivalent to a science experiment! It needs the proper pH level, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels to run correctly.

Your pool should have a pH range of 7.4 to 7.6 parts per million. This level is right in the middle of the pH scale.

The alkalinity of your pool keeps it from getting too acidic. Sanitizer levels keep the water safe for you to swim in. If any of these levels are off, you’ll need to add certain chemicals to keep it balanced again.

Keep Your Waters Perfect When You Stay On Top of Pool Services

Once you know about the various pool services, you can decide which you can do yourself and which you need a company to help with. Do your research before hiring a pool company to get a good fit for your pool needs.

After you have serviced your pool, get to work on the other maintenance tasks you have around your home. Get some tips from our home improvement articles today!

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