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4 Inground Pool Landscaping Ideas

4 Inground Pool Landscaping Ideas

Did you know that in the United States, an estimated 8% of homes have a swimming pool?

An aboveground pool is a fun addition to your home. It can be the focal point of your backyard, offering a fun spot to host friends and family or to relax on warm summer days. Of course, it’s not only about the pool itself, you also have to consider the landscaping around it.

For help on beautiful, low-maintenance, functional inground pool landscaping, keep reading for tips and ideas.

1. Focusing on Function

Before you start to landscape around a pool, it’s important to think about what your family’s needs are. If you have small children, you might want to consider installing a fence to keep them safe. If you entertain often, you’ll want to make sure there’s plenty of seating and a designated area for grilling.

Once you’ve decided on the function of your outdoor space, you can start brainstorming inground pool landscaping ideas that will fit your family’s needs.

2. Form Follows Function

When it comes to inground pool landscaping ideas, the old adage “form follows function” is particularly relevant. This means that the overall shape and design of your pool should be dictated by its intended purpose.

For example, a pool meant for swimming laps will be long and narrow, while a pool meant for relaxing and sunbathing will be short and wide. Once you’ve determined the purpose of your pool, you can then start planning the rest of your landscaping around it.

No matter your vision, there is an inground pool landscaping idea to bring it to life. So be sure to hire professionals who know pool installation that can help you make it beautiful.

3. Making the Most of Your Space

Regarding inground pool landscaping ideas, there are several things to consider for most of your space. Think about what plants and trees you would like to use to create a natural look.

With some planning, you can create a fantastic space everyone will love. Consider using stone or other materials to create a more sophisticated look. Make sure to leave enough space around the pool for people to move and enjoy the area.

4. From Functional to Fanciful

To turn your backyard into a luxurious oasis, you must check out these swimming pool landscaping ideas. From functional to fanciful, there is something here to fit every taste and budget.

If you work with a limited budget, you can still create a beautiful poolscape. Consider using pavers to create a border around your pool. This will add definition and visual interest to your pool area.

If you have a little more to spend, you can start getting creative with your inground pool landscaping. Incorporate luxurious features such as waterfalls, fire features, and built-in benches. If you have the space, you might even want to add a putting green or outdoor kitchen.

Creating Beautiful Inground Pool Landscaping

Whether you’re looking to update your current poolscape or start from scratch, there are endless possibilities for inground pool landscaping. With professional help, your inground pool can be the center of attention in your outdoor space. Utilize your pool’s surroundings to create a backyard oasis that the whole family can enjoy.

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