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35 Interesting facts about Britain

Britain is a sovereign country situated on the northwestern coast of the European mainland. The Britain includes the northeastern part of the island of Ireland, the island of Great Britain, and many small islands.

Below are some of the amazing and interesting facts about Britain.

Interesting facts about Britain

1. Tea is the most famous drink in Britain. It is estimated that people in Britain drink 165 million cups of tea every day.

2. The first postage stamp was created in May 1840 and was created in the UK. This stamp featured Queen Victoria.

3. The oldest monument in the world is the monument of Stonehenge. Scientists believe that Stonehenge was built over 3000 B.C.

4. London’s Shard is the tallest structure in Europe. It stands at 1107 feet or 350 meters.

5. Golf was created in 1457 and was invented in Scotland. Golf is considered a national sport to date.

6. The most common food in Britain is roast beef and Yorkshire beef. However, they consider chicken tikka as their national dish, but chicken tikka is actually an Indian recipe.

7. Queen Elizabeth is the longest-reigning Queen in the world.

8. The British royal family resides at Windsor Castle, which makes it the oldest royal residence.

9. English is the oldest language in the UK. However, there are many other accents throughout the country.

10. K Rowling was the first writer to become a billionaire from her writing.

11. BBC’s TV channel programs do not display ads as they are public broadcasting operators and are paid for by the citizens.

12. The British passports are issued in the name of Queen, and as such, her excellence does not need to have one.

13. The Oxford University is the oldest higher education institution in the UK. Until 1877, lecturers of Oxford University was not allowed to get married.

14. A decree in the U. K Stated that at the moment when there are at least 6 ravens at the ground of London Tower, the monarchy must fall. King Charles II put forth this rule.

15. Indian restaurants are very common in the UK. It is estimated that there are more restaurants in London than in a city in India like New Delhi or Mumbai.

16. Union Jack or the Union Flag is the UK’s flag.

17. Britain doesn’t have any official religion. However, the majority of Britain claims a form of Christianity.

18. 27% of the population in Britain are declared atheists.

19. There are no active volcanoes found in the UK.

20. There are 15 national parks in the UK. However, these national parks only cover 8% of the British land.

21. Mountains in England are not higher than a thousand meters.

22. Ben Nevis is the tallest point of the UK mountains at 1345 meters above sea level.

23. Life expectancy in Britain is about 80 years.

24. Britain Royal weddings are a national holiday. People get a day off after the wedding ceremony.

25. Corante is the first newspaper in Britain, and the first copy was printed in the year 1621.

26. In London, Taxi drives have to go through the test before they get hired to estimate how well-versed they are with the streets of London.

27. A royal flag at the top of the building where the Queen is residing is a must.

28. “The Great Wheel” was constructed in the year 1895 for the Empire of India Exhibition. Unfortunately, the building shattered in 1907.

29. The smallest statue in London is two mice fighting over cheese. The story behind this is, two builders succumbed over a sandwich which turned out to be eaten by a mouse.

30. Queen’s birthday is a national holiday in Britain. Besides that, there is no other national holiday in Britain.

31. In the UK, there are over 500 pubs named “The Red Lion.”

32. Football is amongst the most played games in the UK. There are over 100 football clubs across the country.

33. Sausages are the most famous food in the UK.

34. From 1066 to 1362, French was the official language in the UK.

35. British Library is the 2nd largest library in the world.

In the past, London has a different name, Londinium.

Where ever you stay in London, you will never be further than 115 km from the sea.

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