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4 Fun Ways to Teach Kids Teeth Cleaning Habits

Dental cavities affect approximately 530 million children worldwide.

As you don’t want your little ones to be in the same boat, it’s vital to teach them early how to brush their teeth properly. However, you might encounter some resistance, as kids don’t always enjoy it right off the bat.

Thus, we came up with this guide listing the fun ways to teach kids teeth cleaning habits for optimal health. Read on to learn how you can make toothbrushing more enjoyable for your little ones.

1. Let Them Shop With You

According to psychologists, giving your kids a say promotes cooperation. It also helps build respect and aids in the development of problem-solving skills. Most of all, asking them for their opinions is an excellent way to let them know how important they are to you.

You can then apply that practice when it’s time to shop for a new toothbrush or toothpaste. For example, instead of buying oral care products for your kids, why not let them shop with you? However, be sure they pick ADA-approved products, as advised by this children’s dentist.

ADA, which stands for American Dental Association, is a professional dentist association. One of its tasks is to evaluate the efficacy and safety of dental products. Those that pass then receive an ADA Seal of Acceptance.

So, be sure to look for the ADA seal before buying!

2. Add Some Sesame Street Fun

Did you know that Sesame Street debuted in 1969, which means it’s been playing for over five decades? Kids and adults alike love this educational show, so it’s no wonder over 80 million people in the US have seen it.

The show educates on many topics, one of which is oral health. For example, there’s a clip of Elmo doing the Toothy Dance and Grover talking about toothpaste. Both are excellent videos teaching kids to brush and the value of teeth cleaning.

So, watch these episodes with your children to make brushing time more fun. Additionally, this professional family dentist in Lancaster also suggests incorporating games when brushing with your kids. 

3. Brush Together

Scientists say that over-imitation is a trait hardwired in the human brain. That’s the same reason they say children imitate adults, as it’s one of their learning methods.

That’s also why you should strive to be your kids’ role model for proper oral habits. Therefore, you’d want to properly clean your teeth in front of them so that they can mimic you. Brushing together also makes it more fun for them, as this lets them enjoy more quality time with you.

4. Reward Their Excellent Behavior

Since children mimic adults, show them the proper brushing technique for kids.

First, guide them as they put their toothbrush beside their teeth at a 45-degree angle. Next, show them how to brush the outside, inside, and biting surfaces using a circular motion. Lastly, gently remind them to brush only two to three teeth at a time to ensure they can clean it well.

Once they get the hang of it, reward them every time they do it right. For instance, you can put up a rewards chart and place stickers on it for their excellent brushing skills. That can make them look forward to brushing their teeth twice a day.

Teach Kids Teeth Cleaning Can Be Fun

There you have it, some of the tips on how to teach your kids teeth cleaning habits that are also enjoyable. As a final note, avoid using scare tactics, as that can only have a long-lasting impact, such as anxiety. Stick to our teeth brushing tips instead, as they give you more quality time with your little ones, anyway.

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