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4 Great Designing Tips to Create a Stunning Travel Catalog

Travel, the very word takes us to our own sweet world; a world that is full of only the places where we want to go, to the seas we want to swim in, to the mountains we want to behold, to the roads we want to tread, and where not. This is why, when we see a travel catalog, we are immediately pulled towards it, gleaming at what it has to offer.
In this blog, we shall be talking about how you make use of online catalog printing to design stunning travel catalogs. The most important thing to keep in mind, in this case, is to have a catalog design that has an attractive cover. Only when you have this, you will be able to compel your audience to turn it over and see what treasure lies inside.

Here are 4 great designing for a travel catalog:

1. The right photo: Perhaps the most important of all designing aspects of a travel catalog is the pictures. Naturally, a travel catalog is all about places. So, unless you have the perfect landscape pictures of the tourist attractions of a particular place, the catalog will be useless. Consider showing a luxurious interior of a resort among the mountains, or camping among the woods. Perhaps you might want to show people having a good time at the travel destination so that the readers can imagine themselves in their place. This adds to the catalog’s effectiveness.
There are many agencies of online catalog printing services that let you give your catalog pages a high-quality gloss finish along with lots of paper stock options like 80lb gloss, 100lb gloss, 70lb matte, 100lb matte, 70lb uncoated and more. This enables you to stress the quality of the pictures themselves which has a positive effect on the minds of the readers.

2. The right color scheme:

Another thing that comes along with high-quality pictures is the correct color scheme. The color scheme should be based on the type of place you are showcasing in your catalog. For example, blue represents tranquility and calmness. So if your destination is close to the sea or has a relaxing effect, and your targeted audiences are those looking for a peaceful vacation, going for blue will probably send the right message. Or if you are talking about mountains and forests, a shade of green should do the work.
Many companies providing affordable printing services offer high-quality full-color printing at low-costs. This enables you to add a suitable color scheme that is attractive and carries that of the destinations provided.

3. Description:

Pictures play a significant role no doubt, but words play a role too. The places you are showcasing may be unknown to your readers. So, it is very important to let them know what they can expect from it. This involves beautiful expressive descriptions of the various tourist spots that the place has, like structures, restaurants, forts, sea beaches, walkways, bridges, waterways, waterfalls, and so on and so forth. This gives the readers a clear idea of what they are in for. You can even provide attractive packages to make the travel even more fruitful. Do not be boring. It is very important to think from the reader’s perspective and know what the reader will like reading.
Numerous high-quality printing services agencies allow more than one proofing options. They even allow you to choose 2-day or 3-day turnaround options by paying a small fee. While the proofing takes time, opting for the fast turnaround makes up for it efficiently.

4. Opt for templates:

There are many custom Catalog printing services online that provide great templates for your catalogs. This saves a lot of time on your part. If you want you can take their help in designing the catalog too. They have trained professionals who will suggest you effectively styles for your travel catalog.

Keeping these 4 tips in mind lets you design an efficient and stunning travel catalog perfectly. If you are looking for high-quality catalog printing in California, there are many such printing agencies that assure 100% guaranteed satisfaction with quick turnarounds and low minimums, thus allowing you to have a better investment.

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