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4 Effective Instagram Tips for Businesses

4 Effective Instagram Tips for Businesses

With Instagram on track to reach 2.5 billion users by 2023, it is vital that your small business has a presence on the app.

But if you’ve never run a professional Instagram account, getting started can be tricky. Luckily, there are a few tips to help you along the way!

Keep reading to learn 4 effective Instagram tips for your business account.

1. Post Product Photos

The whole point of being on Instagram is to get customers for your business. So make sure you’ve got good, clear photographs of your business products for your potential customers to see.

When taking photos, it’s best to have lots of lighting and keep the photo from getting too busy. This way the product is the main focus. Look up some photo editing tips to really make your product photos stand out.

You can even make the image background transparent to overlay it with a contrasting background. This makes the product stand out even more.

2. Have a Regular Content Schedule

It’s impossible to keep up if you’re winging your content as you go. A curated feed is best for your business, and that requires planning.

Create and stick to content schedules. The amount you’ll post will vary as you go through different campaigns and goals. But you need to have a bare minimum that you’re posting to keep your page active and engage with your audience.

This keeps your account from stagnating. It also pushes you to keep creative when it comes to marketing. The type of creativity needed to generate Instagram ideas is very different from that of traditional marketing.

3. Use Analytics

One of the benefits of Instagram is that business profiles have an analytics tool. Analytics lets you track your audience engagement and helps you fine-tune your content creation and scheduling.

Analytics will tell you which content your followers engage with and what times are best for posting. You can also track the success of different campaigns to guide your next projects.

It can also help you track how well you’re using hashtags and which of your approaches to widening your audience are the most successful.

4. Promote Your Content

Remember, promoting your content isn’t cheating. Sponsored adverts are targeted to the accounts that are most likely to engage with you, so it’s a way of reaching customers who just don’t know about you yet.

Partnering with other Instagram accounts is also a great way to promote your business. Get a shout-out from another account with a similar target market to yours. A common arrangement is that you’ll do a shout-out for the other business on your account.

Improve Your Business With These Instagram Tips

Figuring out how to use Instagram effectively can be tough. But if you use these Instagram tips, your business will get the traction it needs! Good product photos, lots of planning and analysis, and promoting your content are the keys to success.

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