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4 Benefits of HIIT Workouts You Can’t Miss Out On

Whether you’re just getting into fitness or you’ve been following all the trends for years, HIIT has stuck in the gym scene for a while. This popular workout doesn’t seem to be falling out of trend, and for a good reason!

HIIT stands for high intensity interval training and is one of the most popular cardio and functional strength workouts, popularized by the balance of exercise and rest.

Not sure what the benefits of HIIT workouts are? Keep reading to learn why you should add this challenging yet effective workout into your routine.

1. Improved Stamina

These high intensity interval training workouts can create an increase in your stamina. Due to the short and intense bursts of exercise, you’ll notice an increase in your ability to exercise.

Because you’re engaging in intense exercise, you can raise VO2 levels, which control how much oxygen your body can take in while working out. HIIT workouts can help you improve these levels and your stamina.

2. Burning More Calories

One common misconception about HIIT workouts is that you won’t burn as many calories as other workouts since there are allotted short breaks in between exercises.

However, due to the intensity of the exercises, you’ll find that you burn more calories than if you were to do straight cardio for the same amount of time. This is one of the major selling points of these workouts.

3. More Creative Workouts

Let’s be honest; running can be boring! The monotony of the motion is enough to have anyone taking their shoes off and heading back to the couch.

The best HIIT workouts allow you to switch up your daily workout routine, as it lets you take breaks and switch up what moves you put in the rotation. From burpees to medicine ball slams, you’ll find moves to make it fun.

4. Improved Mental Health

Though the physical advantages of HIIT workouts are evident, many forget about the mental benefits that exercising can provide.

Exercise can help you look and feel healthier, thus raising your self-esteem. Similarly, your body releases endorphins when you break a sweat, helping you feel happier.

Because HIIT is so convenient and easy to do, you don’t have to join a gym – there are plenty of ways to do these workouts at home! This is a great way for those with anxiety to still take advantage of exercise endorphins.

The Benefits of HIIT Workouts Are Undeniable

Whether the powerlifters at the gym intimidate you or you despise running, you can still get your sweat on!

Healthy living doesn’t have to take over your life. A quick HIIT workout can be extremely effective and a great addition to your fitness routine.

If you found this guide to the benefits of HIIT workouts informative, you’ll want to check out the rest of our website. There, you’ll find more great health and wellness tips to help you look and feel your best.

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