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4 Business Tips for Making a Good First Impression

4 Business Tips for Making a Good First Impression

As a business, you only have a matter of minutes or seconds to make a good first impression on customers. As an example, 38% of consumers say they stop using a poorly designed website. Fortunately, you can learn ways to make a good first impression during that limited time.

Continue reading this overview to learn tips for making a good first impression as a business so you can win more customers.

1. Be Mindful of What You Present to the Public

Most of the time, customers form an opinion about your business before they ever speak a word to one of your employees. Whether they first learn about you on your website or by walking into your building, what they see first matters.

On a website, that means having fast load times, easy-to-read content, and clear calls-to-action. In your building, that means making sure the area is clean, assistance is available if needed, and your building’s exterior looks professional. For example, if your channel letter signs aren’t lit up, it can reflect badly on your business. Learn more by visiting

2. Create Pleasant Interactions

Regardless of how your employees interact with your customers, you need to make sure that the interactions are pleasant. That means having email and telephone etiquette that’s followed when customers reach out. Be sure to monitor how long it takes for your employees to respond to requests. Long hold times or delayed responses reflect poorly on your company.

For in-person interactions, make sure your employees greet your customers with a smile first and foremost. They should also make eye contact and make an attempt to answer questions thoughtfully and accurately.

Sometimes, it can help to create a brief script for employees to use during these interactions. While it’s not necessarily something they should follow without deviating, it can be a good reference point when talking to customers.

3. Create Helpful Marketing Materials

In many cases, customers will first learn about your business through your marketing. So, what kind of impression are your marketing materials making? Generally, customers don’t want to feel like all your trying to do is sell to them. Instead, present marketing materials that show how your solution can solve pain points.

Additionally, your marketing pieces need to have clear contact information that your target audience can use to take action. The simple truth is that if it’s too hard to take the desired action, customers will look elsewhere.

4. Foster a Positive Culture

Finally, your business culture can also make a first impression. For example, if the first time someone hears about your company is from an employee and all they hear are complaints, that won’t make a good impact.

Look internally to see if there are underlying issues impacting your culture. Then, come up with a plan to address them.

You Have One Chance at Making a Good First Impression

After reading these tips on making a good first impression as a business, you should have a better idea of what your company should and shouldn’t do.

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